Entrepreneurship to precise extreme step on

electricity supplier business is a trend, whether it is interested in the electricity supplier business, there are other entrepreneurial ideas, entrepreneurship is the basic reason to know. The following is the chairman of He Zhitao, chairman of the liaison and interaction, followed by a look at xiaobian!

2015 years, our company has done a contact called Unicorn incubation program, including in the United States and the United States, do the Internet, do electricity supplier, for the valuation of more than $1 billion company called unicorn. read more

Chen Xiaolu WeChat cheese bar income


to open the circle of friends we can see a lot of dynamic are derivative products, see more trouble, but also some dynamic more attractive have been quietly praise, don’t underestimate the derivative, a monthly income of their sometimes worth you a year of wages, take down let us see it, there is a girl of 80 become micro business, selling homemade cheese every month now has hundreds of thousands of income.

only 7 days a month to sell cheese bar hot circle of friends

see the deer when she was carrying two mobile phone in WeChat kept busy, she said: "because it is our home cheese order period, get up at 7:30 in the morning, packing delivery to 12 noon, afternoon have orders, WeChat will get a reply, Ling Chensan point." Outsiders say derivative is lying in the house brush circle of friends easily put money earned, Chen Xiaolu smiled and said: "this is it, can be hard work behind only the talent around know." read more

2016 rural youth ushered in the four major development opportunities

modern young generation and the old ways of thinking are different, their acceptance for new things is very high. So it is very suitable for Internet start-ups. 2016 rural youth entrepreneurship will usher in a new opportunity.

The direction of the nature of

read more

Fudan University nstitute of innovation and entrepreneurship officially inaugurated yesterday

Since the

from management activities, entrepreneurship education and employment education is regarded as equally important. As the leading edge of innovation in Shanghai, Fudan University, founded the Institute of innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship for college students to open the door.

12 on the afternoon of 6 may, Fudan University innovation and entrepreneurship College held a ceremony. Zhang Daliang, director of the Higher Education Department of the Ministry of education, Fudan University President Xu Ningsheng inaugurated the academy. Bao Xinhe, executive vice president of Fudan University, introduced the preparation of the college. Zhang Daliang speech at the opening ceremony. read more

Changsha maglev project represents the level of made in China and made in Hunan

innovation in the ongoing, a series of innovative products are constantly being born. At present, Hunan, Changsha in innovation, in terms of maglev train has achieved remarkable results. The following and Xiaobian together to understand it!

China’s first fully independent intellectual property rights of medium and low speed maglev commercial operation demonstration line – Changsha maglev express passenger trial operation from May 6th. This afternoon, the provincial Party Secretary, the provincial people’s Congress Chairman Xu Shousheng, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Du cents, National University of Defense Technology political commissar Wang Jianwei cordial condolences to participate in the maglev project experts and representatives of builders, the maglev train ride. read more

City commercial banks boost innovation and Entrepreneurship

innovation and entrepreneurship development is inseparable from the strong support of the banking financial industry, in the "public entrepreneurship, innovation," the activities of China’s urban commercial banks have become a reliable source of funding for the majority of entrepreneurs.

28, the twenty-seventh banking routine press conference public data show that as of the end of 2015, the legal institution of China’s city commercial banks total number 133, total private banks have opened legal institutions number 5. read more

Do you have a marketing business

no matter what kind of business we do business, the market has always been a very important reference factor. Only the real business opportunities in the market, it is more worthy of our investment options. So, do early education business has a market? Let Xiaobian to you.

at the beginning of November 2015, the State Council released the full liberalization of the two child policy, the benefit of many industries. Including the growing attention of grassroots investors early education industry. So for grassroots investors, early education industry prospects? Now into the early education industry can be used again with the wind to dig the first pot of gold? read more

Food chain store location three master standard

we know, has a great influence on the choice of shops catering chain store business, so we can not ignore the location of the hand. Filed election chain stores, it is estimated that many entrepreneurs want to shop headache. First through the intermediary, newspapers, or drive their own car to find the full street, and then, and then from the fancy of a few shops in one screening. In fact, there is not so much trouble, the following is the restaurant chain site three see standard:

First look at the location: read more

A small charge Hall of lotus leaf rice nutrition delicious popular whole

people are now catering to the market demand is not to taste good, but also to provide us with adequate nutritional needs, lotus leaf rice can meet these needs, so popular. Lotus leaf rice, healthy and delicious food, y meet the needs of the modern market, becoming the first choice for hundreds of millions of diners. 2017, if you want something special, we open a lotus leaf hotel.

lotus lotus leaf   nutrition delicious   popular

lotus leaf rice flavor, eat a person you will never forget the taste, modern health food is very popular and respected people, now launched a small charge Hall of lotus leaf rice, it is based on the health of the classics, bring great for consumers, opened another scene delicacy on the market. Lotus lotus lotus rice has as many as 50 categories, delicious, classic. The best taste, the best taste of health and nutrition, the tongue, the people ate the wow! On the market a lot of food and beverage brands, but loved by the people are few, and bearing small museum is one of read more

After 80 college students do poineering work what good

80 students have almost entirely out of school, on the job, growing environment, 80 college students has certain individuality and thought seems to be more eager for freedom, love life and not nine to five rigid to choose their own businesses, but after 80 college students start to do what is good?

80 students start to do what is good? A look at the Taobao store only, a shell, a bottle of beer on a table, easy wood any already downhearted. 80 easily earn tens of thousands of good business, just graduated from the University in 2010 when the intrigue in commercial lofty ideals and high aspirations, "war" has been grinding every vestige. Easy wood any feel have no face to face with parents, classmates and friends, he began to regret…… read more

How about the authentic cuisine delicacy in cattle beef offal is like the taste of whole

joined the cattle as beef offal? The best choice for small business. An open their own cattle as beef offal stores, trustworthy business success. Because, in the catering market, only choose to join the cattle beef offal is the most power project, with market development space choice!

cattle beef offal is a fast-food chain in the company brand, cattle chain stores across the country as beef offal. In order to more consumers can enjoy the way cattle beef offal company began to join investment. The company has been established for many years, after years of hard work now in a trustworthy cattle beef offal franchise brand project. read more

Join Mi Duo how baby stroller business

in the second child policy in China, the number of children gradually increased. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs who choose to enter the children’s market is always very potential brand to join the project. So, the business to choose to join the duo child?

2017 the first half of the investment to do what is good, baby children let children feel happy. The ten brand baby stroller, children’s products Co., Ltd. set up baby stroller production, sales and service in one. Baby stroller to join the main production of baby stroller, baby walker, children’s electric cars, children’s sports car series, is committed to providing Chinese infants and young children with international quality safe, stylish baby stroller. read more

Fine way Hotel entrepreneurs to join the peace of mind

fine way hotel? High quality entrepreneurial projects are always very good business opportunities. In our lives, the small business choose to join the elite hotel project, no doubt, is very wise, very advantageous choice. So, join the fine way hotel project, are you ready?

for refined way hotel, I believe that many people are not unfamiliar, in our life is more common, Jing Lu Hotel in many cities have joined the chain store. Jing Lu Hotel has also become a choice for many entrepreneurs, without paying a high fee to join, you can own a chain hotel. The fine way to join the hotel cost is not high, flexible investment and make wealth easier. Jing Lu Hotel to join read more

Perfect color spoon Fang investment Trusted

small venture to choose small jewelry market, is a very wise choice. How perfect color spoon lane? High quality entrepreneurial projects, the best choice to be trusted. If you join the play of color key square project, which is very exciting. Hurry up and move on!

perfect color key workshop with advanced technology, high quality steel or titanium alloy as raw material, adopting new international special plating color polymer production technology. So where are suitable for small jewelry store? As long as the place where people can shop. Perfect color spoon Fang let the key become more fashionable and beautiful, at the same time, also retained the use of the original key, perfect color spoon Fang let a lot of consumers in many of the key, can see at a glance to find one. read more

How Tong Dudley Hot pot

cold winter, to about 32 friends sitting in the Hot pot beside going homely, talk about the situation. This small series have a very good Hot pot shop recommended to everyone – Tong Dudley Hot pot. Winter came, and brought a wave of heat for Dudley Hot pot. Now, Tong Dudley Hot pot has become many consumers in the winter diet. Paul Dudley Hot pot ingredients, every kind of the Hot pot soup make people pick dazzled. So consumers in the winter Shabu Shabu what? Paul Dudley Hot pot to tell you! read more

Where is the outlet of micro business Business

said micro business, a lot of people are holding a kind of attitude of distrust, indeed, micro business is now operating a variety of products, and the quality is not guaranteed, so that people can not trust. This directly affects the development of the cause of the micro business, only to find a way out, only to be able to help more micro businesses are looking for their own way out. So, micro business where is the way out?

in the mobile electricity supplier, the micro business is currently the most noteworthy part of the group, the micro business is not WeChat electricity supplier, the essence of micro business should be to the platform, to the brand, aggregation of various social media business model. read more

Air to water heater sales Shenhua good products

today, the market is very competitive. Want to succeed in business, the choice of the trust of consumers by the brand is very important. Shenhua air heater? Not only has a strong endorsement of consumers, but also to join Shenhua air heater project, but also on the market sales is very good!

Shenhua air heater can be good?

modern people are very particular about environmental protection, to be able to help energy saving and environmental protection products, people’s recognition and acceptance are higher. Shenhua air heater can be good? Maximize the use of free energy in the natural world to heat production and life of hot water, greatly reducing the energy consumption of hot water heating. Can meet the needs of different regions, different numbers and different types of personnel, energy saving effect is significant. At the same time, it creates great environmental benefits and social benefits. read more

Open the baby pool stores how net

with the opening of China’s second child policy, we have been very concerned about the healthy growth of children. There is no doubt that the number of children continues to increase, for entrepreneurs, to open a swimming pool of their own stores, is also a choice for the development of space!

in neonates, as long as the conditions permit, second days after the birth of the baby can take a bath once a day, can also be used to promote the development of the baby through a potential and enhance the baby physique, baby swimming as a newborn health concept is widely accepted, then the need in the infant swimming pool when what read more