The rain forum friends of the chain of the rankings on the massive


the Shanghai dragon forum users should know that the discussion today is the warmest rain ranking top to par Shanghai Longfeng why degree in 425 Links. Behind every case we have to learn, I will analyze this case today, talk about my views, and we explore.

. Keywords rain forum is: "Shanghai dragon training and free download tools – Shanghai dragon rain Shanghai dragon real exchange platform – free Shanghai dragon tutorial". We choose several popular search to see its ranking. read more

The influence of the old domain of love from Shanghai

is 3 minutes before writing this article a screenshot of the

also from just a small station location good, the domain name is very old, 08 years of registration, see whois

three, from the previous observation of knowledge, love of Shanghai has a certain number of domain name included after release hidden, this is a new domain name can not be compared, that Shanghai is not only more love love >


love Shanghai has been the site entrance boss, now left our nobility baby away, other search engines and not too good, so to this day Shanghai’s dominance has not a sense of crisis, it is more and more big positions. read more

Attention should be paid to share URL construction of the 4 requirements

URL, a construction simplification static

webmaster do not think that only the construction site content can exist the user experience this problem, the construction of URL also need to pay attention to the user experience. So we in the design of their own website URL, must be combined with the site overall hierarchical structure and feature set to do, give the user a clear spider and URL page, let us "no its people first heard the sound", the main content of website in advance, reduce the rate of jump out of the site. read more

Deepen the Shanghai dragon landing page KP assessment strategy


A. page load time should not exceed 10 seconds, the shorter the better.

B. title.

where you want to improve web page ranking and increase website traffic and increase the conversion rate, you should use a set of mature existing indicators to assess the page, this will help you in the future to promote the effect of more accurate calculation.


Once the


when you make web pages indexed by search engines to search for certain keywords, then will be.

1. page is accessible

4. page keywords number read more

Let the search engines pay attention to five ideas of your site

said the stability and content, to talk about is the focus of the third reprint. Some content reproduced more, that users love it, its value is relatively high. The search engine is released, these websites should be valuable website. Because only the value of the site will publish the valuable content, a garbage station is not high quality content. So, your site being reproduced more, your website’s weight will be higher. The search engine will give you good rankings. So after the update on our website, get the submission of famous site, such as A5 and Chinaz are a good choice. My blog article Mai Lisa although not much, but when the update is self. read more

How to maximize the role of the soft Shanghai Dragon

, two different websites, the title slightly changed

a lot of people because they do not webmaster or Shanghai Longfeng class website, after which the soft write, plus links directly sent out, this is very bad, because you write soft Wen Shanghai Longfeng with your site can be said to be unrelated, irrelevant links will slowly be search engine reduce weight, this is not the result we want, we must be able to maximize the soft power, then, can be like me, a two level directory of Shanghai dragon blog, soft hair in the blog, then the soft to this blog the chain, so that the link is very soft and related, the correlation is very high the link will get higher weight, this is the traditional take two level directory of the blog in the form of master station. read more

11 Shanghai resident love is a good thing

forever the choice of home four positions and love Shanghai 11: the reason is very simple, for example, a user searches for a long tail keywords they must first click is the first three, because many users of the title is just about to look at, and then enter the website, found that after entering is not what you want will close second a. Then third, the middle small, they will pull down, a click Custom makes all things easy. the last one, I was as a search for users to judge, because I was such a search, you do not know how to search it, much of the user search habits, you will find opportunities I read the first page after I open the page second unable to restrain the emotions, will not hesitate to click on the first one, even the love of 11 Shanghai the site, with your own thinking to think of it is not so. This is just forever evaluation, not entirely accurate. read more

How hard is a startup Look at the cross border electricity supplier foreign wharf storyThe nternet

February 1999, the Tencent developed the network instant communication tools – . Ma Huateng put on the Internet for free users use >

said, ocean terminal mode is the buyer or businesses on the website provides all kinds of goods, consumers choose orders, through the international logistics business through China customs reach the hands of consumers, ocean pier is a platform. In addition, there is also an independent logistics company under the wharf, Pui Hai International Express, to cross-border buyers to provide direct mail and customs clearance services. read more

A website optimization really need to write the original article

in fact, website weight is not generally is the original article! Common website ranking can say nine successful work thanks to the support of the chain! Even if you have a total of original articles, if you are outside of the chain is several times the other peer sites, your weight will be higher than the rival site here it’s said so simple? Yes, it is so simple! Don’t advocate general website Shanghai dragon, is actually so simple: 90% of the focus on the construction of the chain, the 10% focus itself on the website read more

Case analysis of site railway station and fell in love with the sea quantity index gap

The definition of ?The following figure is Here we look at the


from the sea level index fell in love with love, every day in Shanghai included the number is rising, indicating that the search engine spiders every day to crawl the content on the website, this is a very good sign for a new station, but when we exchange Links, many owners see the site command, see to fall in love with the sea background index, resulting in many owners do not agree with the swap chain. This website has become a fatal weakness, if the site number is relatively small, the index data is relatively large, and gradually increased, please calm, that the new index of your normal, over a period of time the index page will be gradually put out. Faced with this situation we er Shanghai Longfeng how can die? In order to speed up the search engine on the website of the hobby, how should we start? read more

Analysis no website ranking for several reasons


can’t find why not own website ranking, we should check under their own domain name history, to see whether there are violations of the existing domain name. If the existence of this situation, so there is no ranking is very normal. We should be able to replace the domain name once and for all this time. (source: Mascherano – Micro Internet 贵族宝贝 reproduced indicate the source)

? A problem with the

, or no ranking, it should look at their website the theme is legitimate, some illegal content no ranking is normal. read more

As the nternet arena how many owners still wander about

second: Arena talent, you have your own housekeeping effort?

is a grass root webmaster is how to make it? From the rookie level master to the experienced old webmaster, the sad only experienced the most understanding, perhaps from the beginning only envy stationmaster life, day in front of the computer in the home office, do not need to go to work, do not need to look at the bosses. And so you can feed themselves, to feed even one family. This life is probably what you want, will the Webmaster Station, will PS, will point code and will do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, it seems that what will be, is not very admire? So you study hard with N technology, establishment of communication in QQ, every day in the webmaster forums to see post back post. A few months after you had your first website, you tell yourself in the heart, must let the newborn website grow up. read more

Eight trick to create search engine in favor of your website

, the system of the chain, we have to do this four point:

in fact, most of the time, our website if paying attention to the details of some of the Shanghai dragon, so beyond the competitors is very helpful. For example: "meta" font encoding, and the accuracy of the information, good user experience can not only increase repeat for your website, and the search engine will give good rankings. Especially love Shanghai, now for the website jump out rate is very attention, also proved the importance of user experience. On the bounce rate and user experience knowledge can come to my blog to learn Wang Jishun, a special paper. read more

Five Shanghai Phoenix Webmaster Tools secret

recommendation: * * *

, Xenu



so it is a small and powerful software.

Xenu after the operation, the error list of all links provide your reference, and create a site map, there is a very useful feature is that Xenu can capture the URL generation XML site map.

three, YAHOO chain detection tool (Yah>

, Shanghai Dragon

recommendation: * * *

Xenu is a simple function, but it is very important to Shanghai dragon spider crawling simulation tools. It is English software. It can simulate the search engines crawl, crawl to every page, and for the record, Xenu after the operation, you can see what is wrong with the link in the results (marked "not found"), and then carefully stationmaster also errors may occur, it is difficult to check the artificial error link to this. The software can be easily found, and some have not included significant links, artificial see page is not easy to notice all, run Xenu again, you will probably see some strange, you don’t want to be included in the URL, and then through the link adjustment or the direct use of robots document to prohibit spider, read more

A5 marketing on the emergence of a large number of low quality education website page and create the

two, the emergence of a large number of sites within the city, no school curriculum

Idle channel classification page

today, website optimization education industry is a matter of major concern webmaster, many webmaster want to through the optimization of education website on the Internet first, to local and overseas courses and information services to the users to participate in training. But part of the webmaster to know is not some random optimization, optimization of website content, website page to add some random, resulting in the website optimization effect but no effect or in Shanghai after the update right down, this phenomenon can be seen from the site, there have been some problems, so the website optimization has no effect or reduced right. A5 marketing has been in contact with the education industry website optimization, get a lot of experience in education industry, many sites are of low quality because of too many pages to drop right, so today with you talk about this. read more

A5 marketing without professional guidance how to do

, select a set of trusted program


B: I do not know Shanghai Longfeng, just a day to do something that is ranking.

is like a "A" above said, brains algorithm research, but it is right down! Is a very important reason, is often overlooked by some Webmaster: any website can afford frequent toss, toss more, but right down more quickly.

A5 marketing: Yes, do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, without professional guidance, can have the same rank, presumably a lot of stationmaster often have "A" above the same idea, think Baidu is really no eye! Really? In the behind, there will always be an inevitable reason, today, what have we come to these inevitable reasons. read more

Business case operation zero starting point dessert earning 150 thousandSilicon Valley entrepreneur

to C micro-blog little noticed, only a few of his friends and some of the micro-blog system with the zombie fans, but AHU support, from time to time and AHU micro-blog interactive, AHU often send >

I only know people in specific fields: start-ups, founders, programmers, and professors. I’d like to believe that successful people in other fields have despicable people, such as hedge fund managers, but I don’t know. Moreover, the most successful drug lords seem to be very mean. But at least most of the world is not ruled by despicable people, and this part of the territory seems to be still expanding. read more

Wangzhuan one build a code voting websitesFangpian manual five strokes to identify the Wangzhuan lia

: Observation of the design and the size of sites is not spent a lot of time, if the user experience and the sites are designed so that can express the station is to do want to do such a site, many swindlers station opposite, their domain name is two free, either the rent is free and that a server, cheated two months to earn money to change a place, this is the swindler is no way to do

original article, please specify reprinted from the cement mouse blog. This address:>

The principle of read more

Everyone game downsizing listed new three board veterans return still can fight noGuo Guangchang th

so, in the general direction, I believe in the future economy of China and the reform and opening policy of the party

Fosun was founded in 20th anniversary, I asked myself a question, but also put this question to the members of the board of directors: choose to retire, or choose to venture? Before Liang Xinjun Fosun Group Vice Chairman and chief executive officer also talked about this issue, because when I don’t think, what is missing. But sometimes busy work leads to poor life quality, why, how should I arrange my life read more

know 4399 one of those things How did the shares of Cao Zheng shrinkYang Wenjian how do earn 1

Cai Wensheng said the 265 site navigation to tens of millions of dollars to Li Kaifu at the shlf1314 China, transformed into a bird, began to do angel investment, this is in the middle of 2007. China Internet industry has a large number of people are beginning in 2007 after doing angel investment side start looking for a wave of opportunities, in addition to Cai Wensheng, Lei Jun, Zhou Hongyi, Zeng Liqing, Xu Xiaoping at this point in time to jump down, this appears to be a coincidence, in fact inevitable, single day or eight, etc. hot money a Book fixing before do spoilers. read more