To avoid the competition website keywords station


1, focus on a page, there is conducive to the construction of the chain and the chain focusing weights, get better ranking.

2, focus on one page, intentnesses, multiplier.

in communication with the owners, Shanghai dragon Er, usually found such a misunderstanding: the same keywords can use multiple pages within the site to compete, so when the search keywords, can hold more ranking results, and even if a page there is a problem, there will be other pages as select. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. I think that more than one page to avoid competition with a keyword. read more

Keywords enterprise how to observe the competition is fierce

fourth, see competitors, this is particularly important, many started as a Shanghai dragon will have very little inspiration, but a long time Shanghai dragon Er will see consolidation of the website, the website optimization is how, if there is a strong means of optimization on the front page of the website, then this keyword optimization nature there is a certain degree of difficulty, if not how the word optimization will have good rankings, then we make use of technology of Linyi Shanghai dragon ranking is also easily. read more

Link exchange as businesses trading occupy the initiative to bargain

site link exchange should also learn to businesses that can buy "behavior, namely the inducements tactics, while others want to exchange your website chain you find each other’s site quality is not high enough, this time you can take half way through the negotiation dialogue, tactful let each other take high quality website to the website chain exchange, if the person is sincere exchange to friends of the chain and your site, then took out his long cherished website, that’s when you harvest, may exchange to a high quality website with a medium the quality of the website, this is the strategy and tactics. read more

To obtain orders from the experience of the website promotion start

heart?So is the

for the enterprise website, are generally so several modules, enterprise introduction, news list, a list of products and so on, how to let visitors enter the site a out of the ordinary feelings? O he think, seize the visitors, can not use too long time, their lack of patience, in the internal web site, visitors will need information, bold marked red, so that visitors can see more intuitive, the best thing you can do is

third, a convenient channel for

!For example, !

love since Shanghai launched Scindapsus aureus algorithm begins more and more people began to discuss the user experience, both in the chain, content and frame, indicates that can get good rankings in fall in love with the sea. Site experience represents the user for the website recognition, also indicates that the future development of the website. So how to improve the experience of the read more

How to write the Shanghai dragon website optimization the trick

2, observe nobility Baby Trend

to build a successful website, the website article search engine optimization is reasonable and has been repeatedly verified is really an effective method. Long regularly update your article, establish a trust relationship with the search engine, which can show you to your site will be bigger and the determination. However, when you feel that you have to do when writing topics are all exhausted, and then have to write to the Shanghai dragon for you have become a difficult thing. Here I will show you 5 tips, you may have exhausted to regain creative thinking. read more

On bidding keywords classification summary

1, collect and collate industry related keywords, grouped according to part of speech.

3, after grouping words added to the corresponding unit in

creative TITLE 25 men, 1, 2 of the 40 creative creative man (Chinese symbols show 2 characters, English symbol accounted for one character) to do the test center long key phrases (wildcard text words are basic can ensure smooth and rosy (> =2)) Note: common creative preview on the left, the left promotion promotion link, right link and mobile equipment promotion. (punctuation symbol (^) for the PC right link available) read more

Love text Shanghai pomegranate algorithm under the chain will decide on what path to follow

in general, as long as the delivery to the A5 article will get a large number of outlets, especially the number of high quality content from the more be too numerous to enumerate, then you will find that the last one source: certain aspects of the chain, this will also be the love of Shanghai included in the database. This shows that these pure the text of the chain still can be accepted in the new love Shanghai, love Shanghai pomegranate algorithm, the text chain and not its congenital defects and discarded, in fact from a certain angle in weight also gained certain promotion. read more

How to do web site navigation optimization


two, do not use pictures and

classification of

enterprise website in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process, one of which is the site navigation optimization, optimization of site navigation related to the user experience is good, a good user experience of the site can be more convenient for users to browse the site, reduce the site bounce rate to a certain extent, improve the conversion rate of users. Today to share with you about how to do the site navigation optimization.

4. priceAccording to the classification of read more

NOKA incubator project helps post departure businessTai Chi money scene CPA products stop putting i

according to Hao, NOKIA’s incubator project started in 2011 April, is quite low-key, is likely to continue until the end of the year. a

July 10th news, according to foreign media reports, NOKIA’s mobile phone platform but also NOKIA has been besieged on all sides, carry out the "NOKIA bypass incubator" project Nokia Bridge incubator program, to help people who leave the company business.

more information as in the League: top.admin5/u
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback read more

Love Shanghai website specific URL chain query and sense

through the "site: the construction of the chain. The chain point. (key words)" and "points to the chain. (keywords) site: practice shows that the construction of the chain site", this method is simple, but not too many query returns query results — especially in seafood products, have to be screened, the efficiency is too low, not too ideal.


well I love Shanghai in "how to query the collection articles outside the chain of" repeatedly after the experiment to determine the love of Shanghai "domain:. The title of the article (keywords)" (or "title of the article keywords domain: URL) query love Shanghai included articles outside the chain, can be used in the query has been included in Shanghai love site specific URL in all chain" on it (that is, "domain: points to the chain. The chain construction site keywords)" (or "chain to chain. Key words domain: query URL") read more

For the best time love Shanghai K station increase your magic

1: through nearly a year of blogging and last year, love Shanghai update, I feel a trick: love Shanghai himself in the dark, so they made the policy has been in the original K and the new owners, many people are very bitter, the original is in love with their hard sea K 10 Fen did not. But many large well-known stations are especially industry gathering, but included crazy love Shanghai high, is not affected.

A few tricks a few things and find

love in Shanghai often change, we should also often change it, when I saw the love of Shanghai to K station, I have added to the original content, of course, my website to tell the truth, I reproduced, in addition to increase the original content, but also to how to send the chain, the chain high quality, and fast updating station, their latest articles sent to my website, so I can quickly back to the station, from the Shanghai K station to say goodbye to love. read more

How the site traffic statistics from the log

(Figure two)

(Figure 1)

F column is the current IP address to access the page, the I column F column is access to the source, the F page is over the flow through the I page. For example:

format shall be as follows This is a

51 installation site statistics code, can be seen on page optimization suggestions love Shanghai webmaster tools in a statistical code need 3 request. We assume that the 3 request required 0.01 seconds (or more). If every search engine from your web site to grab 10000 pages, you need to take 10000*0.01=100 seconds. We need to download a page for a second time in accordance with the search engine, if you do not install the statistical code, the search engine can crawl 100 pages. See the data, you will install third party web site statistics code? My advice, if your site is only dozens or hundreds of articles, installation of statistical code is a good choice. If your web site more than 1000 articles, I suggest you do not install, analysis of site traffic directly from the log, is a very fun thing. read more

Good user analysis with internal web site optimization is the kingly way

website internal optimization is to meet the needs of users, to meet the needs of users, we must first understand the needs of users, so that they can have a good layout. We have empathy, if you are a user if you want to know is what products? We can use love Shanghai search results and the drop-down box related search and other aspects of the user. The recent hot weather, search for "air conditioning" users very much, I will use the keywords for example.

as the Shanghai dragon occupation personnel, a large part of every day to stop the chain to write articles, but the ranking is not ideal, in the face of the pressure of the boss if you still blindly repeat the above operation, the final result is the ranking stop in place, unable to get to the place. Is facing the danger of being fired. But we really reflect on? Site ranking which plays a decisive role? Today and talk about the release of the chain to maximize the effect in optimizing the internal circumstances will improve website internal optimization plays the role of absolute in keyword ranking. We need to optimize the internal read more

Shanghai love struck lottery site outside the chain Scindapsus algorithm how to do

love Shanghai launched a clear Scindapsus aureus algorithm is directed against this site, if still in this lottery website content and no relation to the website to buy links, that is the risk of K has greatly increased.

(3) in the search for good links to resources, not the time link regularity, let love Shanghai algorithm rules.

(2) when the purchase link in you, not because of resources to find, lower quality website. Would a small amount to be of high quality.

launched a new algorithm facing love Shanghai, buy links I also changed the strategy. read more

10 details of website URL optimization


6, URL 301 jump

The content page

keyword is more conducive to our website ranking, whether it is web spider, or web site visitors, love are simple and intuitive URL. Level URL should not be too much, try to maintain a reasonable, too long or too many layers of the structure will cause the page to weight reduction. A taboo to avoid Shanghai dragon can not be too greedy, greedy will fail miserably!

domain name should be more reasonable, so that the domain name easier for users to remember, more in line with the nature of the product to you, not to put keywords long registered domain name, but also not to put keywords, will be in the domain into some symbols so that it is difficult for users to remember our website. read more

Shanghai Longfeng Optimization recommended high value chain where

first, a controversial topic is to attract users to get the recommended eye foundation. The author first briefly under the first approach, we want others to reprint your article what the premise is to figure out your outward first, this article has value? This article, what is the difference between views and others, view of value lies in what place? Only the controversial view in analysis of their own unique point of view, I think this is to get users attention, reflect the core value of the article, make clear these problems, we should start from their own, such as we are doing the marketing service network company, well, your soft key difference between ordinary soft in what place? For example recently, many of my friends are in doubt, if there is no effect for the marketing forum Shanghai dragon? You can support Affirmative view can also stand on the angle of cesarean section Analysis and analysis. In a word, this topic itself is the very nature of the dispute, the key is your argument can support your point of view, as long as you talk about the reason for this view, for example, according to the Shanghai love closely reasoned and well argued administrator tools for the chain of view, analysis of the current Forum outside the chain will have no effect, what is the reason and effect? What is the reason for no good effect? As long as your arguments, argument is clear, argument is sufficient, recognized by everyone, was reproduced is affirmative, and many reproduced to their own personal blog or industry portal in this chain, the author thinks that love is required by Shanghai high value recommended chain the author thinks that the nature of the dispute sometimes tricky for software writers, their marketing skills and the optimization of thinking must be ahead of your point of view, dull Tasteless is no any marketing effect, the controversial issue is there is a certain risk, as the author itself will have a strong marketing ideas, not leading to the point of view, but the evidence is not sufficient but will be laughed at. read more

Share of my employees in Shanghai Dragon

As the saying goes, master >

I remember when I started the situation about is this: when I work for an IDC company, engaged in technical support work, the company is selling the domain name, web hosting, almost every day is dealing with the site, then has not contacted the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix, also don’t know what it is things, because the technology of the big things are the boss in the operation, one day, to see an advertisement on our website, 1 yuan ranking, then later learned, how could 1 yuan of money, turned out to be a boss in the Taobao ads, then mean pay one yuan. Results after the payment, but also know, no money can give free website ranking, here, you must like my feeling, there are so magical things, then began to find in this area Data, the first thought is to join the QQ group, and then started my Shanghai dragon road. read more

Refuse outside the chain of tools may lead to the site to drop right

refused to love Shanghai outside the chain of tools of improper use may cause the site to drop right? Is it true? The truth in March the author had never been aware of the seriousness of this problem. But in February 19, 2013 March 1st Shanghai green love algorithm on-line, love Shanghai refused to link tool beta version of the line, only 9 days apart! Is this a coincidence?

Many owners of

love to play a trick on Shanghai

love Shanghai is explained: Scindapsus algorithm is a search engine of the anti spam algorithm, the algorithm is mainly against the super chain intermediary, sell links, buy links and other super chain cheating, to purify the Internet environment, to better enhance the user experience. The algorithm for link behavior in the removal of the chain based on the calculation, we will make further adjustments to the site itself. read more

Study on the factors influencing the host space of Shanghai Dragon

search engine spiders when you visit the site, if the host crashes, can not open the page, the spider does not immediately delete the page in the index database search engine, and over a period of time again to grab the page. Because the spider can not detect host space cannot be accessed after, immediately delete included page, so under normal circumstances do not worry too much about the stability of the host space is a devastating blow to the Shanghai dragon. For example, the occasional 3 host space monthly 5 minutes of the restart, crashes, unable to respond to situations such as it was – but if the host space is very susceptible to the problem of search engine optimization, so the impact is very big. read more

Shanghai needs to optimize a sex spirit of sacrifice

09 years there, I can put a line just two months the site easily do love Shanghai home, only through the purchase of a package link, website update is not so diligent, not to mention the rules, and keywords ranking is climbing, you don’t even have a sense of achievement and pleasure. But as the search engine era is no longer, now, Shanghai Shanghai dragon really need sex a bit of wisdom and toughness, do optimization is not overnight, you need to pay and experience than imagined difficult. read more