Aihen Muñoz: “I learn a lot from a great player like Monreal”

first_imgAihen Muñoz was called to be the owner of the left wing of the Royal Society in defence. Until the arrival of Nacho Monreal, which increased the competition in the position and relegated him to the bench until the arrival of the Cup. Now he opens the door of ownership again in league with the injury of Monreal. Aihen Muñoz, on his loss of ownership – Is this season still just as exciting for Aihen despite the fact that Monreal’s arrival has taken minutes away?Yeah right. For me being in the first team of the Real is a dream. Football has these ups and downs and now it turns around and I ended up playing.-Do you also learn when you don’t play in Primera?Yes Yes. In all situations you learn. In the day everything is an apprenticeship, especially for a young boy like me.– Do you consider that Monreal’s arrival hurt him?No, I don’t think so. I’m learning a lot. I had not experienced this situation of being on the bench and I am getting many positive things, and I learn a lot from a great player like Monreal, who advises me and helps me a lot.– It has given him many laps to the head since he lost the title in day 3 by the arrival of Monreal?Sure, because you always want to play. There are moments of downturn. But what you have to do is train well day by day.-And what was he taking refuge in?In training and giving everything in training, and stay with the clear awareness that I do my job well.-What were the most complicated moments?I could not tell you what they were exactly, but when you see that you do not play they give you dips, but you recover on a daily basis and you remain calm because you always give it your all and train well. -And if I give you a choice: win the Cup or enter the Champions League?The Cup, no doubt. We have not won a title for a long time and that would be amazing. It would be something precious.-Next rival, Betis …It has a very high level and high quality players, but we also have them. It will be nice to see and we will go out for all. It is clear that we will create dangerous situations, but we must be prepared to defend, that they also attack very well.– Does losing at home against Villarreal make them travel to Seville with more need?We are calm, because we are going game by game, and although it is difficult to win at Betis’ house, we will go out to make our brave game, taking advantage of the good dynamics away from home, to continue at the top. Aihen Muñoz, between winning the Cup and entering the Champions League – Happy to play again in the Cup?A lot, yes. I wanted to go back to eleven and it went well in Ceuta. I felt good, the team also went out for everyone, and in the end I was comfortable. We did the job well and became calm at home. And let’s see if we continue against Espanyol the same in Copa.– The fact that Monreal continues touched and the option is opened makes him take the week with more illusion?Yes that excites after not playing so long. Then Imanol will decide, but I’m looking forward to it.center_img -How is the relationship with Monreal?We get along really good. We are Navarrese and they are football things. It helps me a lot at all times and I take all his advice.– Do you feel that it is a good opportunity to have continuity again in the first team?I really want to play and you never know. I am prepared to play and then what has to come, it will be seen. Last year I lived on the bright side, and this year I have the other side, but I am calm, because I am a young boy who has yet to learn a lot.– At some moment it was considered to leave the Real one in the winter market?Nerd. I am very happy here, it is where I have always wanted to be, in my house. I’m very happy.– Is it compatible to do something big in the league and the Cup?Is that if we want to be with the best, we have to get used to compete two games per week, and I feel that we are more than physically prepared to do so. We are in both butt competitions and we go for both. – Did Imanol tell you something when Monreal arrived knowing that you were going to have fewer opportunities?No, it’s going. This is professional football and the coach decides who has to play, and has now decided that it is Nacho who plays. But this can change and you can choose me to play from now on. And I always work with that illusion.-You are always smiling, don’t you even lose it after all this time without ever playing?Impossible. Because this is a dream for me. If you tell me this a year and a half ago I don’t believe it. But it is clear that I want to play.– How a year ago in his debut at the Bernabéu has changed?I’m not the Sanse kid anymore. In that above all. In the desire not, I continue with them. “The Cup, without a doubt. We have not won a title for a long time.” “When you see that you don’t play they give you dips, but you recover on a day-to-day basis”last_img read more

Wanda has taken all Chinese players to San Rafael

first_imgIn this Segovian town, there are medical personnel to provide coverage and assistance and colleagues from the Academy who live with them. Of course, they will live these weeks under the protocols of prevention before the situation that is being lived.The boys will stay isolated and some teams will not even coincide with each other, at least during the first two weeks. From then on, and depending on how everything develops, yes They will be able to train and even get together to work and make little games. The prevention measures in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, they do not stop. On the one hand, those imposed by the authorities, but on the other, actions of all kinds to protect themselves. So, the Wanda group has decided to gather and concentrate all the footballers it has in Spain in Los Angeles de San Rafael (Segovia), as El Confidencial advanced and AS has been able to confirm.Wanda has collaboration agreements with Atlético, Villarreal and, more recently, Celta and Real Sociedad. Thus, he contacted the clubs to concentrate the boys and Atlético put on the table the option of Los Angeles de San Rafael, where each summer they usually do the first leg of the preseason. Wanda thought it was a good option and decided to take not only the boys from Madrid, but all those who have in Spain.last_img read more

The scenarios that Espanyol handles if LaLiga does not return

first_imgAnother framework for action being studied at Espanyol to reduce costs in the absence of income is the provisional cancellation of some providers of the entity, or the postponement of certain payments, provided that it is totally justified by the current exceptional situation.At Espanyol they hope to adopt a firm decision next week, not without first having somehow with LaLiga general recommendations, which could arrive in the next few hours, although they understand at the RCDE Stadium that there are as many economic situations right now as there are professional clubs in trouble.All these hypothetical measures are aimed at a situation in which LaLiga did not resume, which would be the most catastrophic economically. It is because of that It is also studying how to make decisions that, in the event that the 11 days are finally disputed that have been left in the air, they can be reversible. In phase of a deep economic study is Espanyol, who is dedicating this week to consider what decisions to take preventively in case, finally, LaLiga does not resume and a high percentage (between 25 and 30 percent) of expected income in games as important as television rights, sponsors or ‘ticketing’.So that such a brutal impact does not catch them off guard, the club shuffles various scenarios. A priori, in none of them will the workforce be affected by the measures. Nevertheless, Yes, the first team can be damaged. The PericosOnline portal published this Wednesday that Espanyol would have already communicated to the players their intention to compete an ERTE (Temporary Employment Regulation File). According to sources from the entity to AS, this decision is contemplated but not taken, and for that reason the captains could have been tested in that sense.Not surprisingly, the salary of footballers as such is a tiny part of what they receive, hence Another scenario that is more likely to be considered is that of a reduction in chips that would naturally be agreed between the sports staff and the company, outside the channels of what is properly an ERTE.last_img read more

Christian Minchola, Atlético’s child player, dies

first_imgAtlético de Madrid announced on Saturday the death of Christian Minchola (02/19/2006), 14 years old, Infantil C forward. Club sources confirmed that his death is not due to the coronavirus.Minchola he joined the club in 2013, at pre-baby age, and faced his sixth season as rojiblanco. Enrique Cerezo, president of the club, added his condolences: “We are shocked by the sad news of the death of our player and deeply regret his loss. Atlético de Madrid and the entire athletic family will be next to Christian’s family and friends in these moments of immense pain ”. For his part, Miguel Ángel Gil, CEO, assured on the club’s website: “The feeling of powerlessness generated in situations like this is horrible. In recent days, people very close to me have died, some due to coronaviruses and others due to other diseases, and the feeling of not being able to say goodbye to them as they deserve, just as, in the case of Christian, the feeling of injustice so great, they leave your heart broken. Christian was only 14 years old. From here a very strong kiss for all his family and for all those of the great athletic family who are suffering similar situations. From today our flag will fly at half-staff for Christian and for all the athletes who have died in recent weeks. ”Koke, captain of the first team and youth squad, also expressed his condolences: “Anger and pain at having to say goodbye to Christian Minchola. Life is very unfair. Proud that you have dressed this shirt. Much encouragement to colleagues, family and friends. Rest in peace”.For its part, Real Madrid, through its social networks, also showed its regret for the death of Minchola: “Real Madrid deeply regrets the death of the Atlético child player Christian Minchola. Our club wants to show its condolences to his club, his family and friends, and all the fans of Atlético de Madrid. “last_img read more

Marcelo wants to continue

first_img12 Marcelo is in the middle of a comeback process. Last season was the worst since signing, with a Solari who preferred Reguilón. Nevertheless, Zidane’s return changed everything: The youth squad left on loan to Sevilla, the club brought Mendy to Zizou and the Brazilian regained some status. Marcelo’s relationship with his coach is excellent, with a very special connection. “Being Zidane, Marcelo would not go out for nothing because he likes him a lot and respects him”, a source familiar with the situation explains to this newspaper. The coach has shown a lot of confidence to his side from the three Champions League in a row, which has corresponded with some improvement in this 2019-20, in several points cut by injuries. Y In this evolution, fighting with Mendy for the title (he wins the French 1.638-1.495 in minutes), he has not stopped being related to different suitors.If he leaves Madrid, through the front doorAmong those who have sounded are the PSG or Juventus. The main obstacle for them is the one they already knew before: Marcelo’s number one plan is Real Madrid. Both he and his wife and two children are very happy in Spain, to which must be added factors such as his Madridism, his condition of second captain or the already mentioned great deal with Zidane.Madrid, meanwhile, awaits events. Rate Marcelo as the legend in which it has become for its merits throughout the seasons and he would not force his way out. You liked the growth of Reguilón, in the offices with much more enthusiasm than on the bench, but the idea is to agree on what has to happen in total harmony with the Brazilian. And the ’12’ wants to stay.center_img Marcelo (31 years old) wants to continue in white after this summer. As AS has learned, his intention is to continue at Real Madrid, the team that has given you everything and with which you have contract until 2022 (renewed in 2017). At the Bernabéu and the capital, which he considers his homes, he arrived in 2006, which would end his relationship at the age of 34.last_img read more

Manchester United can break the box with João Félix

first_imgThe coronavirus pandemic will affect each club differently depending on its economy, which could leave United in a certain advantage when it comes to acquiring footballers in a market that is already collapsing. United considers this summer “a golden opportunity” according to Le10Sport to take Jotoor Felix although he is not the only player interested in Carrington. The red devils also have their focus on Jadon Sancho, from Dortmund and try, one more summer, to retain Paul Pogba among their own.Jotoor Felix is ​​hardly devaluedAtlético de Madrid’s 7 will not become a bargain in that devalued market due to the coronavirus pandemic. Felix has a contract until 2026 and in addition, his youth makes his market value decrease just 10% when that of the rest of the players is falling close to 20%. The Portuguese, that if, has lost 19 million euros in value since he signed going from 100 to 81 in the specialized market portal, transfermarkt. Manchester United continues its long process of reform. After the immediate incidence that Bruno Fernandes had, the red devils want to continue betting on Portuguese talent and, according to le10sport, they want to sign Jotoor Félix, striker for Atlético de Madrid.The young Luso, barely 20 years old, could return to change of scene in less than expected. This summer, Atlético disbursed 126 million euros for Viseu, who has struggled to adapt, adding just 6 goals in 28 games for the 20 he scored last year in 43 with Benfica, which earned him the last Golden Boy as best young man of 2019.After that disbursement and an incomplete season, Atlético is not expected to be in the business of selling But, according to this medium, Jorge Mendes, its representative, plays a key role in this matter and le10sport already speaks of “first contacts with Manchester United”.last_img read more

Preventive tests: soccer doctors ask for clarification

first_imgLikewise, the doctors of soccer teams stressed la priority to protect the health of footballers and the need to provide “certainty” to the professional work of the medical services of the clubs in each of the phases for the return to professional sports activity.In this sense, the AEMEF announced that will require “specific indications” on the request for preventive evidence subject to the Ministerial Order of the Ministry of Health on April 13, and that it shares one of the requests made by AFE regarding the need to make available to the medical services of one or more specialists in infectious diseases.These specialists in COVID-19 would have the function of carrying out advisory tasks during the execution of the different phases of the protocol. The Spanish Association of Soccer Team Doctors (AEMEF) has asked for clarification on the practice of preventive tests for professional soccer players and the inclusion of specialists who advise the clubs during the protocol of return to training after the break by COVID -19.After the publication of the ‘Basic protocol of action for the return to training and the restart of federated and professional competitions’ by the Higher Sports Council (CSD), the AEMEF recalled the collaborative activities it has maintained with different football organizations to achieve maximum protection of the health of footballers and coaching staff of clubs.Before the publication of the protocol, AEMEF asked the LaLiga to designate a direct contact with the head of the employer’s office to be able to convey doubts during the application of the protocol back to training and the restart of federated and professional competitions.last_img read more

FIFA decides in favor of Cádiz for the transfer of Akpan

first_imgFIFA determined in favor of Cádiz the demand introduced by the Nigerian group Actual Sapphire, in relation to the transfer of the participant Peter Akpan. The sentence was introduced this afternoon by the FIFA Participant Standing Fee. The Single Choose of the Fee agreed with the Cadiz group and condemned the African group from which it proceeds to pay a effective of 20,000 euros, plus the prices of the trial. The 21-year-old winger arrived in Cádiz in 2017 to begin enjoying in the yellow subsidiary and have become a fixture in the onces since becoming a member of. In two and a half seasons with the Andalusian group performed 68 matches and scored six objectives. This season he performs on mortgage to Atlético Sanluqueño, from Third, the place He has performed 20 video games, scoring two objectives.last_img read more