Key Big 5 showdown put back to Friday @eurekaTS on TwitterThe Huskies and Loggers will have to wait at least two more days.The rain continued to plague local sports on Wednesday, with the postponement of two key Big 5 games, including the much anticipated baseball opener between Eureka and Fortuna.The game, scheduled for Newburg Park, will take place on Friday at 4 p.m. instead. The Loggers (9-0) are the favorites in the Big 5 this spring, while the Huskies (10-2) are considered their most …last_img read more

Can the Miller Experiment Be Revived?

first_imgJeffrey Bada at the Scripps Institute is finding more interesting stuff in Stanley Miller’s spark-discharge tubes – with a little tweaking of ingredients.  Scientific American acknowledges that the famous experiment fell into disrepute when scientists used a more realistic atmosphere: “It seemed to refute a long-cherished icon of evolution—and creationists quickly seized on it as supposed evidence of evolution’s wobbly foundations” (see also Robert Shapiro’s critique in the 02/15/2007 entry, “the soup kettle is empty”).  This realization caused many in origin-of-life research to postulate that the building blocks of life came special delivery, from comets and meteors.    Bada decided to try a variation.  He neutralized the acids and removed the nitrites that interfere with amino acid formation, and got amino acids to form in abundance.  He rationalized this by saying that iron and carbonates on the early earth would have neutralized the primordial soup in a similar way.    Other researchers were buoyed by this finding.  They think it will tip the paradigm back toward local formation of amino acids on the Earth, through lightning and radiation.  Others caution that not all the building blocks can be formed in this manner; special delivery may still be required.Same problems: mixed handedness, no concentrating mechanism, no peptide bond formation mechanism, no nucleic acids or sugars, competing reactions, investigator interference, the fallacy of using the intelligent design of the scientist to emulate chance and necessity, etc.  Check our extensive reporting on origin-of-life research and debates by following the “origin of life” chain links going back over six years.    Interesting that they called this an icon of evolution.  Jonathan Wells had a whole chapter about the Miller experiment in his book of that name.  They also are painfully aware that creationists have had a field day with the refutation of the Miller icon.  On the ropes since the heady days of the 1950s, the OOL research community thinks there may be life in the useful lie yet (05/02/2003). Not likely.  Creationists not only seized this wobbly player in Darwin’s wrestling match; they have him in a chokehold on the floor.  He will need a lot more nutrition than a few random amino acids to get up again.(Visited 27 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

2017 Ohio Crop Tour I-75 Day 2

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest  I-75 Day 1 I-71 Day 1Montgomery County corn summary: This was a nice corn field. It had good plant health.  The stand count was 31,000 with good stalks and very uniform spacing.  There was GLS, anthracnose and common rust below the ear leaf. There was no insect pressure. The pollination was very good and the ears were filled to the end with a yield of 191 bushels.Montgomery Co. cornMontgomery Co. cornMontgomery County soybean summary: The beans were 33 inches tall in this nice looking field. It was about four inches to the first node. There was just a little bit of sudden death syndrome, but other than that there were no diseases or bugs. They were late planted and could definitely use another rain or two.Montgomery Co. beansGreene County corn summary: There was some GLS and some rust above the ear. There was anthracnose three leaves up. There was no insect pressure. The roots and stalks looked good. We found a harvest population of 30,500.  It was planted on May 28. We found a yield of 177 bushels. It has a ways to go with the late planting. There is a little tip-back.Greene Co. cornGreene Co. cornGreene county bean summary: Canopy height was 32 to 36 inches and the first node was at four inches. We saw a little frogeye and brown spot, but not bad. There was no insect pressure and some small pods. Today’s rain will really help. These were planted at 155,000 on May 27.Greene Co. beans Warren County corn summary: The corn is very tall. It was planted June 1 and 32,500 seeds were dropped. Today’s stand count was 26,000. The potential yield is 164. The biggest thing hurting the field is severe anthracnose leaf blight. It is the worst we have seen. We also found corn earworms feeding on the kernels. The anthracnose is a real issue. If the disease progresses the yield will go down.We found earworm working on the kernels.The anthracnose in this field was severe.Warren County soybean summary: The canopy was a good 50 inches tall and they were thick. They were about 10 inches to the first node and they were starting to lodge. They planted about 170,000 on May 16. They were podded up pretty well for as tall as they were and they were still adding pods. Rains today will really help. There was no real disease pressure or insects.The beans were the tallest we’ve seen in Warren County.The beans across the drive are double-crops, some of the nicest we’ve seen.Butler County corn summary: There was some anthracnose and some N deficiency up three leaves. There was no insect pressure. It was planted on April 20 with a population 34,000 and a current stalk count of 32,000. The yield looks to be about 182 bushels. This is as far along as any corn we’ve come across.Butler Co.CornButler Co. cornButler County soybean summary: These were in 15-inch rows with a drop of 155,000 on May 26. These are tall beans at 46 inches and the first node was at six inches. They were healthy with some brown spot and sudden death and a little frogeye. There was some Japanese beetle feeding. There was good pod set from top to bottom. With their height, some are already starting to go down. Overall this is a good field of beans.Butler Co. beansButler Co. beansPreble County corn summary: This was planted April 18 with a seeding rate from 32,000 to 38,000 and the harvest population was 25,000, which hurt the final yield estimate. It was tall corn with good stalks and good roots. There were large gaps in some rows. Above the ear leaf we found common rust, GLS and NCLB. There was anthracnose leaf blight two to three leaves up. Fungicide did hold off he rust. There was some N deficiency. The yield is 176 bushels.Preble Co. cornPreble Co. cornPreble County soybean summary: There is a 36-inch canopy with the first node about six inches up. There was no insect pressure and disease pressure was very limited. They were planted on May with a 160,000 and they were well podded with nice beans in the pods. These were good to excellent, closer to excellent.Preble Co. beansPreble Co. beansDarke County corn summary: This was planted April 18 with minimal disease and a little green snap. There was no insect pressure and ear fill was good. There was a population of 33,000 and a yield around 175 bushels.Darke Co. cornDarke Co. corn Darke County soybeans summary: This was a really nice field planted May 18 in 15-inch rows and a 155,000 population. Weed control was excellent and the plants are very healthy with nodes close together and podded heavily from the ground up. They still need rain to help them form. There was minimal disease and a 36-inch tall canopy. There was a fungicide application that kept the diseases in check. The overall rating is excellent in some of the best beans we’ve seen. The standability was excellent as well.Darke Co. beansDarke Co. beansMercer County corn summary: This field was replanted and the population was at 33,000. We saw a lot of issues in this field: GLS, common rust, anthracnose, silk feeding, and varying degrees of pollination with the first crop and the replanted crop. We found a155-bushel corn yield here and there are many gaps and spindly stalks. We saw fall armyworm working from the tip down the ear. We also found zipper ears missing two or three rows. There was maybe 7% or 8% of ears not developing correctly due to corn smut and that will also be a factor in the yield.We found fall armyworm in the Mercer County cornThere was a fair amount of smut and some fall armyworm damage in the corn, Mercer County soybean summary: Canopy height was 28 inches and the first node height four inches. There was a fair amount of brown spot, some frogeye, and around 20% of the plants had a leaf or two with chemical injury. There were many small pods with beans just starting to form that would benefit from a rain. This is a fair to poor field.There was some frogeye in the beans in Mercer County.We found chemical injury in Mercer County. Auglaize County corn summary: There was a 32,000 count for this April planted field. There was some common rust and a little anthracnose. There were some suckered stalks and the girthy ears were well filled. We found a 215-bushel yield here.Auglaize Co. cornAuglaize Co. corn Auglaize County soybean summary: This was a nice field with drilled 7.5-inch rows. The pop was 180,000 and they were standing well. They were planted April 27. This is a very healthy field at 38 inches tall with a first node five inches from the ground. There is some brown spot, SDS and the first frogeye we’ve found. Fungicide and insecticide have been applied. There was some Japanese beetle feeding, good root development and nice pod set from bottom to top. The field was uniform with excellent yield potential.Auglaize Co. beansAuglaize Co. beans Miami County corn summary: This is a very healthy field with good height and a population of 32,500. We saw a little GLS and common rust. We found anthracnose leaf blight that was very evident and there is some potential for stalk rot this fall. We saw some green snap here too. We found a yield of 201 in this nice field of corn.Miami Co. cornMiami Co. cornMiami County soybean summary: The soybean canopy was 37 inches and six inches to the first node. Disease pressure was light and there was a little Japanese beetle feeding. They were planted April 18 with a population of 165,000. They look good for 2.8 beans with good to excellent yield potential.Miami Co. beansMiami Co. beansShelby County corn summary: There was a population of 34,000 with some green snap problems, maybe 5% to 8% damage. Other than that, the corn was healthy and green with no N deficiency. No diseases or insects and ear fill was excellent. We found a yield of 200 bushels, but considering the green snap, a yield of 185 is probably more accurate.Shelby Co. cornShelby Co. cornShelby County soybean summary: It is very impressive when you look at the field. They are tall and green but they aren’t going to yield. They are 42 inches tall but the first pod above the ground is 9 inches. There are Japanese beetles actively feeding and there are not good clusters of pods and nodes are far apart. Yield potential is just fair in this field that looks really good from the road.Shelby Co. beanslast_img read more

This is Mine 2 GC14EEQ GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – October 17, 2011

first_img SharePrint Related”La dent du Turc” GC1PP6C GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – April 18, 2011April 18, 2011In “Community””Down the Rabbit Hole” GCXQ5C GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – December 28, 2010December 27, 2010In “Community””Manuel Antonio National Park Geocache” GCJ7WN GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – June 27, 2011June 28, 2011In “Community” This is Mine 2Near the top of the world the islands of Svalbard rest inside the Arctic Circle. The archipelago is home to a couple thousand hearty Norwegians. It’s also home to more than two dozen geocaches.The traditional cache, “This is Mine 2” (GC14EEQ), collected the most Favorite Points among them. The difficulty two, terrain four geocache was hidden in 2007 by TVE & Martin L.The hunt for this geocache leads adventurers back into the island’s coal mining past. Construction on the mine started in the early 1900’s – and is marred by deadly coal explosions and bombardment by World War Two battleships.  The mine is now vacant and sealed for safety.The cache page encourages cachers to be courteous, “Remember that all these old buildings and artefacts are important parts of the cultural heritage of Svalbard and treat them with respect!” More than fifty geocachers have already logged smileys on the small-size cache.This is Mine 2 – geocacheOne geocacher who logged “This is Mine 2” wrote on the cache page, “What a place! Thanks for placing the cache up here, otherwise we probably would have missed this interesting place, even though it was visible from our room window. The climb up and back down was not that easy but surely rewarding. Took a lot of pictures and did some investigation.”This is Mine 2 – cache page photoContinue your exploration of some of the most engaging geocaches from around the globe. Explore all the Geocaches of the Week on the Latitude 47 blog or view the Bookmark List on If you’ d like to nominate a Geocache of the Week send an email with your name, comments, the name of the geocache and the GC code to Share with your Friends:Morelast_img read more

Uttar Pradesh Minister’s relative named in Unnao rape victim accident FIR

first_imgAn Uttar Pradesh Minister’s son-in-law is one of the 10 persons accused of plotting the Rae Bareli vehicle collision in which the victim of the alleged Unnao gang rape was left critically injured. Arun Singh, the Nawabganj block pramukh and son-in-law of Ranvendra Pratap Singh, alias Dhunni, a Minister of State holding the Agriculture, Agriculture Education and Agriculture Research portfolios, is listed as accused no. 7 in the FIR lodged by the uncle of the survivor of the alleged rape. She is battling for her life in a hospital in Lucknow with multiple fractures, head and chest injuries. Mr. Arun Singh confirmed to The Hindu that he was in fact the same person named in the FIR. The FIR lists him as one of the persons accused of intimidating the family of the victim. The complainant, her uncle, said he and his family had faced repeated threats from Kuldeep Singh Sengar, MLA, and his men and were being intimidated to change their statements in court or compromise with the MLA or face dire consequences. ‘Falsely implicated’Along with the rest, Mr. Arun Singh faces charges of murder, attempt to murder, criminal conspiracy and criminal intimidation. Asserting that he was being falsely implicated due to “personal and political rivalry” with a former block pramukh in Nawabganj, Awadesh Singh, he alleged that his rival shared a link with the jailed uncle of the victim. Mr. Arun Singh had defeated Maya Singh, Mr. Awadesh Singh’s wife, to win the post. Mr. Arun Singh said he was a litigant in the 2006 murder case of a Dalit block pramukh, Ram Naresh Nirmal, in which Mr. Awadesh Singh is an accused. “Awadesh Singh is a history-sheeter with over 40 criminal cases and my political opponent,” he said. “He is using the uncle as a shield… he feels if he falsely implicates me or sends me to jail, then he will be able to manage his case,” Mr. Arun Singh said. In the FIR relating to the collision, the uncle mentions Mr. Awadesh Singh as being among the people who would come to visit him in jail. The police have so far traced the owner of the truck to Fatehpur, which shares borders with Unnao and Rae Bareli.Mr. Arun Singh downplayed his political links with his father-in-law. “I have no political connection with him. He is my father-in-law but not my political guardian,” said Mr. Arun Singh, who is considered close to Mr. Sengar and Unnao BJP MP Sachhidanand Hari, alias Sakshi Maharaj. Mr. Arun Singh’s name also surfaced last year in the assault case of the survivor’s father, who died in custody in suspicious circumstances. He was questioned but not formally charged. He says he is innocent. “I have never seen the uncle by face. I have never seen the victim and I don’t even know where their house is,” he said, adding he had not met Sengar in over six months. Mr. Arun Singh said he was ready to undergo a narco test and cooperate with any agency–the CBI has taken over the collision case and even lodged an FIR, which includes him–in the investigation. The uncle of the survivor was on Wednesday granted a day’s parole to attend the cremation of his wife and relative, who died in the Rae Bareli collision while they were on their way to meet him in jail. Awadesh Singh was not available for comment.last_img read more