Biden declared victor in hard-fought race for Pennsylvania.

first_imgPHILADELPHIA — Joseph R. Biden Jr. defeated President Trump in Pennsylvania, winning its 20 electoral votes and presidency.Mr. Biden had steadily erased Mr. Trump’s early lead in the state — at one point, the president led by half a million votes — as ballots, mostly absentee and mail-in votes, were counted over the past few days. Most of the remaining uncounted votes in the state are in Democratic-leaning areas.- Advertisement – – Advertisement – Separately, the Supreme Court did grant the Trump camp a minor victory in Pennsylvania on Friday evening, when Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. ordered election officials there to keep the late-arriving ballots separate from other ballots, and not to include them, for now, in announced vote totals. But the victory was essentially in name only: Pennsylvania’s secretary of state had already given that instruction.- Advertisement – The Biden campaign hoped further counting could push its lead above 0.5 percent, obviating the need for a recount there and setting the stage for victory. [After this post was published, Mr. Biden’s lead in Pennsylvania reached above 0.5 percent and news outlets declared him president-elect.]The biggest fight in the state has been over ballots that were postmarked by Election Day but arrive later. Nearly a dozen lawsuits filed by Mr. Trump and his allies are working their way through the courts in Nevada, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia, trying — so far unsuccessfully — to stop ballot counting and invalidate enough votes to erase Mr. Biden’s leads there. In September, the state Supreme Court ruled, over Republican objections, that election officials could accept ballots arriving up to three days later. The U.S. Supreme Court declined to intercede, but left open the possibility that it could revisit the question.center_img Responding to baseless allegations by the Trump campaign of vote-counting secrecy, he said that observers and journalists had access to the vote-counting site and that there were as many surveillance cameras there as in a casino. In Allegheny County, a predominantly Democratic area that includes Pittsburgh, election workers were going through roughly 20,000 mail-in ballots and additional provisional ballots on Saturday, Rich Fitzgerald, the county executive, said in a televised interview.The county’s mail-in ballots have so far been won overwhelmingly by Mr. Biden, as have the provisional ballots. Mr. Fitzgerald cautioned that the last ballots to count would be the trickiest, requiring additional checks to ensure they were not duplicates, which could slow the process.- Advertisement –last_img read more

Luke Walton finds it ‘tricky’ integrating Jose Calderon into Lakers’ lineup

first_img“We’d love to find opportunities to get Jose out there,” Walton said. “If it comes, we’ll give it to him.”Similarly, Lakers reserve forward Tarik Black received healthy scratches for three games after missing nine of the previous 10 games because of a sprained right ankle. Walton did not want to disrupt consistent play from Lakers reserve forward Thomas Robinson. Black played on Sunday against Toronto. As for Calderon, Walton planned to feature him late in Friday’s game against Dallas. Then he decided otherwise as the Lakers struggled with another third-quarter start. “I was hopeful we would be able to meet that challenge and fight back with some of the young guys,” Walton said. “It didn’t work out like that. That would’ve been a good opportunity to get Jose out there.”Whenever Calderon gets out there, Walton said he will have “no restrictions. Yet, Walton said he will proceed cautiously with Calderon, whom the Lakers acquired last offseason from Chicago for cost-cutting purposes. LOS ANGELES >> In theory, the Lakers value veteran reserve point guard Jose Calderon for his experience and ability to play in spot minutes.In reality, Lakers coach Luke Walton has not found many instances recently to grant Calderon that playing time. After nursing a strained right hamstring that sidelined him for 10 games, Calderon returned to the active roster only to have four healthy scratches entering Sunday’s game against Toronto at Staples Center. Calderon has averaged 4.7 points on 48.1 percent shooting and 2.6 assists in 13.9 minutes through 14 games. Despite calling Calderon “ready,” Walton said he has found it “tricky” to integrate the 32-year-old veteran into the lineup for a few reasons.Walton does not want to disrupt the tandem between reserve guards Lou Williams and Jordan Clarkson. Williams ranks first in the NBA in bench scoring (18.6 points per game), while Clarkson has fared fifth overall (14.2) among players that have played as reserves for at least 12 games. Walton also has moved rookie forward Brandon Ingram to point guard at times to take advantage of his size (6-foot-9, 190 pounds) and to develop his ball-handling skills. “It’s not the total minutes, but more how many minutes in a row he plays,” Walton said. “You don’t want to play him for 12 straight minutes. In my opinion, that’s when you’re more likely to get hurt and fatigued when you try to make moves with an older body.”Back in sightIn what has become her familiar game-day ritual, Lakers president Jeanie Buss watched Sunday’s game in her seat a row behind the courtside fans across from the team’s bench. It marked Buss’ first appearance since she and Knicks president and former Lakers coach Phil Jackson announced they ended engagement plans that were first made four years ago. Buss, who had dated Jackson since 1999, was not in her customary seat last week against Utah and Dallas. center_img Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Errorlast_img read more

Firefox Block sites outside Firefox containers extensions

first_imgFirefox: Block sites outside Firefox containers extensions by Martin Brinkmann on February 28, 2019 in Firefox – 13 commentsBlock sites outside container is a new extension for the Firefox web browser that extend the container functionality of the browser.Containers, first introduced as a Test Pilot experiment for Firefox and later on released as the Firefox Multi-Account Containers extension, allow users to separate sites and local date from each other. Useful applications include using Containers to sign-in to multiple accounts, e.g. Gmail, Twitter, or Facebook, at once, or to limit tracking.Another thing that makes the container functionality great in Firefox is that extension developers may improve it. We reviewed several extensions designed to improve Container functionality in the past: Temporary Containers, Facebook Containers, Containers with Transitions, or Taborama are just a few of the extensions that do so.Note that you don’t need the Multi-Account Containers extension to use Block sites outside container. You cannot create or manage containers using it though.Block sites outside containerBlock sites outside container introduces two new features to containers in Firefox.Block any site from loading outside their designated container(s).Allow sites to run in multiple containers.The second use case is explained easily. You can force sites to open in specific containers using the Firefox Multi-Account Container extension. What you cannot do using it is specify that you want sites to run in multiple containers only.Block sites outside container changes that as you may set up rules to allow sites to run in multiple containers exclusively.The blocking option prevents sites from loading outside their designated container(s). Means: any attempt to load embedded content, say a YouTube video, Twitter or Facebook buttons, or other embedded content, fails.The extension displays an error page when you attempt to load a site that has been blocked in a particular container.You may load it in a different container if you have set up a rule that allows the site to load in a different container. Other options on the page include disabling the entire rule set, or to enable the current container in the rule set.Embedded content is blocked automatically.ConfigurationConfiguration is straightforward but unfortunately a bit clunky. Open the Firefox Add-ons Manager and select the Block sites outside container extension.Select new rule to create the first rule. Rules use a combination of domain names and containers they are allowed to run in. Add a domain per line and select the containers you want the domain(s) to run in afterward.A red border means that the sites are not allowed to run in that container; this is the default setting. You need to specify at least one container for the extension to work, unless you want to prevent a site from running in any container or outside of it.Repeat the process to add new rule sets to the extension. You will notice that each is appended to the bottom of the page; manageability is not great if you set up a lot of rules but you may use the on-page find option of the browser to jump to specific rules quickly.Another issue that you may run into in the current version is that the container listing gets truncated if the container count reaches certain thresholds.Rule sets can be deleted or set to inactive at any time in the rules.Closing WordsBlock sites outside container is a useful extension for Firefox users who use Containers in the browser or did not use them because of missing functionality that the extension adds.Setup is a bit complicated because of how rules are displayed and managed, but it is likely that the developer will address these issues in future versions.Now You: Do you use Containers?Summary12345 Author Rating4 based on 5 votes Software Name Block sites outside containerSoftware Category BrowserLanding Page Advertisementlast_img read more