CVPS plans purchase of VEC’s southern Vermont territory

first_imgscostel Timothy McQuiston 2 6 2006-07-28T13:25:00Z 2006-07-28T15:57:00Z 2006-07-28T15:57:00Z 1 574 3275 CVPS 27 7 3842 10.2625 1474219382 news sends e-mail) Costello, Stephen 471604707 Print Clean Clean 0 pt 0 pt 0 0 0 pt 0 pt MicrosoftInternetExplorer4st1\:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) } /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:”Table Normal”; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-parent:””; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:10.0pt; font-family:”Times New Roman”;}July 28, 2006 The purchaseis the second announced by CVPS in recent months.  CVPS announced the purchase of RochesterElectric Light and Power, a privately held, 900-customer company,in April.  That purchase is awaitingregulatory approval, which is expected this summer. Customersaffected by the sale are in Halifax and parts of Andover, Dover, Newfane, Townshend, Wardsboro, Jamaica, Marlboro, Guilford, Vernon, Wardsboro, Wilmington, Windham, Whitingham and Readsboro. When thesale is completed, the former VEC customers will be covered by CVPSs 17 SERVE Standards, which measure everything fromreliability to customer service, and are reported to state regulators.  SERVE stands for Serving Everyone withReliability, Value and Excellence.  Thenew customers will also be eligible for all CVPS programs, including evenmonthly billing, Electripay and CVPS Cow Power”. Thisagreement consolidates service territories and provides CVPS with importantgrowth, President Bob Young said.  Itwill reduce local rates, and strengthens CVPS by providing new revenue and awider base to allocate fixed costs. CVPS plans purchaseof VECs southern Vermont territoryCentral Vermont PublicService will purchase the southern Vermont franchise territory of Vermont Electric Cooperative under an agreement designed to rationalizeservice territories and lower local electric rates. This areais virtually centered between CVPSs Springfield, Brattleboro and Sunderlandoffices, Hallquist said.  It makes more sense for CVPS than VEC toserve it.center_img Under theagreement, which must be approved by the Vermont Public Service Board, CVPSwill acquire VECs southern Vermont assets and the rights to serve 2,770customers, who will on average save about 8.1 percent under CVPS ownership,even after a pending 6.15 percent rate case is complete. CVPS, founded in 1929, is Vermonts largest electric utility, serving about151,000 customers.  More than 100companies have merged into CVPS since its founding. Four of fiveVEC employees in the region are expected to be hired by CVPS.  CVPS plans to maintain the current VECservice office in Wilmington. VEC ChiefExecutive Officer David Hallquist said the sale madesense for the co-op, as it would provide significant cash, while divesting aservice area far removed from most of VECsterritory, which is primarily in northern Vermont.  CVPSwill pay approximately $4 million for VECs southern Vermont assets and territory. Forward-Looking StatementsStatements contained in this report that are not historical fact areforward-looking statements intended to qualify for the safe-harbors from theliability established by the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of1995.  Statements made that are not historical facts are forward-lookingand, accordingly, involve estimates, assumptions, risks and uncertainties thatcould cause actual results or outcomes to differ materially from thoseexpressed in the forward-looking statements.  Actual results will depend,among other things, upon the actions of regulators, performance of the VermontYankee nuclear power plant, effects of and changes in weather and economicconditions, volatility in wholesale electric markets and our ability tomaintain our current credit ratings.  These and other risk factors aredetailed in CV’s Securities and Exchange Commission filings.  CV cannot predictthe outcome of any of these matters; accordingly, there can be no assurancethat such indicated results will be realized. Readers are cautioned not toplace undue reliance on these forward-looking statements that speak only as ofthe date of this press release.  CV does not undertake any obligation topublicly release any revision to these forward-looking statements to reflectevents or circumstances after the date of this press release.last_img read more

Debate: Should you shave your body hair for better athletic performance?

first_imgYES: Hair Today, Gone TomorrowYou’ve seen them. They shave their face, arms, chest, legs, and parts unknown. They do it in the name of performance, the ease of treating injuries, and just for the look.But is there really any good reason for an athlete of any level to remove all traces of body hair? Even if you’re grizzly-bear hairy, do you really think you will cut any time off your run, bike, or swim?I’ve shaved my body hair regularly for more than twenty years, and I’m convinced there is a substantial performance advantage in shaving. The advantage isn’t so much aerodynamic, though it has been proven to take time off various efforts. Instead, the real performance advantage with shaving smooth has everything to do with giving you a mental boost.The first time you shave and then go fast in air or water, you’ll notice something. You don’t feel any resistance at all. Your body becomes a knife. Hair on your body slows you down because you can feel the amount of wind or water you’re pushing out of the way. I notice it most when I’m swimming. After I shave, I slip through the water like a glass spear. When I can’t feel the water, I don’t feel how fast I’m going. That means I can push even harder because there is no mental limit being reached. The negative feedback doesn’t trigger my mind to ease off. I can go considerably faster because I can feel the water better without the distraction of thousands of tiny hairs giving me unnecessary biofeedback.Want a couple more good reasons to shave down?Remove the rug, and your skin will feel cooler during exercise. Without hair, it is also easier to treat cuts and scrapes. Most cyclists cite this as the reason they shave. It is easier to apply and remove adhesive bandages and keep skin clean and free from infection after injuries.If you are serious about competition, with yourself or others, shave once and see how you feel. If you don’t dig it, your hair will grow back in a month or two. But I’ll bet you’re going to like the feeling, and I know you’ll love the results.–Vern Lovic is a top triathlete and cyclist. NO: A Shave Like Any OtherAs a consultant to professional endurance athletes, I get asked all manner of things. Including, strange as it may seem, looking into the research on performance benefits of shaving body hair.  Beyond psychologically induced gains (placebo effect), there is little to no legitimate evidence that shaving results in any meaningful performance gains. And, even the few studies showing ever-so-miniscule gains are debatable due to potential placebo effects and research bias influence. The only population that may have a somewhat valid argument would be very hairy long-distance, non-wetsuit wearing swimmers with excellent swim technique. That likely limits the number of people who could truly see performance gains from shaving to a very, very small percentage of the athletes.Let’s take a closer look at a few of the most common rationalizations for shaving.It makes me faster. In cycling, 90% of your effort is simply fighting wind resistance. Therefore, it would make sense that any additional wind resistance would help, right? To date, this claim is unsupported by legitimate research. The truth appears to be none beyond that it makes you think you’re faster. If there is a true speed benefit, it is ever so tiny. Turns out those little extensions of our body are pretty aerodynamic.I’m less likely to get an infection in my wounds from the crazy riding I do since I’m the Chuck Norris of biking. Somehow, road cyclists and triathletes have turned this into an excuse. Yet, mountain bikers rarely shave. The truth is that you will get an infection whether you have hair or not if you don’t clean out the wound. Cleaning techniques also work on leg and body hair.I don’t want hair follicle infections from my recovery massages. My advice is to not to use this excuse. It just adds more ammo.  Now you shave your legs and get lots of massages.My opinion: skip the unfounded “important” reasons to shave and tell the truth…you do it because everyone else does and it accentuates those hard earned calf muscles.–Dr. Garret Rock is an adviser to over 80 of the world’s top professional triathletes, cyclists, and runners. And yes, he shaves his legs.last_img read more

Have yourself a merry little core system review

first_img‘Tis the season to be thinking about what your credit union core processor should be doing for you, your employees, and your members. With the evolution (revolution?) of the way members bank today, and want to bank tomorrow, your core is more important than ever to remain competitive. As 2015 comes to a close, we take a look at 3 key benefits your core system should be providing your CU, and help you determine if it’s time for your own core processing system review. Innovation through Integration: The ability to offer new products only works if it is seamless to your members. True core integration allows for this seamless approach. Your core’s ability to provide true integration ensures it is designed for optimal efficiency across the entire system. Interfaced systems are NOT integrated systems.  Third-party solutions are important, but don’t just look for a core that can accommodate third party solutions… find one that is evolving to make those solutions unnecessary, with features like mobile banking, internet banking, paperless, check-21 capture, and online credit cards built right into the core.Support you can Trust: Not only trust that your core is working for your credit union, but trust that it is evolving to meet the changing needs of your members.Trust that resources are being devoted appropriately to ensure you can continue to please the members you have, as well as attract new members. So while new products are essential to your continued growth, having reliable and exceptional customer support ensures you don’t lose face with your existing members should something go wrong, or you need help. continue reading » 2SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more