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first_imgHakim Ziyech has got a left foot that can open a can of wormsPaul Merson If we are going to talk about Tottenham winning the title, then Chelsea are right in the mix. If Spurs can win it, then for sure, Chelsea can win it.- Advertisement – This is where Mourinho is special. He sees things others don’t. He sees what he needs, and he doesn’t just go out and buy players for the sake of it.In Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, they needed that ball-winning midfielder to break things up and then there are the full-backs.I couldn’t believe Wolves let Matt Doherty go. For the price Wolves let him go for, I didn’t get that one at all.That’s where Mourinho is so good, and I as I said earlier, as long as he’s in charge, they’ve got a chance. It’s not impossible at all, but again, we are only seven games in, and you could not write the script of the league so far this season. 2:44 – Advertisement – – Advertisement – 0:44 Is the squad too big? It depends how far they go in certain competitions, but that is where Mourinho was great. If you look at his Chelsea team and the squad he had at Stamford Bridge, you never heard anybody moaning.From the outside, you always thought, ‘wow’! How do you keep all those players happy? There’s got to be an art to it because when you’ve got that quality of player, to keep them all happy when they are not playing is a major skill.It’s alright people saying they get £100,000-a-week, they get paid well or whatever, but they want to play football. As a player, you want to play football and that will be Lampard’s biggest challenge going forward.They also have to play a better quality of opponent in the games coming up, but everything at the moment looks good.Mourinho knows what it takes to get Spurs over the lineIt’s a hard question to answer (can Spurs win the league?). They are going to be very reliant on Harry Kane.But, to be fair, results like the win at West Brom, they win you league titles. You look back on results like that and come what may, you remember it as a difficult game against one of the teams down at the bottom, who couldn’t win a game but turned up on the day, and it turns out to be an important win.That’s what you are up against if you want to win the Premier League. You watched West Brom against Fulham and they were atrocious. You start to think Tottenham have only got to turn up on Sunday morning and as long as they don’t forget their boots, they’ll win the game and move on.But in the end, it was a very hard game and Mourinho is probably sitting there asking himself why they didn’t turn up and play like that against Fulham. That’s how hard the Premier League is.Can Spurs go on and win the title? It’s not impossible and that’s because they’ve got a serial winner as a manager. They’ve got a chance because Mourinho is in charge and has won it before. He knows what it takes to get over the line.Can the players keep producing week in, week out? Only time will tell, but having Mourinho at the club gives them an advantage.Mauricio Pochettino was a good manager, don’t get me wrong. However, they’ve now got more chance of winning the title because of Mourinho. He knows what you have to do week in, week out and then all over again. – Advertisement – It’s coming from everywhere too. Hakim Ziyech has got a left foot that can open a can of worms, Timo Werner scores plenty of goals, Tammy Abraham looks like he’s getting better and then there’s Mason Mount. They’ve just got so much attacking talent.The problem is going to be keeping everyone happy and that’s going to be the hardest job in the world. You are going to have top, top-draw players not playing, and that’s hard.Kai Havertz wasn’t even in the squad because he was unwell and Christian Pulisic is injured too. Mateo Kovacic played on Saturday, but he hasn’t been playing. That’s going to be the problem Chelsea have to contend with going forward. The Football Show’s Stephen Warnock and Sue Smith assess where Tottenham striker Harry Kane will finish in the all-time Premier League top scorers list It’s like having Alan Shearer, who played up front as a No 9 and then there’s Teddy Sheringham as a No 10, and Kane can play both of them. Shearer couldn’t drop off and play as a 10 and I don’t think Sheringham could play the Shearer role.For Kane to be able to do both, and they were special players, is remarkable.Summer signings show Mourinho at his best preview image Mauricio Pochettino and Jose Mourinho embraceImage:Spurs have more chance of winning the title under Jose Mourinho than previous boss Mauricio Pochettino (left), thinks Paul Merson Frank Lampard has now got who he wants in key positions and you can really see the difference.Thiago Silva is world-class. They’ve got two full-backs who are as good as any in the league and for me, they [Reece James and Ben Chilwell] are the two England full-backs, in my opinion. They are outstanding. Silva is also only going to make Kurt Zouma a better player and the goalkeeper Edouard Mendy is solid.I know Sheffield United are down at the bottom at the moment, but they are a hard team to play against. They are organised and when you go 1-0 down, you know it’s going to be a difficult evening.However, they literally dismantled Sheffield United. They made them look like a proper relegation team, which I don’t see that because I think Sheffield United will be okay this season. They made them look distinctly average and that’s a sign of a good team.Lampard does have one problem though…center_img Harry Kane and Jose MourinhoImage:Harry Kane has transformed his game, says Merson 2:51 Harry Kane Frank LampardImage:Frank Lampard will need to somehow keep all his players happy this season Kane is a special player. He’s changed his game a bit now as well. He starts drifting off into the No 10 position and he can spray the ball around the park. He’s showing he’s got vision and it is like he’s the all-round package.There are not many players about who can go up front and be a target man, be strong, put his body in the way, score goals and then in the game, he can drop off and hit a 30-yard ball through the eye of a needle and knit play together.There are not many of those players around, if any. I’m one of Mourinho’s biggest fans, but I have been critical of him.When I was critical, it wasn’t about him as a manager, because you cannot knock someone who has won all those trophies. It doesn’t matter when he won those trophies, he’s won them. They are on the CV.My only question mark was whether Kane would be able to get 30 goals in a season being in a Mourinho team.Mourinho is a winner. He doesn’t mind winning games 1-0. He’s not there to entertain people, he’s there to win football matches. If they entertain and end up winning 3-0, then fair enough, but he is one of those managers that wins a game 1-0, puts it into the back pocket and moves on to the next.Fans will moan that it was only 1-0, but Mourinho won’t care, and that comes with experience.But now, with Kane on fire and the other attacking players they’ve got at their disposal, they’ve got a chance. A real chance, but, for me, I just can’t see past Liverpool.Remarkable Kane has changed his game FREE TO WATCH: Highlights from Tottenham’s win over West Brom in the Premier League Chelsea vs Sheffield United highlights Paul Merson insists Chelsea are Premier League title contenders this season, but Frank Lampard has one big challenge: keep the players happy. Don’t rule out Chelsea for the league FREE TO WATCH: Highlights from Chelsea’s win over Sheffield United in the Premier League You have to be there or thereabouts all the time. You cannot be giving teams six, seven or eight-point head starts, and they are right in the mix at the moment.A word of caution, though. Everyone’s talking about the title and because it is November, people think we’re nearly halfway through the season. Usually we’d have played about 15 games by now and that’s a massive difference, but we’ve only played seven or eight games.But when Mourinho won the title at Chelsea, they always got off to a flyer. He’s the only manager I know who treats every game like it is the last of the season. Every point mounts up and Mourinho always flies out of the stalls in a title-winning year.Jose’s not here to entertain, but to win Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg during Spurs' friendly against IpswichImage:Paul Merson has hailed the signing of Pierre-Emile Hojbjerglast_img read more

Govt orders restart of Romanex Exploration

first_imgNatural Resources Minister Raphael Trotman has ordered the reactivation of the mining licence of Romanex Guyana Exploration Ltd, paving the way for the company to undertake exploration and mining activities in the Marudi Mountain area of Mining District Number Six, Rupununi.According to a release from the Natural Resources Ministry, the area had been characterised by irregular mining, with persons occupying lands in the area after operations of Romanex had ceased some time ago. The Minister’s decision to approve the operations follows a process of verifications, meetings and engagements held between the mining company, the Rupununi Miners Association (RMA) and the Guyana Women Miners Organisation (GWMO) on the best way forward.More than 300 small-scale gold miners who had been operating in and around the Marudi Mountain area had called on the Government to take urgent action to regularise their operations in light of recent moves by the Canadian-owned company to resume operations in the area. Additionally, the residents of South Rupununi have lodged complaints about the illicit movement of people, weapons and narcotics in the area.As a result of this call, and the concerns and complaints made, the Natural Resources Ministry appointed Major General (Retired) Joe Singh to hold mediation discussions between the aggrieved parties during the period April 22 to 25, 2016 and an agreement was successfully brokered between the various stakeholders.last_img read more

Saving for College? Here’s What You Need to Know

first_imgShare this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) RelatedMint Success: Transitioning from College Kid to Young ProfessionalJune 3, 2016In “Budgeting”Balancing Saving for Retirement and Your Kids College? This is What You Need To KnowMay 30, 2019In “Family Finances”What Every Student Should Know About Student LoansSeptember 18, 2018In “Student Finances” Sources: FINRA | Dave Ramsey | WSJ | CBS News The average student loan debt is currently $37,172, racking up over $1 trillion in student debt nationally — and this number is only expected to grow. As a parent, this may spark some worry about your child’s financial future. You want them to establish good money management habits like building credit and avoiding debt, but with so many financial hurdles, the prospect may seem insurmountable.The good news is that with some proper education and planning, you can start saving for college and set your child up for a quality education that won’t break the bank. Here’s how.Anticipate Your Savings NeedsIf you attended college, you’re no stranger to the onslaught of expenses that come with a diploma. Books, computers, and organization fees are all things to consider on top of tuition, room, and board. Since most of these expenses are to be expected when saving for college, you should factor them into your plan accordingly.Decide When to Start Saving for CollegeIf you don’t want your child to go through life carrying a significant amount of student debt, the sooner you start saving for college the better. If you don’t yet have children, or if your children are very young, time is on your side. The key is saving early and saving regularly. Post navigation You can even get creative with deciding when to start saving, like a special occasion. Consider asking for college money in lieu of traditional baby shower gifts. Your guests will likely feel good about getting to invest in your child’s future.Estimate the Cost of Tuition and Living ExpensesBefore executing a savings plan, get a sense for how much you’ll need to save. The average 4-year in-state tuition for a public university is $24,610. Take into account living expenses — will your child stay at home at all, or will they move out? Compare costs of dorm living versus apartments close to campus.A good way to gauge how much you should have saved for tuition is to multiply your child’s age by $2,000. For example, if your child is five, you should have roughly $10,000 saved to be on track to cover about half the cost of an in-state public university by the time they are 18 (if you’re investing the funds). The rest of the cost may come from family earnings or scholarships.Start a Savings FundNow that you have set expectations on when and how much you need to save, it’s time to decide how to save. Choosing the right savings vehicle for your family is key to setting yourself up for financial success. Do some research into the following types of college funds, and don’t be afraid to consult a financial advisor if you have questions about saving for college.ESA’sAn Education Savings Account or Education IRA is an investment fund that allows you to contribute $2,000 per year to save for college. The funds may grow tax-free, and must be used for educational expenses. Two things to watch out for with ESA’s include checking if you fall within the income limit and making sure the beneficiary uses the funds by age 30.529 Savings PlansA 529 College Savings Plan is an investment fund that allows you to save much more aggressively. The maximum amount varies from state to state, but typically you can contribute up to $300,000. Things to look for when choosing a 529 plan include a variety of investment options and beneficiary flexibility in case your child decides not to go to college. A 529 plan is also a good option if you don’t meet the income limit for an ESA.Savings BondsBacked by the “full faith and credit” of the United States government, series EE and I savings bonds offer tax-advantaged ways to save for college. Like ESA’s, you must fall within an income limit, specifically $77,550 for single adults and $116,300 for couples filing jointly. Savings bonds are usually exempt from state and local taxes if used for qualified higher education expenses.UTMA/UGMAUniform Transfer and Uniform Gift to Minors Acts are different from other college savings funds in that they don’t need to be used for qualified educational expenses. Once the beneficiary reaches the age of majority, she can use the funds for whatever purpose she chooses. There are still tax advantages for the contributor, but keep in mind that unlike other options, the beneficiary cannot be changed once selected.Get Your Child Involved in Saving for CollegeInclude your child in the process of funding their own education. It will help teach them the value of money, and they will likely appreciate their education more knowing they helped make it possible. Once they’re old enough, consider the following approaches.Enroll Them in AP and Dual-Credit ClassesHigh schools are becoming increasingly focused on college preparation, so take advantage of everything they have to offer. AP and Dual-Credit classes allow your child to fulfill the necessary high school requirements while simultaneously earning college credit — and the more college credit you can accumulate beforehand the better. This will ensure your student graduates on time, which is key if tuition money is tight. Make sure to check with their choice universities to see which AP scores they accept.Emphasize Saving over SpendingIf your child gets a part-time job as a student, encourage them to save first and then spend what’s left. While they’re still living under your roof their expenses are minimal, so this is an optimal time for them to build a strong savings foundation. Teach them the importance of an having an emergency fund in case something happens once they become financially independent.Help Them Apply for ScholarshipsFinding and applying for scholarships is hard work, but it pays off. While only .3 percent of college students receive enough financial aid to fully cover the cost of college, anything helps to supplement your college savings fund. Once you’ve exhausted scholarship opportunities, consider federal aid like the Pell Grant — it could earn you up to $6095 per year. It’s never too early to start saving for college. By estimating your child’s education expenses, regularly contributing the right savings fund, and involving your child in the process along the way, you’ll give them the money-management tools they need for success. last_img read more