Will it Become Unlawful to Think Critically?

first_imgThe legality of disclaimers in biology textbooks will be decided by a U.S. District Court in Atlanta, Georgia.  A judge will hear the case Nov. 8 about stickers the Cobb County school board put in the books that say, “This textbook contains material on evolution.  Evolution is a theory, not a fact, regarding the origin of living things.  This material should be approached with an open mind, studied carefully and critically considered.”    Lawyers who sued the school board over these stickers claim that the statement “restricts the teaching of evolution, promotes and requires the teaching of creationism and discriminates against particular religions.”The claim that the sticker restricts the teaching of evolution, requires the teaching of creationism or discriminates against particular religions should be approached with an open mind, studied carefully and critically considered, unless the courts make it against the law to do so, at which time all students must assimilate into the Charlie Borg.(Visited 6 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

MH370: Something of interest?

first_imgThe Bluefin-21 scouring the ocean floor for the black boxes from MH370 has now completed its second full 16 hour mission after the first two missions encountered teething problems.There are reports that on the last mission it may have seen “something of interest” and will be sent back to have another look. However AirlineRatings cannot get confirmation of this – on or off record.Professor Charitha Pattiaratchi, Winthrop Professor of Coastal Oceanography at the University of Western Australia suggested that the first few missions of the Bluefin 21 are usually more shakedowns to become familiar with the operating environment close to the sea floor.“There will be safety features in the software to abort the mission if certain parameters are exceeded.“These quite likely can be adjusted once they are familiar with the conditions.”On Tuesday the Australian Maritime Safety Authority moved the visual search area for debris to an area to the north of a previous search conducted in late March.The new area is 62,063 square kilometres and is 2,200 kilometres west north-west of Perth and over 1000km to the south-west of where the search is being conducted for the black boxes.Ocean Shield and HMS Echo were continuing operations in the suspected black box zone.Oil found 5km downsea and downwind from the black box pinger location has been found not to be associated with MH370.The Joint Agency Coordination Centre has clarified media reports that the Bluefin-21 search will take up to two months to scan the entire underwater search area.JACC told AirlineRatings.com that “since the US Navy provided comment some days ago, the underwater search has been significantly narrowed through detailed acoustic analysis conducted on the four signal detections made by the Towed Pinger Locator on ADV Ocean Shield.”“This analysis has allowed the definition of a reduced and more focused underwater search area.”“This represents the best lead we have in relation to missing flight MH370 and where the current underwater search efforts are being pursued to their completion so we can either confirm or discount the area as the final resting place of MH370.”AirlineRatings.com understands that the serach area is focused solely on a tight area where the pings were located over a week ago.last_img read more

Van der Merwe lifts Soweto Open title

first_img18 April 2011Izak van der Merwe went one step better than he did in 2010 when he captured the Soweto Open men’s singles title at the Arthur Ashe Tennis Centre in Jabavu after a hard-fought battle against fellow South African Rik de Voest on Sunday.The final had been moved back a day because of rain and rain, once again, made an appearance in the final, forcing the players from the court for over two hours with Van der Merwe leading 6-7 (4-7), 7-5, 3-2, and the contest on serve. Ultimately, he went on to a 6-7, 7-5, 6-3 victory.The victory, his second in a Challenger Tour event, has lifted Van der Merwe to a career-high ranking of 134th in the world.Last year, he made it into the final but was beaten by Dustin Brown. This time around the fourth-seed made sure of success by defeating the German 7-5, 7-6 (7-5) in a hard-fought semi-final.Tie-breakersIt was far from an easy walk to the title for the big-serving South African who played tie-breakers in every one of his matches.Van der Merwe began his title challenge with a tough 7-5, 7-6 win over Englishman Daniel Cox in his first round match. He followed that up by sending another Englishman packing after defeating Chris Eaton 6-4, 7-6.In the quarterfinals, he faced seventh-seed Andrej Martin and once again it proved to be a tight contest. Van der Merwe won it 7-6, 7-6, claiming both tie-breakers 7-2.Path to the finalOn his way to the final, De Voest, the sixth-seed, recorded victories over fellow South African Raven Klaasen, Denys Molchanov, and Michal Przysiezny before facing Australian Greg Jones in the final.It took a gritty comeback for De Voest to win a match that was interrupted by rain. When the heavens opened, he was 3-6, 4-3 down, but went on to win 3-6, 7-6 (7-4), 6-2.In the final, he became the only player in the tournament to win a tie-breaker against Van der Merwe. By reaching the title-decider, he improved his world ranking to 158th.Women’s titleThe women’s honours went the way of Russia’s Valeria Savinykh, who proved to be a giant killer on her way to lifting the title.She ousted fourth-seed Eva Birnerova 2-6, 6-3, 6-2 in the first round. Then, after an easy 6-2, 6-2 win over Oksana Kalashnikova in the second round, she upset seventh-seed Corinna Dentoni 6-4, 6-3 in the quarterfinals.Savinykh followed that up by disposing of top-seed Ann Keothavong in the semi-finals when the Briton retired at 6-3, 3-0 down.In the final, second-seed Petra Cetkovska proved no much for the 20-year-old Russian, who cruised to a 6-1, 6-3 victory and the biggest win of her career.South African women failed to make an impact as none of the four players in the draw made it out of the first round.DoublesGermany’s Michael Kohlmann and Alexander Peya of Austria claimed the men’s doubles title with a convincing 6-2, 6-2 victory over South African-born Australian Matthew Ebden and Germany’s Andre Bergemann.Sadly, the women’s doubles final was a victim of the weather and was not played.Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

2017 Ohio Crop Tour I-75 Day 2

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest  I-75 Day 1 I-71 Day 1Montgomery County corn summary: This was a nice corn field. It had good plant health.  The stand count was 31,000 with good stalks and very uniform spacing.  There was GLS, anthracnose and common rust below the ear leaf. There was no insect pressure. The pollination was very good and the ears were filled to the end with a yield of 191 bushels.Montgomery Co. cornMontgomery Co. cornMontgomery County soybean summary: The beans were 33 inches tall in this nice looking field. It was about four inches to the first node. There was just a little bit of sudden death syndrome, but other than that there were no diseases or bugs. They were late planted and could definitely use another rain or two.Montgomery Co. beansGreene County corn summary: There was some GLS and some rust above the ear. There was anthracnose three leaves up. There was no insect pressure. The roots and stalks looked good. We found a harvest population of 30,500.  It was planted on May 28. We found a yield of 177 bushels. It has a ways to go with the late planting. There is a little tip-back.Greene Co. cornGreene Co. cornGreene county bean summary: Canopy height was 32 to 36 inches and the first node was at four inches. We saw a little frogeye and brown spot, but not bad. There was no insect pressure and some small pods. Today’s rain will really help. These were planted at 155,000 on May 27.Greene Co. beans Warren County corn summary: The corn is very tall. It was planted June 1 and 32,500 seeds were dropped. Today’s stand count was 26,000. The potential yield is 164. The biggest thing hurting the field is severe anthracnose leaf blight. It is the worst we have seen. We also found corn earworms feeding on the kernels. The anthracnose is a real issue. If the disease progresses the yield will go down.We found earworm working on the kernels.The anthracnose in this field was severe.Warren County soybean summary: The canopy was a good 50 inches tall and they were thick. They were about 10 inches to the first node and they were starting to lodge. They planted about 170,000 on May 16. They were podded up pretty well for as tall as they were and they were still adding pods. Rains today will really help. There was no real disease pressure or insects.The beans were the tallest we’ve seen in Warren County.The beans across the drive are double-crops, some of the nicest we’ve seen.Butler County corn summary: There was some anthracnose and some N deficiency up three leaves. There was no insect pressure. It was planted on April 20 with a population 34,000 and a current stalk count of 32,000. The yield looks to be about 182 bushels. This is as far along as any corn we’ve come across.Butler Co.CornButler Co. cornButler County soybean summary: These were in 15-inch rows with a drop of 155,000 on May 26. These are tall beans at 46 inches and the first node was at six inches. They were healthy with some brown spot and sudden death and a little frogeye. There was some Japanese beetle feeding. There was good pod set from top to bottom. With their height, some are already starting to go down. Overall this is a good field of beans.Butler Co. beansButler Co. beansPreble County corn summary: This was planted April 18 with a seeding rate from 32,000 to 38,000 and the harvest population was 25,000, which hurt the final yield estimate. It was tall corn with good stalks and good roots. There were large gaps in some rows. Above the ear leaf we found common rust, GLS and NCLB. There was anthracnose leaf blight two to three leaves up. Fungicide did hold off he rust. There was some N deficiency. The yield is 176 bushels.Preble Co. cornPreble Co. cornPreble County soybean summary: There is a 36-inch canopy with the first node about six inches up. There was no insect pressure and disease pressure was very limited. They were planted on May with a 160,000 and they were well podded with nice beans in the pods. These were good to excellent, closer to excellent.Preble Co. beansPreble Co. beansDarke County corn summary: This was planted April 18 with minimal disease and a little green snap. There was no insect pressure and ear fill was good. There was a population of 33,000 and a yield around 175 bushels.Darke Co. cornDarke Co. corn Darke County soybeans summary: This was a really nice field planted May 18 in 15-inch rows and a 155,000 population. Weed control was excellent and the plants are very healthy with nodes close together and podded heavily from the ground up. They still need rain to help them form. There was minimal disease and a 36-inch tall canopy. There was a fungicide application that kept the diseases in check. The overall rating is excellent in some of the best beans we’ve seen. The standability was excellent as well.Darke Co. beansDarke Co. beansMercer County corn summary: This field was replanted and the population was at 33,000. We saw a lot of issues in this field: GLS, common rust, anthracnose, silk feeding, and varying degrees of pollination with the first crop and the replanted crop. We found a155-bushel corn yield here and there are many gaps and spindly stalks. We saw fall armyworm working from the tip down the ear. We also found zipper ears missing two or three rows. There was maybe 7% or 8% of ears not developing correctly due to corn smut and that will also be a factor in the yield.We found fall armyworm in the Mercer County cornThere was a fair amount of smut and some fall armyworm damage in the corn, Mercer County soybean summary: Canopy height was 28 inches and the first node height four inches. There was a fair amount of brown spot, some frogeye, and around 20% of the plants had a leaf or two with chemical injury. There were many small pods with beans just starting to form that would benefit from a rain. This is a fair to poor field.There was some frogeye in the beans in Mercer County.We found chemical injury in Mercer County. Auglaize County corn summary: There was a 32,000 count for this April planted field. There was some common rust and a little anthracnose. There were some suckered stalks and the girthy ears were well filled. We found a 215-bushel yield here.Auglaize Co. cornAuglaize Co. corn Auglaize County soybean summary: This was a nice field with drilled 7.5-inch rows. The pop was 180,000 and they were standing well. They were planted April 27. This is a very healthy field at 38 inches tall with a first node five inches from the ground. There is some brown spot, SDS and the first frogeye we’ve found. Fungicide and insecticide have been applied. There was some Japanese beetle feeding, good root development and nice pod set from bottom to top. The field was uniform with excellent yield potential.Auglaize Co. beansAuglaize Co. beans Miami County corn summary: This is a very healthy field with good height and a population of 32,500. We saw a little GLS and common rust. We found anthracnose leaf blight that was very evident and there is some potential for stalk rot this fall. We saw some green snap here too. We found a yield of 201 in this nice field of corn.Miami Co. cornMiami Co. cornMiami County soybean summary: The soybean canopy was 37 inches and six inches to the first node. Disease pressure was light and there was a little Japanese beetle feeding. They were planted April 18 with a population of 165,000. They look good for 2.8 beans with good to excellent yield potential.Miami Co. beansMiami Co. beansShelby County corn summary: There was a population of 34,000 with some green snap problems, maybe 5% to 8% damage. Other than that, the corn was healthy and green with no N deficiency. No diseases or insects and ear fill was excellent. We found a yield of 200 bushels, but considering the green snap, a yield of 185 is probably more accurate.Shelby Co. cornShelby Co. cornShelby County soybean summary: It is very impressive when you look at the field. They are tall and green but they aren’t going to yield. They are 42 inches tall but the first pod above the ground is 9 inches. There are Japanese beetles actively feeding and there are not good clusters of pods and nodes are far apart. Yield potential is just fair in this field that looks really good from the road.Shelby Co. beanslast_img read more

MSC Bank loan scam: police file FIR against directors

first_imgThe Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of the Mumbai police on Monday registered a first information report (FIR) against directors of the Maharashtra State Cooperative Bank for allegedly disbursing fraudulent loans leading to losses to the tune of crores of rupees. While no one has been named in the FIR yet, the bank’s directors, at the time of the alleged offence, include senior Nationalist Congress Party leaders like Ajit Pawar, Vijaysinh Mohite Patil and Anand Adsul.Joint Commissioner of Police (EOW) Rajvardhan Sinha confirmed that the FIR was registered on Monday. The Bombay High Court (HC), which is hearing a public interest litigation (PIL) regarding the case, had last week directed the EOW to register an FIR in the matter within five days. “We have only mentioned directors of the bank as the accused in the FIR for now, and further action will be based on investigations,” Mr. Sinha said. The FIR has been registered under the relevant sections for cheating and forgery under the Indian Penal Code.The HC issued the directive on a PIL filed by activist Surinder Mohan Arora, who alleged lack of police action on his complaint regarding the fraud.The PIL was filed on the basis of a National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development inspection report in 2011, which indicated widespread malpractices while granting loans amounting to crores of rupees by the bank to various cooperative sugar factories. The report indicates that the losses caused to the MSC Bank were to the tune of ₹2,061 crore.The HC Bench had last week observed that the report indicates bank records were forged and profits were fraudulently declared, and that non performing asset accounts were kept hidden while sanctioning illegal loans.last_img read more

Stars Come Out For Oxfams Rumble In The Jumble

first_imgCelebrity ladies including Gemma Cairney, Caroline Flack, Laura Whitmore, Gizzi Erskine, Cherry Healey, Grace Woodward, Jessie Cave and Georgie Okell joined crowds of bargain hunting shoppers at Rumble in the Jumble 2 for Oxfam in London’s Bethnal Green.The celebrity jumble sale, organised by The Music Circle and Gemma Cairney was part of Oxfam’s Get Together for International Women’s Day (8th March) and raised money for the charity’s work with women in the Democratic Republic of Congo.Celebrity donations up for grabs included items from Bat for Lashes, Daisy Lowe, Edith Bowman, Annie Mac, Tinie Tempah, Fearne Cotton, Gemma Cairney, Jessie Ware, Lauren Laverne, Charlotte Church, Alison Mosshart, Jack Whitehall, Lucy Rose, Dermot O’Leary, Toddla T, Stooshe, The Vaccines, Zane Lowe, Paloma Faith and many more.The Music Circle and pals blagged choice jumble from the music world, which was on offer alongside choice accessories and bric-a-brac. An impressive record stall boasted stock from from DJs and bands’ personal collections, including The Chemical Brothers, Underworld, Erol Alkan, Friendly Fires, Andrew Weatherall and Mary Anne Hobbs.Gemma Cairney said: “I’m simply illuminated by the spirit, the generosity and most of all the damn hard graft of so many brilliant friends – and friends of their friends. That’s what an Oxfam Get Together is about – coming together, having a blast and making a difference. On a serious note, the complexities of the problems faced by women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo runs deeper than imaginable. Every single joyful bargain bought will contribute towards support for them. This was more than jumble sale, we felt the rumble.”Rumble in the Jumble 2 also featured a pop-up retro hair salon from Lipstick & Curls, food from Gizzi Erskine, tea and cakes from Drink, Shop & Do, Joe’s Tea Company and ping-pong action from Pongathon. The event follows the success of last year’s Rumble in the Jumble Get Together for Oxfam, organised by Gemma Cairney and Dawn Porter.To get involved in The Oxfam Get Together for International Women’s Day visit www.oxfam.org.uk/gettogether. For more information on The Music Circle visit www.justgiving.com/themusiccircle.Source:Oxfam.org.uklast_img read more

Serena Williams And Muhammad Ali To Be Honored With Jesse Owens Awards

first_imgThe International Athletic Association (IAA) has announced that iconic tennis star Serena Williams and legendary boxer Muhammad Ali are the recipients of the esteemed 2017 Jesse Owens Awards.The prestigious awards recognize sports legends who exemplify the ideals embodied by Olympian and humanitarian Jesse Owens: integrity, perseverance and service.This year’s historic ceremony falls on the 81st anniversary of Jesse Owens’ incomparable triumph at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, where he won four gold medals and defeated Hitler’s superiority ambitions. Herb Douglas Jr., bronze medalist in the 1948 London Olympics and protégé of Jesse Owens, co-founded the Award program with Owens’ widow Ruth and their three daughters in 1981. They saw a need to honor Owens and created this annual, charitable celebration where the biggest sports icons of yesterday and today gather to continue his legacy.“Jesse Owens used the global stage of the Olympics and his status as a world-class athlete to make a considerable difference in the world,” said Herbert P. Douglas, Jr., Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus of the International Athletic Association Board of Directors and oldest living African American Olympian. “We are thrilled to be recognizing Serena Williams who is one of the greatest athletes of our time and the quintessence of uncompromising sportsmanship.”Jesse Owens Athlete Trophy:Williams, regarded by many as the best player to grace the tennis court, will be honored with the Jesse Owens International Athlete Trophy. The award is presented annually to the world’s best athlete as voted by a group of electors consisting of sports writers and experts across the world. Serena joins the ranks of past Owens trophy winners Carl Lewis, Greg Louganis, Sebastian Coe, Haile Gebrselassie, Edwin Moses, Vitali Scherbo, and Eric Heiden, among others.Jesse Owens Global Peace Award:Muhammad Ali, considered one of the most significant global sports figures of the 20th century, will posthumously receive the Jesse Owens Global Award for Peace. The three-time heavyweight boxing champion’s achievements in the ring were arguably exceeded by the symbol of peace and justice he came to represent outside of it. Over time, he became a revered international hero. In 1984, Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and he passed away in June of 2016. His family will accept the Award in his honor.The gala, a touchstone annual event celebrating the intersection of athletic achievement and ethical sportsmanship, will take place on Thursday, April 27, 2016 at Jazz at Lincoln Center. All proceeds go to the Jesse Owens Scholarship Fund at Ohio State and the Herb Douglas Jr. Scholarship at the University of Pittsburgh.For more information, please visit JesseOwensGala.com.last_img read more

Law enforcements denial of arrests a serious inhuman act BNP

first_imgBNP senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi. Prothom Alo File PhotoThe Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) on Friday said the denial of facts by law enforcement after picking up many opposition leaders and activists is a serious inhuman act, reports news agency UNB.In a statement, party senior joint secretary Ruhul Kabir Rizvi also alleged that law enforcers have become desperate to eliminate opposition parties with state patronage.The statement was issued as Jatiyatabadi Swechchasebak Dal’s Sirajganj district town unit convener Sanwar Hossain Sanu remained missing since he was “picked up” by law enforcers.Rizvi expressed deep concern as he said law enforcers are not admitting the arrest of Sanu.“The Awami League government has made the denial a culture.”He said the government has started indulging in enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings, arresting opposition leaders and activists in false cases and other cruel acts out of its unknown fear of losing power.“Family members and the BNP leaders and activists are deeply worried over the incident of Sanu’s missing,” Rizvi said.The BNP leader demanded the law enforcers ensure the safe and immediate return of the Swechchasebak Dal leader to his family.last_img read more

My stories belong as much to my readers as they belong to

first_imgUp above the hills, where a forest of nodding flowers and an endless valley of Himalayan mountains paint the sky, lives one of India’s most-loved writers – Ruskin Bond. He’s lived in this humble Ivy Cottage since 1981 and has penned numerous tales to traverse a 68-year-long journey exclusively spent in writing. And even as he turns 84, he shows no signs of slowing down. “In fact, I think I am writing more now,” he revealed in an interview at his residence ahead of his 84th birthday. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfBond’s vivid tales from the Ivy Cottage, and his descriptions of the view from the window at the foot of his bed, can often be deceiving for what one imagines to be some sort of a mansion of a celebrated writer is actually a humble first-floor flat of “an ordinary man”.”I’ve never cared for riches; what will I do with them?” he asks. And yet, when Rusty, as his readers lovingly call him, looks back at his writerly life, memories of several consecutive years when his love for writing plunged him into financial depths come flashing by. There were very few resources and opportunities for writers when he set out with his literary career. Multinational publishers were yet to find a footing in India and so, as his longtime friend and publisher David Davidar puts it, “our would be man of letters set sail for England”. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveIn England, he found a home for “The Room on the Roof,” his very first novel that won him the prestigious John Llewellyn Rhys Prize in 1957 at the mere age of 23. But contrary to the prevailing notion, Bond contended, that his time in England was not very fruitful.” ‘The Room on the Roof’ was what I carried with myself from India. I wrote very less there; or even in Delhi, there was no writing at all,” he said. And thus from the royalty advance that he was paid for his first novel, he sailed back to India. Stopping by in Karachi, he went looking for the names and contacts of editors whom he could “bombard” with his stories and articles. The then young man wanted to make a living by freelancing his writings. The Illustrated Weekly of India and The Statesman were the main sources of income for Bond during the 1950s to the 1970s and even the 1980s, paying about Rs 35-Rs 50 per write-up. He constantly churned out stories and articles because they were his “bread and butter”. And when things went really bad, he even did some odd jobs. Things changed for the struggling writer when publishing houses began to find a footing in India.While the search for authentic stories from India was just beginning, here was Bond, with his tonnes and tonnes of stories and articles, ready to be compiled in anthologies and collections. The freelancer soon became an adored figure – loved and revered by generations of readers.”Of course I want the royalty checks, but my desires are very simple. I did not have a very happy childhood so I want to ensure that my grandchildren have a secured life, so should Rakesh and Bina (his adopted family),” he noted.A child at heart, Bond leads the visiting correspondent to the legendary window and says that “nobody, nobody has this view”. At night, “the sky is tremendous with stars”, the sparrows come at noon “to squabble on the windowsill” and clouds are “passers-by” during the day. “Here I sit,” he says, pointing to a small bed, tucked in the far end corner of the room, “and write”.There are occasional visitors, trekking all the way from Mussoorie to see his house. “Yesterday, someone was clicking pictures of my staircase and I thought this is the worst staircase in all of Mussoorie, why would someone want its pictures? Then he saw me looking out of the window and the camera immediately turned towards me, I quietly disappeared,” he laughed. A chronicler of his life, almost everything that Bond has written comes from his own experiences. He maintained that he is writing more than ever before because, apart from his memory growing stronger with age, he has a much broader and larger range of people and experiences to write about. In his latest book “Stumbling Through Life” (Rupa), releasing on his birthday, he weaves together a selection of his essays and writings to bring to the reader the rich tapestry of his life. “If some day I am to be remembered at all, it should be for the stories and tales I have written. I am a very simple man, always believed in the beauty of small things, I am grateful to the readers for loving me so much. My stories belong to them as much as they belong to me,” he says, his voice soft and emotional.last_img read more

RBU teachers withdraw resignations after assurance from Partha

first_imgKolkata: The intervention and assurance of state Education minister Partha Chatterjee resulted in the withdrawal of resignation by heads of four departments at Rabindra Bharati University (RBU), who had resigned on Monday alleging lackadaisical attitude on the part of the varsity in probing the allegations of gender and caste discrimination by a geography teacher.”I have spoken to the Vice-Chancellor, who has already constituted a committee to probe the allegations. I have asked him to speed up the probe and bring the results of the same in public,” Chatterjee said. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataAccording to sources, Chatterjee went to the varsity campus at BT Road on Tuesday afternoon, after being instructed by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in the wake of resignation of four departmental heads, namely those of Sanskrit, Political Science, Economics and Education. Chatterjee also spoke to the resigning teachers and urged them to return to work so that academic activities in the varsity are not jeopardised. It may be mentioned that the problem had originated with professor of Geography Saraswati Kerketa resigning, alleging objectionable remarks on part of some members of the student’s union in the varsity regarding her caste. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateThe teacher, who suffers from a bone degenerative disease, had fallen ill after the alleged harassment. A committee was constituted for probing the allegations that were made at the end of last month. But the report regarding the same has not been made public yet. Chatterjee has appealed to the students to seek apology from the teachers who had been ashamed due to their conduct. “It is your duty to respect teachers and maintain a good relation with them,” he added. The Education minister also tried to contact the geography professor but found her phone switched off. Chatterjee also made it clear that if somebody from the Trinamool Congress student’s union is found involved in the incident, strong action will be taken against him/her.last_img read more