Aihen Muñoz: “I learn a lot from a great player like Monreal”

first_imgAihen Muñoz was called to be the owner of the left wing of the Royal Society in defence. Until the arrival of Nacho Monreal, which increased the competition in the position and relegated him to the bench until the arrival of the Cup. Now he opens the door of ownership again in league with the injury of Monreal. Aihen Muñoz, on his loss of ownership – Is this season still just as exciting for Aihen despite the fact that Monreal’s arrival has taken minutes away?Yeah right. For me being in the first team of the Real is a dream. Football has these ups and downs and now it turns around and I ended up playing.-Do you also learn when you don’t play in Primera?Yes Yes. In all situations you learn. In the day everything is an apprenticeship, especially for a young boy like me.– Do you consider that Monreal’s arrival hurt him?No, I don’t think so. I’m learning a lot. I had not experienced this situation of being on the bench and I am getting many positive things, and I learn a lot from a great player like Monreal, who advises me and helps me a lot.– It has given him many laps to the head since he lost the title in day 3 by the arrival of Monreal?Sure, because you always want to play. There are moments of downturn. But what you have to do is train well day by day.-And what was he taking refuge in?In training and giving everything in training, and stay with the clear awareness that I do my job well.-What were the most complicated moments?I could not tell you what they were exactly, but when you see that you do not play they give you dips, but you recover on a daily basis and you remain calm because you always give it your all and train well. -And if I give you a choice: win the Cup or enter the Champions League?The Cup, no doubt. We have not won a title for a long time and that would be amazing. It would be something precious.-Next rival, Betis …It has a very high level and high quality players, but we also have them. It will be nice to see and we will go out for all. It is clear that we will create dangerous situations, but we must be prepared to defend, that they also attack very well.– Does losing at home against Villarreal make them travel to Seville with more need?We are calm, because we are going game by game, and although it is difficult to win at Betis’ house, we will go out to make our brave game, taking advantage of the good dynamics away from home, to continue at the top. Aihen Muñoz, between winning the Cup and entering the Champions League – Happy to play again in the Cup?A lot, yes. I wanted to go back to eleven and it went well in Ceuta. I felt good, the team also went out for everyone, and in the end I was comfortable. We did the job well and became calm at home. And let’s see if we continue against Espanyol the same in Copa.– The fact that Monreal continues touched and the option is opened makes him take the week with more illusion?Yes that excites after not playing so long. Then Imanol will decide, but I’m looking forward to it.center_img -How is the relationship with Monreal?We get along really good. We are Navarrese and they are football things. It helps me a lot at all times and I take all his advice.– Do you feel that it is a good opportunity to have continuity again in the first team?I really want to play and you never know. I am prepared to play and then what has to come, it will be seen. Last year I lived on the bright side, and this year I have the other side, but I am calm, because I am a young boy who has yet to learn a lot.– At some moment it was considered to leave the Real one in the winter market?Nerd. I am very happy here, it is where I have always wanted to be, in my house. I’m very happy.– Is it compatible to do something big in the league and the Cup?Is that if we want to be with the best, we have to get used to compete two games per week, and I feel that we are more than physically prepared to do so. We are in both butt competitions and we go for both. – Did Imanol tell you something when Monreal arrived knowing that you were going to have fewer opportunities?No, it’s going. This is professional football and the coach decides who has to play, and has now decided that it is Nacho who plays. But this can change and you can choose me to play from now on. And I always work with that illusion.-You are always smiling, don’t you even lose it after all this time without ever playing?Impossible. Because this is a dream for me. If you tell me this a year and a half ago I don’t believe it. But it is clear that I want to play.– How a year ago in his debut at the Bernabéu has changed?I’m not the Sanse kid anymore. In that above all. In the desire not, I continue with them. “The Cup, without a doubt. We have not won a title for a long time.” “When you see that you don’t play they give you dips, but you recover on a day-to-day basis”last_img read more

Haven’t Landed a New Job Yet? Try This.

first_imgSearching for a job is intense — especially when you’ve been doing it for a solid six months. It’s easy to give up and drown your sorrows in Netflix episodes of Modern Family and a pint of Haagen-Dazs.And when you’re not glued to Netflix, you’re glued to your other mobile devices — anxiously awaiting any good news from hiring managers.In a 2014 Glassdoor survey, 59 percent of job seekers believed they had a better chance of being considered for a job if they applied as soon as the job was posted online.But is it really helpful to be glued to your mobile device all day? No. Because there are plenty of other activities that are considered work than just applying for jobs all day. If you let your resume and skills ferment long enough, they won’t be as valuable anymore.Here are four ways job seekers can stay present in the workforce and in life — even if they haven’t landed a job just yet:1. Get certified. Take a class in something that may be of interest to hiring managers, could set you apart and make employers take notice of your resume. Maybe you could accomplish your goal with more education or training, but you’re not in a position to go back to school at this point. The answer just might be earning a certification in your current field or a new one.The job market is extremely competitive. Instead of explaining the six-month gap in your work history, it’s easier to explain you were expanding your education and taking classes during that time that contribute to the position for which you are applying. Attaining a certificate permits you to build skills and knowledge that can help you do your work better — and most hiring managers know that.2. Blog it out. Stay two steps ahead of hiring managers by creating your own personal brand. Most often, they conduct online searches on job candidates before deciding whether to offer them interviews. Chances are, hiring managers will search your name on the web and look for evidence of involvement in business networks and community projects.Create a personal blog and write about topics that matter to employers. A personal blog is something done on your own time and shows your work ethic and willingness to go above and beyond. You could even include the link to your blog when applying for jobs.They want to find examples of success at work or internships, college or volunteer positions. Keep in mind any material on your blog should be professionally written and error free. Consider what special projects you have worked on in the past, and create a special tab for your portfolio.3. Use your body instead of your brain. Sometimes, clearing your head is the best way to get back on track during your job search journey.Instead of scouring job boards 24/7, try doing something you consider stress-relieving. It’s important to take care of your body as well as your mind and find inspiration in other ways.Find a nearby trail and go for a run to get some fresh air, or grab some friends and sign up for a fun group exercise class. These examples may seem very basic but are simple stress.4. Take a roadtrip.Visit a few places in your state where you’ve never been before and find your inspiration in other ways. It’s important to step back from your routine for a day and have some fun.Spend a day or two driving to a city and explore. What businesses are there? What do people do? Is there a museum? Give yourself a chance to learn something new. You never know where life will take you or who you will meet unexpectedly.How are you working during your job search?last_img read more

Qatar Airways this week announced that it will add

first_imgQatar Airways this week announced that it will add four additional weekly flights to Sohar, its newest destination in the Sultanate of Oman, from 1 October. The additional frequency was added in response to increased passenger demand, and will take the number of weekly flights between Doha and the Sultanate of Oman from 52 to 56.The award-winning airline launched flights to Sohar, its third and most recent destination in the Sultanate of Oman, last month. As a vibrant coastal city known both for its traditional Omani culture and beautiful beaches, Sohar offers a wide range of activities for tourists, including diving, snorkelling and kite boarding, as well as many traditional markets featuring Omani handicrafts.Qatar Airways group chief executive, His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, said: “We are delighted to see robust demand on our Doha–Sohar route, especially given that we launched the service only last month.The increased frequency will allow both business and leisure travellers from Sohar even more flexibility to take advantage of smooth connections to India and Southeast Asia via our hub at Hamad International Airport.”The additional flights to Sohar will be serviced by an Airbus A320, featuring 12 seats in First Class and 132 seats in Economy Class, with a spacious environment throughout the entire aircraft.Qatar Airways first began service to the Sultanate of Oman by launching flights to the capital, Muscat in 2000. In 2013, Salalah was added to the airline’s growing network as the second destination in the Sultanate of Oman. The award-winning airline currently operates five daily flights between Doha and Muscat, and two daily return flights on the Doha-Salalah route.Qatar Airways has a host of exciting new destinations planned for the remainder of this year and 2018, including Canberra, Australia; Chiang Mai, Thailand and San Francisco, US, to name just a few.last_img read more