VINOcom as well as wine: The older it is, the better

first_imgThe International Wine and Culinary Festival VINOcom was held for the 13th time at the end of November and, as the organizer Professor Ivan Dropuljić proudly points out, gathered more than 300 exhibitors on 3.000 square meters in Zagreb’s Hotel Esplanade. In addition to winemakers, numerous family farms and producers of oils, meat delicacies and sweets also presented their products.In addition to tasting numerous wines and delicacies, the festival is a unique opportunity to exchange experiences among winemakers, both on techniques of growing and processing grapes in increasingly modern cellars, and on the adopted Draft Law on Wine and its impact on producers in the wine and viticulture sector. “The main goal of the event from the first day is to raise awareness about wine as an important part of the table culture, and judging by the growing number of exhibitors and visitors, especially younger ones – we have succeeded. said a well-known mathematics professor we know by the nickname Dropi. In addition to winemakers and visitors, they were able to participate in numerous, specialized workshops and get acquainted with lesser-known wines presented by winemakers from Russia, this year’s partner country. At the workshop with the intriguing title Let’s learn why Decanter published the title – Thank God for Croatian wines, those present enjoyed the vertical of Graševin Ivan Enjingi, a winemaker who almost has the status of a rock star. Through almost three decades of production of top wines (9 years, from 1990 to 2018), the participants were guided by the journalist and wine connoisseur Ivo Kozarčanin – Bach’s son and reminded us of an article published in 2008. Then, at a competition in London, Enjingi’s Venje in 1998 won a gold medal among wines priced below £ 10, and Decanter magazine paid tribute to a winemaker who has the patience to let the wine in the cellar do its thing and wait for the right moment to launch.Photo: Wine IllegalIn addition to the standard wine workshops, the 3 × 12 workshop, a large trinity of olives, wines and gastronomic icons led by Rene Bakalović and Zoran Šimunić, also attracted attention, and the basic guiding thread was top-quality (domestic) olive oils. In addition to the search for the perfect wine that matches the oil and the individual dish, gastronomic experts first carefully selected the appropriate food – a gastronomic icon such as white or black truffle or island honey prepared according to a specially designed recipe. In the end, the sommelier completes the story by choosing a wine whose grapes, terroir, winemaker and year perfectly match the selected oil and food. This exciting, stimulating and very demanding gourmet menu concept according to this year’s best young oils from olive groves from Istria to Dalmatia is offered to guests by the Gastronomad Club and the Apetit restaurant in Zagreb. Chef Marin Rendić and a team of experts have enriched the domestic tourist offer in the best way by presenting award-winning olive oils and wines, local ingredients and original recipes.It is the end of the year and of course it is time to recapitulate what has been done, so wine awards have been given. The day before Vinocom, for the 7th time, the White Cluster awards were given to wineries that successfully develop wine tourism and to individuals whose activities contribute to the development and promotion of wine culture not only in Croatia, but also in the region. The award was established in 2012 by the table culture association GET with the aim of promoting eno-gastronomy and eno-gastro tourism, and about 500 eno-gastro connoisseurs and another 1.200 people participate in the evaluation through an open survey. The best in Croatia in wine tourism this year is the Istrian winery Stancija Meneghetti, followed by the best winery Bregovita Hrvatske Vuglec breg and Orebic Korta Katarina. In addition to winemakers, awards called Wine Stars were given to the best wines that can be purchased in Croatian wine shops and stores. The award was founded in 2012 and represents the largest independent evaluation of wine in which, along with three permanent juries (Vito Andrić, Ivo Kozarčanin, Marija Vukelić), 20 evaluators participate, and this year, among 153 tasted wines, those recommended to wine lovers were singled out. The big gold medal went to 11 wines, 9 of which were domestic, and the Crystal Star for the best wine from the autochthonous Croatian variety was won by Dingač 2016 from the Pelješac family farm owned by Vedran Kiridžija.last_img read more

Inside Conditions…‘I am a rock I am an island’

first_imgBulletin, now hear this: Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor injures thumb against Redskins during the first preseason game of 2011 on just the second play. Injuries are par for the course when you compete in what is arguably (well it used to be anyway) one of the most, if not the most, violent and dangerous game in the universe.I am convinced that there will be a lot more injuries to defensive players, especially in the backfields because players that “lead with their heads” when bringing down a ball carrier or receiver will now be grabbing at instead of hitting players. Oh by the way, most of the media seemed to be more interested in whether Taylor could be fitted with a special apparatus or cast to allow him to continue to perform as opposed to the extent of his injury. That is “toemain” insane because Ike was scheduled to undergo surgery yesterday.I am not going to go as far as Steelers linebacker James Harrison in describing NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell as a “crook” and a “puppet” but I will go on record as saying that the “commish” might be ill-advised on the issues of safety and continuity of a “credible product” in regards to “fair” and “undiluted” competition. See, when you tamper with, water down or augment one segment of any game the entire concept becomes infected with a false and dishonest “vibe” in regards to the integrity of that particular sport.Let’s jump ship for a moment. It has been alleged for decades that MLB baseballs have been juiced in order to spice up the offense. Teams all seem to mirror the concept of pitching, pitching, and pitching. However, the league itself promotes, hitting, hitting and more hitting because generally, fans are not interested in a 12 inning pitching duel.In Jan. 2007, the AP published an article about the “alleged” juicing of baseballs. The story stated that; “A company that uses computer imaging claims baseballs had a larger rubberized core and a synthetic rubber ring in 1998, including the ball Mark McGwire hit for his 70th homer.” Universal Medical Systems Inc. said that with the assistance of Dr. Avrami S. Grader and Dr. Philip M. Halleck from The Center for Quantitative Imaging at Penn State, it took images of 1,998 baseballs.“Examining the CT images of Mark McGwire’s 70th home run ball one can clearly see the synthetic ring around the core—or ‘pill’—of the baseball,” UMS president David Zavagno said. “While McGwire may or may not have used illegal steroids, the evidence shows his ball—under the governing body of the league—was juiced.”Now folks, let’s kick it for real. It has been “propagandized” for years and years and years by many a baseball, football and basketball “guru” that “offense wins games but defense wins championships.” Well in the real world defense may win championships but offense wins “pocket books.” The three point shot in basketball is another example of “amping” up the offense because when defenders zip out beyond the “key” to match up against a player who has long ball shooting skills, the percentage of another player being open “in the paint” increases significantly.All of the powers that be in sports shall be accountable for the demise of their “games if they allow the bottom line to totally disregard and disrespect the premise on which that particular sport is founded and maintained.When the world of sports compromises it values it extends a negative hand to those it is expected to positively influence. The message is one that says; “it is okay to compromise your values as long as you get paid. The owners and players as was evidenced by the “lock out” all seem to have gotten their undergraduate degrees from “ME” University with a discipline in selfishness. Please, do not allow your children to follow their lead.(Aubrey Bruce can be reached at abruce@new­pitts­ or 412-583-6741. Bruce is also the AFC North and NFL analyst on “The Odd Couple” sports show every Wednesday from 11-11:30 a.m. on Fox Sports Radio 1230 WCWA-AM, Toledo, Ohio. Listen live at: As my main man Foghorn J. Leghorn might say, “boy, I say, boy what was wrong with the Steelers against the Washington Redskins last Friday? Even though, I say, even though the contest was meaningless, let’s see, I say, let’s see how the secondary, uh how the secondary, the media and uh, like uh, the Steelers nation deals with this unfortunate, I say, unfortunate injurious ‘sithumuation’ in reference, I say, in reference to the ‘indisposition’ of ‘General’ Ike.”last_img read more