Minister Announces Permanent Walkthrough Metal Detector

first_imgThe province is taking additional steps to protect the safety and security of staff and users of the Dartmouth Provincial Court, Justice Minister Ross Landry announced today, Aug. 25. A permanent walkthrough metal detector will be installed and at least two additional deputy sheriffs will be hired and trained to operate the device. “The increased volume of work at this courthouse means having a metal detector on a permanent basis is now appropriate,” said Mr. Landry. “Operating the permanent metal detector will control access and increase the level of security at one of our busiest provincial courts.” Provincial Courts in Halifax and Dartmouth are the two busiest in the province. In fact, the volume of hearings has doubled in Halifax and Dartmouth since 2005. Deputy sheriffs at all provincial courts perform a daily threat risk assessments and provide security tailored for that day. Recently, the threat risk assessments at the Dartmouth court have shown portable metal detectors need to be used more frequently. In addition to hiring two deputy sheriffs, other staff will also be hired, and scheduled as required, to accommodate the fluctuating demand of court operations. The department is offering deputy sheriffs who recently had their guaranteed hours reduced, first opportunity to fill the positions. “We continue to support our sheriffs and deputy sheriffs with the additional training and equipment they need to do their job,” said Mr. Landry. “Government has demonstrated it will make all necessary changes to policies and procedures to ensure that we promote safe environments throughout Nova Scotia’s justice system.”last_img read more