Joanne Chan, IPPWORLD: The most important thing for Chinese tourists is the authentic experience. They want to see how local people live, work and have fun

first_imgConsider that the Chinese can procure absolutely everything that is produced in their country. That is why, for example, the feeling they have from the message “I bought sandals in a shop in Zagreb” is less attractive than “I visited a small shop in Split and bought handmade sandals made of local wood”. Yes, Chinese tourists have taken the lead on the global scene and since 2012 they have become the country from which most tourists come. And interestingly, only 10% of the Chinese population has a passport? So, what is quite clear, we can expect global dominance and a struggle for Chinese tourists. What are the first steps for tourist destinations that want to attract Chinese tourists through advertising, how should they proceed? What marketing programs should be implemented to attract as many Chinese tourists as possible? REPORT / Marketing towards the Chinese outbound tourism market – Inside view / Marketing To Chinga Outbound Travelers – An Insider’s Perspective ” He comes from Shanghai as the main lecturer Joanne Chan of IPPWORLDwhich will give a lecture Profile of the Chinese market – an inside look at these key strategies for selling in the Chinese market and give concrete first-hand advice on the Chinese market. Before the conference, we bring you an interview with Joanne Chan from IPPWORLD. For the Chinese, online payment is their daily activity, so accept Chinese credit cards and mobile digital wallets. In many surveys, as many as 93 percent of respondents said they wanted to use their cell phone to pay for services. It is therefore wise to include online transactions of Chinese payment channels such as Union Pay, Alipay or WeChat Pay. For Chinese tourists, the most important thing is the authentic experience. They want to see how local people live, how they work or how they have fun. Organize visits to farms, plantations, vineyards, etc. Create a series of tourist packages for day and night trips, educational tours, etc. Croatia is known for having over a thousand islands. Use this potential and organize excursions with accompanying facilities. Joanne Chan, IPPWORLD “My initial answer is definitely yes.In order to understand the travel consciousness of the continental Chinese, we need to look at their past, even from the dynasty era.At that time, emperors would pay homage to gods and goddesses who were believed to live in distant lands. Each emperor would be accompanied by a large retinue consisting of his followers, the army, scientists, philosophers, servants, etc. While ordinary people traveled to distant lands to make pilgrimages and visit tombs, temples and shrines. In later years, the Chinese government built monuments and historical sites to commemorate Communist Party leaders. People were encouraged to visit these places as a sign of patriotism and respect. During Chinese cultural festivals, masses of people visited their relatives and close friends. It was quickly dubbed “Red Tourism” because it resembled the exodus of millions across the country. The government saw this form of domestic tourism as an opportunity to liberalize domestic consumption and raise living standards. As the wealth of the local population and economy began to grow, the government continued to encourage local businesses to invest in infrastructure, transport, shopping, entertainment, etc. began to give in to the issuance of passports and visas, which are still strictly regulated today due to the communist regime. “I would say that consumer behavior in China is changing much faster than in other countries. For the Chinese, going on vacation means relaxing with family and close friends. As many as 70 percent of them travel because they want to experience the destination to the fullest. But due to limited time, they can only walk around and take photos and videos. For example, a typical European tour lasts between 10 to 14 days. They stay for two or three nights at each location and then move on to the next. Travel advisers have recognized that Chinese tourists have more purchasing power than most others. In recent research, it has been observed that prices are no longer their primary motivator but usability, practicality and taste. On average, each person spends between $ 5.000 and $ 6.000 to travel. Also, there was an increase in passengers of the so-called “Y generation”, ie people in their twenties to mid-thirties. They have much more developed skills in digital communication and technology than their ancestors. It is estimated that there are more than 400 million such tourists. During their travels, they like to experience tourist adventures as well as local culture and cuisine. For them, safety is extremely important, given that they travel to a completely different cultural environment. With the advent of the internet and social networks, Chinese consumers have even more sources for reviews and opinions on virtually any type of product or service. We have been in this business since 1994 and with our local knowledge of China, many years of experience working with client hoteliers, we know what Chinese tourists want. We can help Croatian tourism companies in what ways to attract, connect and include the Chinese tourism market ” concludes Chan. On the other hand, it is a huge market, only one of the 31 regions in China has a population of more than one million, and so the province of Guangdong alone, according to Statistics from 2017, has over 111 million inhabitants. Just imagine how difficult it is to market the market of just one region in China, let alone the whole of China. Also, what is most important is the market and the profile of the guests, which is totally different, very specific, and completely different values ​​and way and culture of living. If a business cares about its international markets, it will need much more than a machine translation system or a student translator. It will need transcription, or creative translation, to make sure that the original content is effectively localized in the language you want to communicate. transcending linguistic and cultural boundaries. Build an emotional connection with your brand in the same way you would write something in your own language. And that’s exactly what we’re working on in IPPWORLD. We help clients localize and transform their brands and marketing content.Says Chan. Joanne Chan, IPPWORLD: The most important thing for Chinese tourists is the authentic experience. They want to see how local people live, work and have fun SIGN UP HERE Nowadays, artificial intelligence is making great strides in many areas. For example, to translate documents, people can turn to online translators such as Google or Microsoft. Given that you are a language service provider, how do you view these translation systems? In your opinion, could these systems replace human translation? How important is a Chinese translation when it comes to promotional materials and a website?  Therefore, it would be wise for hoteliers and other companies promoting travel-related services to link their websites, translated into Chinese, to Chinese social networks. The Chinese use their smartphones for practically everything. From buying airline tickets, booking a hotel, paying bills, taking a taxi, reading about a destination, checking the weather, etc. The strategy is to adapt as many services as possible to mobile devices. In order to effectively target the Chinese market, we can present our business on Chinese media platforms such as Baidu, WeChat, Mobile QQ, Momo, Wangxin, Youni, Toutiao, Meitu, etc. It is important to show the brand on all Chinese applications to Chinese consumers could review, discuss and evaluate. Unfortunately, all Western mobile apps or internet platforms used internationally are banned or censored in China. We have published an extensive list of things that should and should not be done in the article “Marketing To Chinga Outbound Travelers – An Insider’s Perspective”. These references take into account the typical norms and practices of the Chinese. Whether it is a customer in a local store or a hotel guest. I believe that adhering to these rules would greatly improve interaction with Chinese customers. ” Chan points out, adding that he believes that adhering to these basic rules would greatly improve interaction with Chinese customers. That is why it is extremely important to educate yourself and get to know the market as well as possible, because Chinese tourists are extremely prone to word-of-mouth marketing, ie oral presentation is the most important thing for them. In order to better understand the market, it is organized The first regional conference on the Chinese market – key solutions to access the largest market in the world, which will take place March 14, 2019 at the Academia Hotel in Zagreb. “To begin with, Croatian hoteliers or local companies must first internally study existing marketing materials and operations. Then take that information and localize it in Chinese. Remember that marketing saying, “If I can’t read, I won’t buy.” This means that all your marketing and nonfiction literature must be translated into Chinese. But all that content would have to be checked by a professional translator. Next, it should be borne in mind that the marketing strategy used on domestic or travelers of other nationalities does not necessarily mean that it will be equally effective or appropriate for the Chinese market.  Every tourist has their own unique preferences about what they want to see and do. How would you describe the average Chinese tourist? What should Croatian hoteliers and local institutions consider in order to meet their expectations? ATTACHMENT: This is the only such report produced and published since 2001 since China joined the WTO, which only adds to the importance of the same. Did you know that less than 10 percent of the Chinese population has a passport? Since 2012, Chinese passengers are the most in the world, and by 2015, the numbers had risen 105 percent, to 117 million trips. In 2016, the UNWTO announced that Chinese tourists had spent over $ 261 billion. To conclude, in my opinion, the number of Chinese tourists traveling abroad, as well as their total consumption in the next few years will remain high.”Chan points out.  The Chinese Institute for Tourism Research (COTRI) predicts that by 2030 that number will reach 400 million. Chinese tristas are in everyone’s focus and we constantly read through the media about the large number of Chinese tourists who come to Croatia and travel the world. Some still wonder if it’s a matter of trends or whims. Do you think Chinese outbound tourism will continue such phenomenal growth in, say, three or five years from today? The first regional conference on the Chinese market – key solutions on how to access the largest market in the world, which will be held March 14, 2019 at the Academia Hotel in Zagreb, is a great opportunity to learn everything first hand about the profile of the Chinese market. When registering, put #HrTurizam in the subject of the message and get a 10% discount. “Machine translation systems appeared more than 60 years ago. Many IT companies have invested a lot of time and resources in trying to create a system that can translate just as well as man. But these systems are not designed to decipher emotional expressions or analyze whether a sentence is funny or serious. Also, the system will not recognize different dialects. In other words, the translation will be imbued with unnatural sentence structures or meaningless phrases. I would rather say that these systems were created as an aid to professional translators. It will not replace or make translators redundant. Some words have multiple meanings, and the machine will not be able to understand their differences. Only people can detect if there are errors or inconsistencies in the original text. last_img read more

Nextbike bicycle rental system from now on in two municipalities of Virovitica-Podravina County

first_imgYou can check more about the Nextbike service, as well as a list of rental station locations HERE. Source / photo: Nextbike As for the preparation for the season, he added that “most Nextbike cities open in April, and the remaining stations will be in operation in May. More than 450 bicycles will be deployed throughout our beautiful country.” By setting up bicycle rental stations, it will contribute to the activation of the tourist potentials of Virovitica-Podravina County and will make them more accessible to the target group of users of this excellent service. After the official presentation of the project, a test ride on public bicycles followed. The most attractive thing for the guests was the ease of use via the free mobile application “nextbike” for easy bicycle rental. From today, the local population and all visitors can combine intercity public transport and public bicycles and thus travel faster and cheaper. Bicycles can be rented at two locations with terminals for registration, rental and return of classic and electric bicycles. center_img Asked whether new locations for bicycle rental stations are also planned in the near future and what are the plans for expanding the business, Ante Gustin, director of the Nextbike system, said that “we plan to open new cities such as Split and Dugopolje, while for some existing ones we plan to further expand the network.” Public bicycles are an increasingly popular form of transport in 19 Croatian cities and municipalities, including Pitomača and Špišić Bukovica as of today. They have been set up at cyclotouristic rest areas in the area of ​​the mentioned municipalities Nextbike stations for renting classic and electric bicycles. The Ministry of Tourism has approved co-financing of a project that enriches public transport and strengthens the destination offer. The public bicycle system significantly reduces emissions, noise, traffic jams and parking problems. The Nextbike system of public bicycles in Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina has about 50 registered users who have recognized it as the most affordable, fastest, healthiest and most fun transport.last_img read more

Continuation of cooperation between LH&V and Silver Air: Direct return flights from Zagreb, Venice and Lugano to Lošinj

first_imgGuests can travel to Lošinj by return flights from Zagreb three times a week, and from Venice and Lugano, Switzerland twice a week. Arriving on the island of Losinj from Zagreb takes less than an hour, more precisely only 50 minutes. He can board a plane in Zagreb on Friday morning and return from Lošinj on Sunday or Tuesday in the afternoon. It is a continuation of a great collaboration that started last year, and which proved to be a complete success. Airline flights have thus become the easiest way to get to the island of Losinj, domestic and foreign guests, but also contributed to better transport connections between the island of Losinj and the mainland, which will benefit all residents of the island of Losinj. Hotel Bellevue, Mali Losinj Better transport connections and easier communication of the island with the mainland is one of the strategic goals of the Lošinj-based Jadranka Group, which has been actively working in recent years to position Lošinj and the entire Cres-Lošinj archipelago on the tourist map of this Mediterranean. The planned reconstruction and expansion of Mali Lošinj Airport will also contribute to the realization of these goals, which in the future will enable easier access to the destination for all visitors, because then aircraft with a capacity of up to 180 passengers will be able to land on Lošinj.center_img “The continuation of organized flights to the island of Lošinj is a logical sequence of activities that we carry out with the aim of developing this unique island, its tourist offer and positioning as an unavoidable tourist destination. A kind of isolation of the island of Lošinj is also its advantage. The untouched nature and the atmosphere that Lošinj exudes offer a unique and complete vacation, and thanks to these flights, coming to Lošinj and enjoying its charms has never been easier and faster.”Said the member of the Management Board of the Jadranka Group, Goran Filipović. The Lošinj hotel brand Lošinj Hotels & Villas organizes direct return flights from Zagreb, Venice and Lugano to its guests from 15 June to 28 September in cooperation with the Czech airline Silver Air.last_img read more

An Active Plan for Active Tourism for the Split-Dalmatia County is being drafted

first_imgCover photo: dreamypixel by The action plan for active tourism for the area of ​​the Split-Dalmatia County is prepared by the Institute for Tourism for the client, the Tourist Board of the Split-Dalmatia County. ”All the trends show that this is a type of tourism that is growing rapidly everywhere in the world. Croatia is somewhat weaker when it comes to mountain tourism, so our focus is on mountain tourism and all related types of tourism. “, said prof. dr. sc. Zoran Klarić from the Institute of Tourism. According to Klarić, what should be done to begin with is certainly more well-kept hiking and mountaineering trails, more suitable for ordinary tourists and not just mountaineers, better marked and better promoted. “Organizing members into professional bodies of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and meetings like today’s, are a real example of how through the chamber framework of our company can jointly influence changes in future plans and regulations, so that they are as consistent with the needs of the profession and the situation on the ground.”, Said the coordinator for tourism of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce – Split County Chamber Nataša Bušić and added that the experiences that entrepreneurs exchanged at the meeting will be very important for the County Action Plan for the development of active tourism.  It was also emphasized that adventure tourism, whose development opportunities are great in different parts of the county, from the sea to the mountains, brings added value to tourism, and is especially important for rural areas, where it develops in parallel with rural tourism.  Prebeg cited the example of two ferratas, which have been launched in the last two years, and these are extreme hiking trails equipped with cables, chains, etc. that cause great interest and are the sole reason for the arrival of some tourists. The session of the Adventure Tourism Association Section was held on the topic of adventure tourism held at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce in Split. “It is good that the Action Plan is being drafted, meetings are being held and information is being exchanged, and we expect that it could be completed soon. The biggest specificity and advantage of the adventure tourism offer is that we can work all year round and extend the season. The goals of our Section are to have everything guests have to offer and to make the most of the benefits of this area of ​​ours. It is also important to us that our first associates, representatives of accommodation facilities, recognize the importance of this offer and find their interest in connecting”Said the president of the Section of the Adventure Tourism Association of ŽK Split, Iris Prebeg. Adventure tourism is a segment of tourism that has been growing rapidly everywhere in the world for the last ten years, and the Split-Dalmatia County has a natural and logical potential for its even greater development.  Great potential for adventure development and in general outdoor Imotski Krajina also has tourism, and the association of local communities in the joint Imotski Tourist Board enables them to make even better use of this potential. ”Last year we built 14 bike trails, almost 400 km across the country, and now we are working on the Geo Park together with the Biokovo Nature Park. The potential is huge and I think we will see a significant growth in adventure tourism in the coming years. ”said the president of the Imotski Tourist Board Luka Kolovrat. By the way, in the area of ​​the Imotski Tourist Board, 24% more arrivals were recorded last year compared to the hitherto record 2018 and 30% more overnight stays. At the session, it was agreed to present active forms of tourism in the Split-Dalmatia County at the upcoming regional Forum of family accommodation, which will be held on 6-7. February, organized by HGK ŽK Split, to be held as part of the Adriatic Gastro Show, so that the stakeholders in the family accommodation can get better acquainted with the additional offer for their guests. It is also planned to hold a panel discussion on the topic of active tourism at the GAST fair, as well as the continuation of the already traditional presentations of the activities of the Section of the Adventure Tourism Community in smaller places throughout the county. So far, work has been done on cycling, trails, and what is expected next are mountains, hiking, climbing and other activities. last_img read more

Croatia Airlines is introducing flights from Zagreb to Sofia and Podgorica

first_imgRegular international flights from Zagreb to Sofia are scheduled from May 1 to the end of October this year, three times a week – Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and will be performed by 8-seat Dash 400-Q76 aircraft. As of today, return airline tickets for flights between the Croatian capital and the capital of Bulgaria are available at promotional prices starting at 139 euros. During this year’s tourist season, Croatia Airlines aircraft will fly directly in regular traffic to 40 destinations in 26 countries. In this year’s summer flight schedule (starting on March 29, 2020), Croatia Airlines is introducing new international routes from Zagreb to Sofia and Podgorica.  Compared to last year’s tourist season, in which the company had a fleet of 14 aircraft (12 own and 2 leased CRJ 1000 aircraft), Croatia Airlines enters this season with one more aircraft. Photo: Croatia Airlines Two days later, on May 3, 2020, regular international flights on the route are introduced Zagreb – Podgorica, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. The flights will also be operated by Dash 8-Q400 aircraft, and passengers have at their disposal promotional return airfare prices of 119 euros.  Based on long-term lease (dry lease) the fleet will include a 319-seat Airbus 150 at the end of March, and an additional 8-seat Dash 400-Q76 at the end of April, which will support cases of unplanned traffic disruptions. In addition, short-term leases are planned for the period from April to October this year (wet lease) of one CRJ 1000 aircraft of the Spanish airline Air Nostrum. Thus, the company will have a fleet of 15 aircraft this year (two Airbus 320s, five Airbus 319s, seven Dash 8-Q400 aircraft and one CRJ1000 aircraft). last_img read more

Ana Hrnić: I want to develop tourism in Dubrovnik in the direction of sustainability

first_img“My work experience so far has been exclusively in the private sector, more specifically the last 15 years I have spent in Gulliver travel, where I gained experience working in different sectors. I have spent the last five years in the position of Director of the Specialist in charge of groups, tours, FIT and mini cruise. I certainly believe that my work experience so far will be extremely useful in performing my new function. ”, said Hrnić, who took over the duty of the director of the Tourist Board at the beginning of February. In the end, after seven years at the head of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, Romana Vlašić goes to the position of head of the Office for Congress Tourism and Development of Foreign Markets. “It is still early to talk about the real consequences and effects of the corona virus on tourism in Dubrovnik. The first more concrete effects will be visible after the Easter holidays. I believe that the impact will be felt in the period of March and April, but in the end I expect that the situation will calm down, and that the season will be successful in spite of everything. “, Hrnić is optimistic in the end. “I am recording the situation on the go. The goals for now are still better acquaintance with colleagues, and the work processes themselves. There are really a lot of medium and long-term goals, but I go step by step ”, Hrnić emphasized. “I want to develop tourism in Dubrovnik in the direction of sustainability, primarily in order to achieve a balance between the satisfaction of our fellow citizens and satisfied visitors. In this context, it is very important for me to be more actively involved in the Respect the City program, which is already showing positive effects on the sustainability of the destination. Also, my goal is to work further on the improvement of existing tourist products, and the development of new ones, especially those that would contribute to the dispersion of visitors to the wider area of ​​the city., announced Hrnić I, adding that Dubrovnik is a world-famous brand, but believes that additional work should be done on positioning the City as a destination for sustainable tourism, and top quality in all segments of the offer. Dubrovnik realized 4,3 million overnight stays last year and is again the city with the highest number of overnight stays in Croatia. Compared to 2018, it recorded 13,8% more arrivals and 5,8% more overnight stays. These are numbers that encourage, but also bring great responsibility, especially when we look to the future and think about the further development of the destination. As she says, in the past month, the pace has been really accelerated, and there is a lot of activity. We can read and watch about the impact of the corona virus on both world and Croatian tourism in all media every day, but according to director Hrnić, the effects of the virus are still not visible. At the end of January this year, the Tourist Board of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board unanimously elected Ana Hrnić as the new director, who already has extensive experience in the tourism sector, which will be good for her as the head of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board.last_img read more

Međimurje gives more! – excellent and so far the best domestic campaign

first_img“With all its potentials, contents and awards, Međimurje does not allow us to be average, but to continuously give more in service and quality. This positive project, in addition to our standard and quality service to guests, provides even more content for free, which will make us stand out from the rest of the competition and show that we are a very important factor in tourism in Croatia.”, Said the director of LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin Igor Nekić, one of the partners who joined the project with a special offer. Instead of the classic discounts, in Međimurje they decided on a different and in my opinion smarter approach – with the realized overnight stay or realized consumption, the guest gets added value through free content in the form of a bonus coupon. The campaign runs from June 15 to September 15, 2020. and was launched with the aim of achieving the best possible tourist traffic in the coming months, which has been greatly reduced. The main idea of ​​the campaign “Međimurje gives more!” Is to offer the market a free bonus based on the realized consumption instead of competing in lowering prices, thus stimulating potential guests to decide for a vacation in Međimurje. For every 250 kuna spent, you get a coupon for one of more than 100 free services “Come to Međimurje because Međimurje gives you more – more nature, more health, more songs, more delicious dishes and wines, more quality and more security! ” is the message of the campaign that invites everyone to Međimurje.     Also, in order to mitigate the negative consequences of the coronavirus, Međimurje County has announced a public call for grants to co-finance the work of travel agencies / tour operators. Commercial partners hand over the coupon upon the realization of the service, ie upon arrival at the accommodation facility, and with the catering services after the payment of the bill. With the obtained coupon, the guest can visit one of the public tourist facilities and sites once or use one of the tourist services donated by public or commercial partners in the project. He would emphasize the sentence once again: “but also to encourage the consumption of the local population ” as well as the “fair” price, ie the value for money, which is the most important factor, not the price itself. Finally, a campaign focused on the domestic guest and so far the only complete campaign that has a head and a tail. This is how a complete campaign is made, which is not defined by just one promotional video. But let’s go in order. From the first day, I emphasize that now is the opportunity for continental and rural tourism, but how it is necessary to stand out and position, and so far, unfortunately, no one has jumped out and taken a position in the market. “The goal is to achieve the largest possible number of arrivals and overnight stays of guests in Međimurje for the rest of the year, to extend the average length of stay of guests in Međimurje, to encourage higher consumption of guests who will choose Međimurje for their vacation facilities in Međimurje. ” Grula points out. Namely, the bonus is in the form of a coupon that each guest receives from an accommodation, catering or other tourist commercial service provider, provided that the guest has spent at least HRK 250 (once) in any of the commercial providers of catering and tourist services in Međimurje. The conditions and manner of using the coupon are published on a special website www.visitmeđ / where you can follow the course of the entire action, as well as on the promotional leaflet that will be distributed with the coupons. The project involves about 50 partners who offer more than 100 free experiences that include sports activities and yoga, tickets for visits to museums and collections, guided tourist tours, tastings of fine wines and delicious dishes, use e-bike, event tickets, and fun adrenaline adventures. Grants for travel agencies Bravo Međimurje. For the needs of the campaign, a prize game was created, a special web page – Međimurje gives you more, video and special visuals were made that follow the entire campaign, and the campaign is advertised through online and offline media. With these grants, the County of Međimurje wants to encourage the growth of tourist traffic and consumption in the area of ​​Međimurje, and for the implementation of the project, HRK 50 has been provided from the County budget. The support of the County amounts to HRK 000 per tourist overnight stay in the area of ​​Međimurje County, and the support will be paid based on the applications of the travel organizers until the end of 50 or until the planned funds are used. With the campaign “Međimurje gives more!”, Tourist entities in Međimurje County have clearly defined what they want to achieve, as pointed out by the President of the Tourist Board of Međimurje County Rudi Grula, and that is to convey to the markets the message that Međimurje is a safe, quality, interesting and meaningful holiday destination throughout the year, which offers a quality service for a “fair” price, and rewards guests with added value. The Tourist Board of Međimurje County, in cooperation with LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin and about 50 partners from the public and commercial sector, has launched a tourist campaign under the slogan “Međimurje gives more! “.last_img read more

The Dutch have launched a petition to return Croatia to the yellow list

first_imgThe Dutch government put Croatia on the orange list on Tuesday night. This decision immediately had a negative effect on our tourism, and the cancellation of reservations to renters, hotels and agencies began. That is why the Dutch themselves launched an action, ie a petition in which the goal is to collect 40.000 signatures in order to send a message to their government to give an argument for their decision with the aim of returning Croatia to the yellow list. The petition has so far been signed by 1.650 people, and we invite you to sign the petition yourself and share it through your social networks and channels. Sign the petition: Croatia back to the south Why Croatia came to that list and by what criteria, no one knows, not even the Dutch themselves. Obviously there are some other frameworks, because if you look at the epidemiological situation, then many other countries such as Austria, France, etc. should have been on the orange list. News that shocked all tourism workers, especially due to the fact that there are no other countries on the orange list that are in a worse epidemiological situation than us. It is a great story that the petition was initiated by the Dutch themselves, our previous guests and those who have already booked accommodation in Croatia, because they want to come on holiday to Croatia. last_img read more

Decree on the amount of the minimum wage for 2021 published

first_imgThe Decree on the amount of the minimum wage for 2021 has been published, which will enter into force on 01 January 2021. Side dish: Official Gazette: Decree on the amount of the minimum wage for 2021 Pursuant to Article 6 of the Minimum Wage Act, the Government of the Republic of Croatia, at its session held on 29 October 2020, adopted the Decree on the amount of the minimum wage for 2021. Photo: Kelly Sikkema, / Illustration: Thus, the amount of the minimum wage for the period from 1 January to 31 December 2021 is determined in the gross amount of 4.250,00 kuna, and the decision takes effect on January 01, 2021last_img read more

Use flood gates to control storm water

first_imgWithout any prior drawdown, all of it simply flowed over the Gilboa Dam and surged northward down the Schoharie Valley. The reservoir has a storage capacity of 20 bil-gal, sufficient for controlling the 1996 flood. Its influence on controlling larger floods remains to be studied.In August 2011, the flood input was perhaps 48 bil-gal. Again, the Gilboa Dam was overwhelmed, while the water level in the Schoharie Reservoir rose to a record height, about 1,137 feet above sea level.With the progress of changing climate and the prospect of even larger floods, it seems that flood gates become a necessity for assuring the survival of the Gilboa Dam.Apart from any flood-control advantage, flood gates can nullify the potential overpressure of a super flood by simply allowing excess storm water to pass through the dam without increasing the level of the Schoharie Reservoir.William AlbersGalwayMore from The Daily Gazette:Foss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesPolice: Schenectady woman tried to take car in Clifton Park hours after arrest, release in prior the…EDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the census Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionI found Richard Moody’s Nov. 6 letter correct with regard to the missed benefit of flood gates in the Gilboa Dam during the January 1996 flood.My evaluation of the same situation also assumed a prior drawdown of 12 billion gallons, roughly the average drawdown Moody suggested.Allowing a steady 20,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) discharge to exit through flood gates, I found that the remainder of the flood input to the Schoharie Reservoir merely refilled the void left by the drawdown and never topped the dam.I believe that with only a 24 billion-gallon (bil-gal) drawdown from the Schoharie Reservoir, the Schoharie Creek would have remained within its banks. Downstream communities like Middleburgh and the village of Schoharie would have escaped serious flooding. The total flood input to the Schoharie Reservoir in 1996 was 24 bil-gal.last_img read more