On 2012 a public commitment to conscientiously carry out activities in the opinion of Party organiza

Party organizations at all levels Juzhu: to give full play to public commitment in promoting Juzhu striving for an important role in the superior activity, around the municipal government requirements for fine service work, efforts to improve the administration of justice for the people’s consciousness of service, sincerely for the tangible things, good things, according to the Municipal City chuangxianzhengyou leading group "on the 2012 public commitment Activities Notice" (Ning a word 2012 No. 3) the spirit of the party organizations and Party Juzhu seriously carry out public commitment activities as follows:
the importance of grass-roots party organizations, public commitment to public commitment refers to the grass-roots party organizations around the departments and units in the work of the center, strengthen the party organization construction, promote the development of their own, the unit of the Department of the cause of serving the people, to lead the masses to complete production tasks and solve problems for the masses and so on, make a commitment to the community service, and do practical things the object, and earnestly implement the Party cadres and the masses. Members of the public commitment refers to the party with their actual positions and, in terms of duties, improve the style, serving the people, strengthen learning, improve quality, create first-class performance and commitment to the masses of Party organizations and Party members and cadres and seriously implement. Public commitment system is an innovative system developed in recent years in the grass-roots party construction work in recent years, is a concentrated educational activity inside the party experience, is full of cohesion and combat effectiveness of grassroots party organizations and Party members give full play to the exemplary role of the platform, is the effective carrier of chuangxianzhengyou activities to achieve tangible results, is the basis for good leadership award in recognition of the masses, comments, and other work. To carry out public commitment activities seriously in Juzhu Party organizations and members, for the full implementation of the central and provincial, municipal Party Committee on carrying out excel activities to implement the requirements, to promote grass-roots party organizations to perform their duties responsibly Juzhu a party member advanced, based on the post fight for full force in 2012 to do good; judicial and administrative priorities, stimulate grassroots organizations and party director entrepreneurial drive, execution and innovation capacity, improve their own quality, creative work; for the judicial administrative work closely with the masses, for the masses to provide more convenient and efficient, more humane and fine judicial administrative work, achieve social harmony and stability, to ensure that the administration system chuangxianzhengyou activity deeply carry out, the effectiveness is very important.
public commitment
made a public commitment to the implementation of specific tasks, and determine the judicial administrative work in 2012 the city’s combination, combined with their actual work, insist to be able to do what you promise, what can do much promise, promise to further refine the content, to ensure effectiveness, both to prevent excessively extensive, and prevent low standards, to achieve specific quantification indeed, feasible, easy to remember. Make a public commitment to the functions and content close to the central task of this unit, the party organization target and Juzhu task and members of the post ability consistent, consistent with the effect of people’s wishes and demands. ;

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