How about the effect of 100 tons of low price food into the market

August 28th 8, the Sea Lake Road vegetable wholesale market, a group of people braved the heavy rain, stop and go, from time to time to communicate with vegetables wholesale households to explore the price of vegetables, sources of information, chat costs, listen to opinions. Originally, in order to thoroughly in our city and transporting vegetables wholesale price, the day early in the morning, mayor Wang Yubo, vice mayor Xu Guocheng led the relevant departments responsible person, deep sea Lake Road vegetable wholesale market, Saline Lake, West Lane morning green supermarket stores, supermarket stores of Hakka Hui Bridge, transporting vegetables to guarantee the supply and control prices for research.

because the self-sufficiency rate of vegetables, vegetable supply and price by the origin of climate change, cost, transportation cost and other factors, the price of vegetables has become a pain in the hearts of the people, how to make people really eat cheap food and vegetables? This year, the city from the protection of the market supply, increase the intensity of field food distribution, smooth local food sales channels, strengthen market supervision, reduce circulation and other measures, to maximize the benefit of the people. Especially since August 5th, according to the municipal government, the Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution center allocation from mutual aid on the 20 varieties of vegetables, more than and 100 tons of fresh vegetables to the market every day, each kind of vegetables wholesale price is lower than other market 10%-20%.

in the Sea Lake Road vegetable wholesale market, Wang Yubo, Xu Guocheng and his party to look at the details of the reasons for fluctuations in the price of vegetables, and vegetables on the origin of supply, wholesale and distribution of vegetables and other large wholesale. Wang Yubo pointed out that do a good job of vegetable transportation, protect the market supply, is related to people’s livelihood of three meals a day, but also an important part of the work of government at all levels. Wang Yubo stressed that to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of transporting large vegetables, vegetables transported to increase efforts, to ensure market supply; to strengthen market monitoring, early warning and forecasting, accurately grasp the trend of the price of vegetables, rich varieties of vegetables to take measures; hundred-percent down various preferential policies to control price stability of the real good municipal government, Department of transportation and make concerted efforts to ensure effectiveness. Wang Yubo also hopes that the Xining agribusiness company bigger and stronger, to play a positive role in large enterprises demonstration, to ensure market supply and price regulation to make greater efforts.

Hakka supermarket in the convenience of the bridge shop, Wang Yubo, a high degree of recognition of the Hakka supermarket supermarket super docking work. Wang Yubo pointed out that the promotion of agricultural super docking, the expansion of the public basket, increase farmers’ income, protect supply, stabilize prices and other aspects have an important role in promoting. To actively encourage enterprises to build bases, do direct marketing, planning a number of stable vegetable base. The docking work to do large wholesale and direct sales stores, supermarkets, reduce circulation, reduce cost of sales, the government subsidies limited in "edge", to ensure security in the supply and control play a better utility price. (author: Sheng Nan)

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