Let the public enjoy more green welfare Sen

A forest like a special invitation of the spring, overnight, this piece of land in Xining, gave birth to a piece of the green. With the rain, wind, Wenfeng Beishan Shek Tsui, Hehuang proverbs theme park to be built, Xining ancient eight with new forms and cultural connotation of ancient plateau reproduction.

it is understood that since 2010, every year in the city park, road, square, street green, green courtyard units widely planted, create a clove, Mancheng flowers landscape, make it become a symbol of this ancient city on a plateau. The municipal park open to the public free of charge sharing by the city landscape construction achievements, held tulips, Begonia, peony, chrysanthemum, bonsai art exhibition and other rich and colorful garden. All activities, a display of the spirit of the city culture, people’s leisure and rest in green flower tours, walking scene shift landscape feel deeply, the connotation and charm of landscape culture.

city has established science education base 23, according to the contract, Arbor Day, environment day and month of science and technology and other activities, to carry out ecological protection publicity. And the combination of work and voluntary tree planting forestry projects, the green channel, the new rural construction organization, community building, build military and public tree planting, city green building recognition, adoption, recognize the tube and other activities, the establishment of compulsory tree planting registration card and tracking system, the national compulsory tree planting on the "development of rail base and the scientific, standardized and legalized", build the cumulative voluntary tree planting base 203. At the same time, all of the city’s old trees were filing, listing, and signed the protection management responsibility, the implementation of the management responsibility, the annual technical measures according to the rejuvenation and special repair before fertilization, pest control and other development. At present, the city has identified 188 ancient and famous trees, ancient and famous tree management standards, the file is complete, protective measures in place, old trees protection rate of up to 100%.


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