City tax to actively implement the personal income tax management and online reporting system traini

The Bureau of three initiatives to implement: first, improve awareness, well-organized

three initiatives to implement the board: first, improve awareness, well-organized. The development of the "promotion of the application of personal income tax management system implementation plan", as early as possible arrangements to ensure that the work in an orderly manner; two is to strengthen publicity, focus. With a variety of forms and carriers, highlighting key industries and enterprises, to strengthen the propaganda and guidance of taxpayers, to ensure the implementation of the work; three is to do a good job training, implementation requirements. July 16th to 20, a total of 500 individual income tax withholding agents and all cadres and workers to carry out training, and plans to start in August 1st to promote the operation of the 500 enterprises.

(feed unit: City District Local Taxation Bureau)




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