Chong passenger Xin Yinting Qinghai tourism product development and building blocks

With the development of society, tourism has become one of the strongest and most powerful industries in the global economy. The number of people traveling more and more year by year, every holiday, open the hot tourism mode is to make tourism often rise to hit list. "Go here this year, next year." Already planned in people’s minds. Today, the public in the tourism consumption has become rational, personalized, diversified. Moreover, more and more tourists began to travel before the start of the Raiders, a comprehensive understanding of the destination of tourism information, convenient travel routes, hotels, food, beauty…… Hope that the journey has been harvested.

"but in the development of tourism in our province," the only photos of tourists reach the destination after the take away, leaving only footprints. "." As the first drop of sweat in the history of the development of tourism products in our province, the creation of a "customer" – Xin Yinting, general manager of Qinghai universal culture communication co..

"green, health, sports, exploration, experience, summer, self-help, self driving, in recent years, with the development of tourism in our province, the theme of fashion new heights of tourism in our province become the new hot spot of tourism. With the driving of the fiery, more and more tourists keen on freedom". In order to let more foreign tourists know about Qinghai, "Qinghai Tour" no regrets, also to make the Qinghai tourism development better, Yinting symplectic as a "off the record", using his pondering in recent years of accumulation, the interest into power, with the hand travel map. To this end, he traveled almost all the scenic spots in Qinghai province (point), to fully understand the area where the culture, history, market, active consultation and cooperation with the local tourism sector, for these scenic areas (spots) draw a portable, beautiful and practical, the one and only the Qinghai tourism map. Not only to open up a blank map of the Qinghai tourism hand-painted map, adding a hand-painted map of such tourism products, but also for the United States and Qinghai tourism adds a touch of color. Today, he has worked with a number of scenic spots in the province, drawing a Kumbum Monastery hand drawn tour map, Qinghai Lake tourism hand-painted map, mutual travel hand-painted map, etc..At

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