Pass only to three vehicles

In December 18th, the reporter learned from the city traffic police detachment, to reduce traffic pressure in the city, reasonable regulation and control of the road traffic flow, according to the "People’s Republic of China road traffic safety law" provisions of article thirty-ninth, the city traffic police detachment from the 23 months from the date of issuance in 2014 in the city’s downtown, no limit for motor vehicle road area within the scope of the permit, issued to three kinds of motor vehicle. This reporter has learned that the three types of permits issued by the tourist bus pass, commuter bus pass and temporary pass. The tour bus, commuter bus passes were issued once a year, a commuter car permit release is scheduled for December 23rd to 25, the tourist bus pass release is scheduled for December 26th to 27, issuing locations in the city traffic police detachment. Temporary pass by day, by week, according to the half of the system, and combined with the road traffic flow and the actual needs of the motor vehicle owner can be handled at any time, for the location of the city traffic police detachment four battalion. At the same time, to permit issuance of municipal traffic police detachment to make clear: first, travel car and commuter car for the issuance of permits the vehicle must be registered in the vehicle, the vehicle registration information clear to the company, and the record in the relevant units, management units. Temporary pass issued not including buses, tourist buses, commuter cars and shuttle students have a license for the special school bus, the main object for the commodity distribution vehicles, part of the building materials transport vehicles and life service vehicles. Secondly, a tourist car passes prohibited traffic in the street things, once found in the forbidden line, travel vehicle limit line road of major traffic accidents, vehicle exhaust emissions and noise pollution seriously exceed the standard, not the whole capacity car appearance, a vehicle traffic offense information, to have serious misdeeds of the vehicle will apply for cancellation qualification. Finally, the commuter car to apply for a pass to the owner of the motor vehicle registration shall be required to provide a letter of introduction and vehicle driving license issued by the original unit, the introduction of the letter indicates the passage of vehicles. In addition, the reporter learned that the city’s long-distance bus ride in accordance with Ning bus (2002) No. 13 and Ning delivery [[2013] No. 67 document explicitly designated route, no longer handle the pass. Municipal, telecommunications, postal services, electricity, water supply, drainage, gas and other units in special operations vehicles engaged in road repair and maintenance of public facilities service, also no longer apply for permits, special vehicle special because of the need to enter the forbidden line, the limit line sections, you can advance to the jurisdiction of the traffic police brigade for emergency traffic matters. To state the reason for the road traffic police on duty.  

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