City supply and marketing cooperative system to carry out the study and implementation of the propag

7 29, the city of supply and marketing cooperatives in the whole system to carry out the propaganda and implementation of the study of the implementation of the national political science and Technology Conference No. 100 and half of the economic situation analysis. Municipal government deputy mayor Fan Guoqing, Deputy Secretary General of the Municipal Policy Research Director Ma Guozhen, union authorities of all cadres, three county city agency director, subordinate enterprises, grass-roots supply and marketing cooperatives more than 40 comrades attended the meeting. In March this year, the reform and development of supply and marketing cooperatives in the province held a mobilization meeting, supply and marketing cooperatives decided to organize the city’s supply and marketing system to learn the spirit of the document, and promote the development of theoretical research activities, three county associations, municipal offices, city agency company attaches great importance to seriously organize the cadres and workers to actively participate in, at the end of June a total of received 21 papers submitted by the review team research activities, carefully selected examination, select outstanding award 10 papers, 11 papers award. At the meeting, there are 5 outstanding papers the author at the meeting, the paper focuses on the discussion of the theme, from different viewpoints, reviews and summarizes the achievements and experience of Xining supply system reform and development, and how to continue to emancipate the mind, the implementation of Scientific Outlook on Development, continue to promote the city’s supply and marketing reform and development are discussed, and puts forward some ideas and measures have certain insight, with good academic and theoretical research value and practical significance, the seminar has achieved the desired results.


meeting summed up the analysis of economic operation of the whole system in the first half of the year, the whole system further to excel, emancipate the mind, change the style of work, strengthening the "three rural" sense of responsibility, focus on the objectives and tasks set at the beginning of the year and work requirements, pay close attention to the implementation of the objectives and tasks of work, as of now has the objectives and tasks to achieve more than half the time more than half of the task. The whole system to achieve sales of 113 million 440 thousand yuan, 83 million 410 thousand yuan more than the same period in 2010 increased by 30 million 30 thousand yuan, an increase of 36%; total system profit of 670 thousand yuan, the annual plan 1 million 10 thousand 66.34% yuan, an increase of 890 thousand yuan profit, profit increased 404.55%. Complete the order of agricultural   50 thousand mu (  5    MU), supply all kinds of high-quality fertilizer   50 thousand tons (50 thousand tons, accounting for plan) target%; 100  supply of pesticides   more than 400 tons (450 tons, accounting for plan) target   80& nbsp%; training; qualification certificates of the commodity circulation farmers livestock broker 100 (scheme 360), accounting for 28% of the target task. 10 village level service centers and 15  professional cooperative projects are being implemented. City Association party secretary, director Yang Fengjie theory seminar and the first half of the economic analysis will be made a concluding speech.  

finally, vice mayor Fan Guoqing will further implement the Green Government No. 100, accelerate the reform and development of supply and marketing cooperatives made the relevant instructions, he pointed out: in the Symposium on the theory of deep feeling, the theme of the seminar is clear, very successful, on behalf of the city;

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