Huangyuan path of modern animal husbandry

when the first rays of the morning sun on the earth, Huangyuan County Township Village in the air wave nalon automatic milking stations, two rows of standing neatly under automatic milking cow milk machine, people by twos and threes to sit together to plan this year’s harvest, planning a plan of the coming year……

Huangyuan people out of animal husbandry catch animal husbandry, animal husbandry industrialization planning concept, vigorously construction of forage grass and animal husbandry to accelerate the adjustment of industrial structure, to support the livestock products leading enterprises, the development of circular economy to promote the industrialization process, the formation of a government organization and the leading enterprises, cooperatives, farmers benefit from the organization and coordination of industrial structure, total the output value of animal husbandry in 2011 amounted to 312 million yuan.

this year, the township has increased the intensity of industrial restructuring, the township forage cultivation area of 15 thousand acres. Planting only two villages in the Wave Bay, rocky bay village green forage budget, two annual grass yield 2080 tons, 1 million 768 thousand yuan to achieve economic income, after deducting the cost of production 520 thousand, net income reached 1 million 248 thousand yuan, the village per capita net income will reach 4900 yuan, 640 yuan increase over the previous year, Bo hang Xiang in charge of Agriculture Vice Mayor Kang Haiwen introduction.

"we want to fully protect the existing grassland on the basis of the development of forage industry, in order to promote the extensive and efficient development of animal husbandry from intensive to efficient development of solid foundation," said the person in charge of Huangyuan County Bureau of agriculture and animal husbandry. In recent years, the development of animal husbandry industry has been greatly improved by adjusting the structure of animal husbandry, taking the establishment of animal husbandry commodity base and breeding demonstration points. At present, the county engaged in forage planting scale of 4000 households, 8 households cooperatives, planting 150 thousand acres of green grass, with an annual output of 450 million kg of fresh forage, formed a production, storage processing, sales of the industrial system, laid the foundation for the realization of modernization and the development of large-scale farming.

"in two months, the grey goose I feed can be recycled, 100 yuan per net profit is only half a year, can earn 30000 yuan," Bo hang Xiang Quan Er Wan Cun Zhang Haishou, 300 grey goose breeders looked at every day, full of hope for the future. Gray goose can be slaughtered for six months, easy to raise, Zhang Haishou is the county’s first domesticated gray goose farmers, and now the village set up a gray goose breeding cooperatives, to promote the gray goose breeding in the township.

speaking of industry transformation and upgrading, county animal husbandry bureau responsible person, before is dispersedly breeding, efficiency is not high, the scale does not go on now, through policy guidance, promote enterprise, industrial restructuring and upgrading, the thousands of head scale pig farm has reached 2, 3, thousands of cattle head a dairy farm, thousands of sheep farm 4, farm 3, the county animal husbandry enterprises has reached 26.

to "industrialization" business philosophy of animal husbandry, strengthening the base construction, focus on the characteristics of a township, a village of a variety of industrial layout, and actively introduce breeding characteristics, implementation of large drives, company + base + farmers business model of different types, is the main measures of the county to promote the livestock industry upgrading and transformation the. Now all;

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