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February 1st, the eighth session of the Chinese summer ice art garden and the first Xining temple with vigour and vitality opening, but also opened the 2013 municipal park. All activities of the big screen! Once a year the tulip flower show, the first Chinese Arts Festival and the second "Peony exhibition"…… The colorful garden flower thing, let the people do not play by screaming, this year, more joy!

this series of wonderful activities, sponsored by the municipal government, the municipal garden Bureau, city park management center contractors. This year the municipal park in the people’s park once a year "Ice Art Fair", Nanshan Park "in June six flowers" and other traditional activities bigger and stronger, doing fine on the basis of developing new ideas, combined with the park garden features, comprehensive thinking and planning in the planning concept, design, layout and attractions activities art and entertainment etc., arrange a series of activities to ensure all things Park, "Park Month activities, every year there is innovation". In 2013, the city Bureau of parks, city park management center will conscientiously implement the party’s eighteen and the provincial and municipal Party spirit, with the construction of the plateau landscape garden city as the goal, innovation park and cultural activities, firmly relying on the fine work idea, the effort to build the people’s satisfaction with the life of the city, happy city, livable city.

February BingDeng bright people’s Park

features: February 1st to February 28th, the eighth session of the Chinese summer ice art garden and the first Xining Temple Fair will be held in the people’s park. The ice art garden will make full use of people’s Park advantage, creating the 20 class, 150 groups of exquisitely carved and shapes of ice sculpture art, showcasing the spirit song big slide, happy Xining, Maitreya, national beauty and heavenly fragrance blessings, the snow covered plateau, Wenfeng tower, an elf Tsui, twelve animals of different types of fine ice pedestal etc.. At the same time, 4 groups of large Zigong lantern exhibition, invited famous art troupes performances, local flavor snacks, specialty goods, then held the first Xining Spring Festival temple fair.

time: February 1st -28

traffic: the city take 1, 2, 14, 83, 86, 26, 25, 106 other lines.

April and May

both fragrant and beautiful tulips

features: an important thing garden tradition activities, is the people’s Park tulip flower show 2013 every year in April and May, the people’s Park in the tulip flower show unprecedented, this park exhibited 20 varieties, 300 thousand tulips, tulips and combined with the park environment formed a major feature, the color of tulips, smooth curve pattern, with sparse forest grassland in creating a harmonious and natural perfect effect, the formation of harmony between man and nature of the three-dimensional landscape. At the same time, when the tulips bloom on the occasion, the people’s Park Main Road on the north side of the cherry garden, peony garden, cherry blossom, peonies blooming; on the south side of the main road rose garden, the rose colored and has formed a reasonable layout of the landscape effect often;

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