nspection report of cadres personal matters

According to the Central Organization Department, provincial Party Committee Organization Department of the relevant requirements, the city to carry out spot checks to verify the work of leading cadres report personal matters as a key task to increase supervision of the cadres, careful arrangements, solid progress, and achieved initial results. The city has four consecutive years of leading cadres to focus on personal matters. This year, the city organization of 717 city management cadres to carry out centralized reporting, and all enter the leading cadres report personal matters related to information management system. The number of reports and various types of reports to conduct a comprehensive summary and targeted analysis, the formation of the report submitted to the municipal Party committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and the provincial Party Committee Organization Department, to provide reference for the relevant work. Try to carry out the leading cadres report personal matters leading cadres to work in the District, West District, Chengzhong district and Huangzhong county has been the first to carry out the section level leading cadres of personal matters reporting work, a total of 748 leading cadres to fill in the "leading cadres report personal matters", and strengthen the management and supervision of the department level leadership cadres. To provide organizational guarantee for the checks to verify the work by the municipal Party Committee Organization Department agreed to lead the establishment attended by 10 functional departments checks to verify the contact mechanism, and organized the first meeting of leading cadres in Xining City checks to verify the report personal matters contact mechanism, make "personal matters leading cadres in Xining City checks to verify the report contact mechanism work rules" system, in the basic form of organization and personnel departments coordinated, the relevant functional departments perform their duties, work closely with the joint operation mechanism and information query mechanism. According to the Organization Department of the relevant requirements, the city developed a "leading cadres report personal matters verification checks work plan", in accordance with the proportion of 3% computer random verification object 22 people, providing information and relevant departments are compared to verify. According to the results of the verification checks, reporting information specification comprehensively, shall be documented; non-standard problems of omission or reporting, issued the "Supplementary Notice" to report after the deadline; truthfully reporting or withhold, issued a "letter of notice" requirements, leading cadres to explain himself, and according to the instructions by the Organization Department of the views of whether the appointment. To cheat, will not be promoted, not included in the list of reserve cadres; the existence of irregularities, shall be ordered to make corrections within a time limit; alleged violation of law, the problem of the transfer of the discipline inspection organs investigation clues. Through the checks to verify the work carried out preliminary show personal matters leading cadres reporting system in strictly, strict with the officials of the role of the cadres to prevent sick promoted, promote the leading cadres has played a positive role, leading cadres of discipline, "clean" official played down forced, leading cadres Jieju consciousness.  

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