The first round of the tournament around the lake full of gunpowder


The ninth stage of the Zhangye

Lake Race criterium is this lake race into the Plains area after the first battle in the road, after a day of rest, Lake race started again for passion. Yesterday, at the start of a match with gunpowder, the lake race held in intensity in the plain section rare, although Zhangye’s highest temperature reached 32 degrees Celsius, each lap race distance up to 23 km, but the entire game into the Iran Tabriz Petrochemical team to Paul yellow war, Gansu lottery the home team in the face of war, so that the entire game and constantly, constantly exciting game, the average speed of nearly 50 Michael, and driver from the car and kept in a few seconds, the game situation is very close. The same day, Gansu satellite TV, Qinghai satellite TV and Zhangye TV live broadcast of the game.

before the end of the high altitude, cold mountain stage hard game, the players in the stage of the road officially opened. Although only more than 1000 meters above sea level, but the players have to accept high temperature, drought and other tests. Bid farewell to the altitude change radically, can be said that the road stage would be sprint type players play strength, a good opportunity to forget the vast snow, especially for the Gansu team players that they can get good grades in their hometown affects the hearts of many viewers.

before the start of the game, after a day of rest of the drivers are full of spirit, on the stage of the A fighting spirit soars aloft., integral shizaibide, so the first ring team match speed quickly soared, speed per hour 55 to 60 kilometers of road, ready to a large group from time to time to take attack tactics, but no. 196 Harry · Carpenter, Yue; No. 104, No. 136, an · pilot; Ren · Eve; the attack was recovered shortly after calasso. In order to keep the yellow jersey, Iran Tabriz Petrochemical intercontinental team and their allies to try to control the team, in front of the big group led. But on the way to the first fast sprint points, big regiment was assault driver tear, Italy Team Jersey holder Baltimore No. 21 Modolo first by his teammates, No. 26 mark · Ke Ledan ranked second, Italy blue Merida No. 5 Andrea Parini grabbed third ·.


, riding the group was a big group to grab back, 33 Qinghai guy Liu Biao, Gansu guy broke through the success of the big group of 26 seconds. In the territory of Gansu, Gansu lottery team guys in order to give the local audience a surprise, trying to reveal a face in the sight of home use every opportunity to assault. So the two have been riding until the end of the third lap, but in the next;

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