Xining public hospitals and then push 21 new medical reform Huimin convenience

recently, the city of Xining in public hospitals and then push 21 medical services Huimin new initiatives for the masses to provide more convenient, efficient and efficient medical and health services.

specific measures are: through the "4008991106" free service hotline for patients to provide appointment registration, appointment and treatment, health counseling and guidance services. The hospital outpatient service hall set up guide clinictaiwan, equipped with its staff and volunteers to provide guidance services for patients in critical patients, walking inconvenience; full implementation with the diagnosis, examination, admission procedures with agency service. For patients with free access to the outpatient guide, guide to the hospital, so that patients and their families actively cooperate with treatment. In the clinic, ward and other significant position to set up the Department of distribution map, treatment process and other obvious signs, convenient for patients to choose medical treatment. In the clinic, part of the inspection department and charging medicine window for electronic calling and display system, to provide convenient services for patients. Priority referral referral patients and disabled persons, pregnant women, military personnel, 70 years of age or older. In the outpatient waiting area, medical examination, surgical waiting area allocation of sufficient waiting chair, to provide drinking water, newspapers and health promotional materials free of charge, to provide personalized service. The establishment of "harmonious doctor-patient workshop, equipped with full-time staff, a dean, department director and head nurse reception system, timely understanding of the patient and family to the hospital advice and service needs, answering questions, solve the problem. In addition to the hospital ward microwave ovens, refrigerators, hospital canteens provide free ordering service, set up paper, pens, needles, lines and other life convenience bags. To provide free radiation protection products for patients undergoing radiotherapy; psychological counseling for patients with surgery, relieve tension. Outpatient consulting room implementation of one to one service, to protect the privacy of patients. Implementation of more than two medical institutions auxiliary examination results mutual recognition system. The implementation of a daily list of medical charge and discharged patient fee list system, and through the electronic touch screen, electronic screen, such as publicity column publicity medical services projects, drugs and medical consumables prices, with convenient query. Emergency 24 hour emergency system and the first responsibility system. The implementation of the first visit, after the registration of critically ill patients, the first rescue, after the payment, the first hospital, after the formalities of urgent consultation in place 10 minutes. The implementation of the three inspection system, doctors more than 2 rounds a day, the director at least once a day to visit the ward. The second half of the patient to complete the preliminary diagnosis and treatment needs to be implemented in the ward. Shorten the time of auxiliary test results. Emergency routine laboratory test results of 30 minutes, emergency biochemical project for 2 hours, the results of routine laboratory test results for the past 1 hours; general laboratory test results on the same day. Emergency flat film immediate results, plain film, emergency CT examination results within 1 hours. The implementation of bedside settlement and agency services for discharged patients bedside settlement or agency discharge service. To carry out the discharge of patients with rehabilitation counseling services for all discharged patients to call a return visit, special family visits to patients. The establishment of family doctors heart card to provide rehabilitation guidance, health counseling, family health care and other integrated services. Establish a love relief fund for poverty;

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