The Gan River on the 60 air pollution control projects

This year, Gan River Industrial Park in Xining economic and Technological Development Zone to increase air pollution control efforts, plans to invest 130 million yuan, completed 60 air pollution control projects.

it is reported that this batch of air pollution control projects including Mount Everest zinc dust desulfurization projects Zinc Oxide rotary kiln, Baihe aluminium electrolysis flue gas purification project, the upgrading of the Yellow River hydropower renewable aluminum carbon incineration flue gas desulfurization project, Yuntianhua international chemical fertilizer urea prilling tower waste gas collecting project etc.. The implementation of these projects, will improve the air quality of the environment to the Gan River Industrial park.

for each project can be carried out, the park increase financial support, every year from 4 million yuan of special funds from the fiscal Park, used for air pollution control projects to support. In accordance with the requirements of the grid environment supervision, increase supervision, designated person on a regular basis to monitor the progress of air pollution control projects. For the slow progress of individual projects to conduct interviews, the formation of forced mechanism. Help enterprises to upgrade environmental protection, and actively looking for environmental protection technology and equipment and products, and promote enterprises to speed up pollution control.  

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