Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau held a special action to combat nternet pornography Confere

the morning of April 9th, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau held "09 sword to combat Internet pornography special action news conference.

meeting, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Public Information Network Security Supervision Detachment investigation captain Han Fucheng informed of the results achieved since the special action.


Since the

of this special action, the Bureau organized special forces, focusing on online audio-visual programs, Internet publishing services, chat rooms, peer-to-peer network, blog, auction website, find out the base, the establishment of accounting.

this year, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau in accordance with the work of the Ministry of public security and the provincial civilization office, the Provincial Public Security Bureau decided to focus on the organization in the city to carry out special action against Internet pornography. By focusing on cleaning up a number of online action case clues to identify a number of key remediation sites and information services columns and units. To crack down on online organizing pornographic performances, dissemination of pornographic information, mobile phone fraud and theft and other illegal and criminal activities, strengthen the online use of computer virus, hacker technology, online fraud, theft and other criminal activities in the investigation of illegal Internet service units to investigate and punish.


from 2008 to March 2009, I board on the Internet were found in 35 local sites, 64 provinces and cities have pornographic website links and 87 foreign pornographic websites, found on these sites do report, delete, closure process.

in the future, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau will further rectify the confusion of the management of Internet service units, check online pornography crimes. The supervision and guidance of Internet service unit and Internet sites implement information network security management system and safety protection measures, implementation of security management for the Internet through a tough and high crime areas, making online effective remediation, online pornographic and other harmful information significantly reduced, to provide safe and healthy network environment for the people.


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