Xining 62 security risks were blocked

to strengthen safety supervision of hazardous chemicals production and business units, and urge enterprises to seriously implement the safety responsibility, Safety Supervision Bureau since May to carry out safety inspection work of dangerous chemicals industry in our city, nearly a month, has dealt with all kinds of problems 62, ordered rectification 26.

it is reported that the city administration to strictly implement the municipal government "on Further Strengthening the safety inspection work arrangements", enacted in May 9th and issued the dangerous chemicals industry and special inspection of civil explosives, the establishment of hazardous goods inspection team, in May 27th, the reporter to follow the hazardous goods inspection team staff to our city DOPA and Sunjiazhai two depot raids. In DOPA depot, a door staff in strict accordance with the requirements for the inspection team members each registration and confiscation of objects such as mobile phone, enter the depot staff to each department is responsible for the safe operation, but many hidden security risks still be careful inspection group for each staff, such as temporary construction power the wire is exposed outside, part of the fire facilities are not closed and no certificate, then check the staff of the depot issued a rectification notice ordered. The sun in the oil depot, where the security risks are more serious, the inspection team staff also issued a deadline for rectification.

in addition, the inspection also found in enterprise three safety education and training is not in place, re form, light quality, safety awareness is not strong; safety facilities and equipment maintenance is not timely replacement, not normal use; investigation and management of risks is poor, lack of safety investment, safety hazards can not self rectification, on-site safety management landslide and other issues, the City Administration Bureau invited technical experts on-site service to the enterprise production safety, "consultation", "pulse", in-depth analysis and enterprise leaders and safety management personnel, identify the crux of the problems, study countermeasures to solve the problems, propose targeted, effective and pragmatic, to facilitate the operation of the opinions and suggestions. (author: a)

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