Xining allocated 38 million 760 thousand yuan for the difficulties of the masses living on the premi

October 17th, reporters from the Xining Municipal Development and Reform Commission learned that the day before, Xining city issued "Xining 2013 notice" remote poverty relocation project in the central budget investment plan, issued by the central budget funds 38 million 760 thousand yuan, and integration of other matching funds for the placement of East area, three County and city area pan Zi village, on the buffalo village, half Village 7 village poor 1292 households of 5412 people, the construction of 1292 buildings and 77520 square meters of housing, drinking water, electricity, roads and other facilities.

It is reported that

, the money is mainly used to provide the necessary facilities and basic production conditions for the relocation of the masses, including housing, basic farmland, water conservancy facilities, rural roads, education, culture and health infrastructure. In recent years, Xining city to resettle the project through the vigorous implementation, effectively improved the ecological environment to vacate the land, the relocation people can "move out, stable, rich case". Xining Municipal Development and Reform Commission also actively strive for the national, provincial special funds, and to coordinate the integration of infrastructure construction funds, the settlements construction become water, power, communication facilities, new socialist countryside education, cultural and other public service facilities, helping the poor people out of poverty and achieve long-term development. (author: Zhou Jianping)


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