Xining measures to ensure the safety of the homeless winter

Since the winter, Xining low temperatures, but the street is still everywhere homeless and beggars, therefore, to ensure the safety of these homeless people through the winter of December 24th, the author is a pressing matter of the moment, from the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau of Social Affairs Department learned that, in order to ensure the flow of personnel to ride out the street wave of cold winter, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau adopted a series of measures.Since

entered the winter, the temperature of Xining city in the streets below, but the number of workers and beggars has not reduced, this phenomenon has aroused great attention, the provincial Civil Affairs Department and the city of Xining in December 24th, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau of Social Affairs Department learned that the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau has implemented four area of responsibility system, the clear division of labor, has good relief guide cards card content for the relief station address, name and telephone. At present, the contents of the guide card is being sought, it is expected that after the new year’s day, the guide card can be placed in the streets of Xining. Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau of social affairs director Zhang Guohong told reporters: "put these signs, one can let the homeless find relief stations, and people saw the need of help homeless people can make a call or send them to rescue station according to the address."

at the same time, relief stations also increased the relief efforts, especially to increase the night patrols, to prevent homeless people in the cold night frostbite or cold, city rescue station staff to follow the principle of voluntary relief, took them to the rescue station, ask the home address to send home. I also learned that the three county four district of Xining City Civil Affairs Bureau, the township, offices and community selected sent 200 to 300 aid responsible person, and they call the announcement to the residents, promptly notify the responsible person so that people found needs to rescue personnel. (author: Zhang Qian)


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