Xining household appliances to the countryside farmers accounted for nearly half of the refrigerato

home appliances to the countryside, farmers happy. In October 22nd, the reporter learned from Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics, after several years of practice, fully proved that the home appliance products have become the first choice of farmers buy home appliance, to speed up the popularization of household appliances in rural areas, promote consumption structure in rural areas of Xining city and upgrade, and improve the livelihood of the people, by the majority of farmers and friends welcome.

according to the latest statistics, since February 2009 the implementation of home appliances to the countryside policy, as of the end of September 2012, the Xining area home appliances cumulative sales of 253682 units (pieces), which accounted for 48.8% of sales of refrigerators, color TV sales accounted for 16.10%, accounting for 14.11% of sales of washing machine. Cumulative sales of 679 million 99 thousand and 600 yuan, financial subsidy funds of $70 million 221 thousand.

through the further promotion of home appliances to the countryside, the potential consumer demand in rural areas of Xining has been translated into real purchasing power. It is worth mentioning that, in the rural areas of Xining, the popularity of color TV and mobile phones, can enrich the spiritual and cultural life of farmers, help farmers understand the national policy, access to more market information, and promote farmers’ income. (author: Zhang Pu)

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