Xining City West District Urban Management disorderly light box advertising

on the evening of December 20th, Xining City West District Urban Management Bureau dispatched law enforcement officers on disorderly light boxes, LED advertising lights were remediation to ensure that the city’s beautiful and bright night.

neon dress up the city at night, but the disorderly set some advertising has seriously affected the beautiful night city and citizens in visual perception. That night is mainly set up for the night before the illegal advertising billboards remediation, clear visual pollution. During the interview, the reporter found that although many times, has repeatedly propaganda, but some tobacco shops in order to attract business still use LED advertising lights. After the interpretation of urban management law enforcement officers, the majority of shops operators are able to understand and actively cooperate with the work of urban management staff. Law enforcement officers on the victory of the road, sunning Road, 54 street, West Main Street, along the street and the advertising light LED advertising lights were removed and checked. A total of 12 LED advertising lights are not disorderly display, advertising light box 8. (author: Tang Rong)

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