Password where does happiness come from Xining

building a new journey of happiness in Xining has been opened!

in the Municipal Committee of the thirteen plenary meeting of the twelve session of the city and NPC and CPPCC, "happy Xining" the beautiful words of high frequency, caused the attention of the whole society, the people of Xining for happiness in the construction of Xining with a new look.

party secretary Wang Xiao has a profound interpretation of the well-being of Xining –

building "happy Xining" is a concentrated expression of the party’s concept of governing for the people. It is the implementation of the party’s ruling concept in the concept of urban development, so that the performance of their duties for the people have a more realistic, more specific, more image carrier;

building "happy Xining", is the city’s people eagerly look forward to. The people’s yearning for a better life, is our goal, it should become our city’s development goals;

building "happy Xining", is to enhance the image of the city, shaping the city’s brand needs.

so, happy Xining, in the end come from?

in this spring, the various departments have been actively action, the well-being of Xining into a specific measures, practical action: to make a lot of good little happiness into a big happiness.

today, let us work together to unlock the code of happiness Xining!

happiness Xining poverty alleviation development –

material spirit double poverty only happiness

[happiness connotation] to material relief, the spirit of relief. The thought of the poor family has changed, the concept has been renewed, the method and the drive to get rich naturally, the hope of poverty alleviation and the aim of poverty alleviation can be realized. Only material spirit will be truly happy!

in recent years, the city invested a total of 2 billion yuan of various types of funds, including financial poverty relief funds of $1 billion 60 million, an average annual growth of 20%. Social assistance funds 72 million yuan, the integration of industry sector funds of $303 million, matching funds of 558 million yuan. The implementation of the 455 villages in the whole village projects, support more than 9 poor households in the development of aquaculture, planting, merchandise distribution, processing industry, transportation industry, brewing industry, Tibetan culture and art processing production projects, project households has a stable income project; implementation of 96 villages to be relocated project, the relocation of 12137 households and 53412 people. At the same time, the city vigorously develop industrial poverty alleviation, the construction of special industrial base, and actively cultivate rape;

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