A small charge Hall of lotus leaf rice nutrition delicious popular whole

people are now catering to the market demand is not to taste good, but also to provide us with adequate nutritional needs, lotus leaf rice can meet these needs, so popular. Lotus leaf rice, healthy and delicious food, y meet the needs of the modern market, becoming the first choice for hundreds of millions of diners. 2017, if you want something special, we open a lotus leaf hotel.

lotus lotus leaf   nutrition delicious   popular

lotus leaf rice flavor, eat a person you will never forget the taste, modern health food is very popular and respected people, now launched a small charge Hall of lotus leaf rice, it is based on the health of the classics, bring great for consumers, opened another scene delicacy on the market. Lotus lotus lotus rice has as many as 50 categories, delicious, classic. The best taste, the best taste of health and nutrition, the tongue, the people ate the wow! On the market a lot of food and beverage brands, but loved by the people are few, and bearing small museum is one of


has a variety of flavors is one of the secrets of the food and beverage industry to become rich, a variety of taste to meet the needs of more people in order to ensure the market. Dutch Museum has 9 small lotus leaf rice secret sauce, rich flavor, taste a hundred dishes, including dry pot sauce, soy sauce, braised juice sauce, teriyaki sauce, curry sauce, seafood sauce, spicy sauce, sweet and sour sauce and hot sauce braised jintang.

bearing small hall of lotus leaf rice improved pot cooking technology, food production time in 60 minutes, achieved fast food fast do standard. After ordering a meal, it takes only 30 seconds to combine the most perfect lotus leaf meal. Dutch small museum priced at 6-12 yuan, parity of the people, making the shop business is hot, the high rate of turn over! Lotus small lotus rice, which has a variety of series of food, each has its own unique flavor, is very popular. Operating the characteristics of food and beverage brands, you can make a big fortune blowout


lotus lotus lotus leaf as a combination of cooking utensils and tableware, to ensure that the original dishes, nutrition is not lost. Dutch small museum priced at 6-12 yuan, parity of the people, making the store business is very good, the high rate of turn over to join the small lotus lotus restaurant, to meet the needs of today’s market, shop to make money easier!

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