Do you have a marketing business

no matter what kind of business we do business, the market has always been a very important reference factor. Only the real business opportunities in the market, it is more worthy of our investment options. So, do early education business has a market? Let Xiaobian to you.

at the beginning of November 2015, the State Council released the full liberalization of the two child policy, the benefit of many industries. Including the growing attention of grassroots investors early education industry. So for grassroots investors, early education industry prospects? Now into the early education industry can be used again with the wind to dig the first pot of gold?

Market: huge market capacity

do early education business has a market? According to the China population statistics yearbook shows that China’s 0 to 3 year old infants and young children of a total of 70 million people, of which the number of urban children aged between 0 and 3 is 10 million 900 thousand. In Beijing, for example, the monthly income of 1500 yuan in the monthly consumption of children in the family of $532, monthly income of $5000 per month for the child’s household consumption is $1135. If the monthly consumption of 30% per child for education consumption calculation, the prospects for early education market up to tens of billions of dollars.

is optimistic about the market demand and development space of this huge, gold baby as the representative of the foreign brands and local educational institutions to Oriental baby red yellow blue, as the representative of the Chinese have to seize the market, while the Beijing community early education demonstration base has grown from 20 in 2002 to the current fast speed of more than and 100 among them, the emerging development institutions occupy half of the country.

in addition to the majority of children in China in recent months to spend more than 20% of the total monthly household income of more than $44.29% per month for the families of the child rearing costs between $500 to $1000. Raising the child’s financial investment has made many young people have a hard time giving birth, but it is the enormous cost of training that has spurred the birth and prosperity of an industry.

highlights: Convergence Education surfaced

for prospective students, young convergence class is a major highlight of this year’s child training. At present China children’s activity center "classes are in the euro" actively carry out the "Kindergarten" curriculum and teaching research. Among them, the sincere education group in the Education Center opened early in the wisdom, the first set up a special focus on pre-school education.

According to Wang Guoxin, chairman of

, the majority of children in the IQ is no significant difference, but the results are uneven, mainly the lack of learning enthusiasm and good learning habits. According to a UNESCO survey, 40% of primary school students after school learning and social adaptability is not a serious problem.

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