Changsha maglev project represents the level of made in China and made in Hunan

innovation in the ongoing, a series of innovative products are constantly being born. At present, Hunan, Changsha in innovation, in terms of maglev train has achieved remarkable results. The following and Xiaobian together to understand it!

China’s first fully independent intellectual property rights of medium and low speed maglev commercial operation demonstration line – Changsha maglev express passenger trial operation from May 6th. This afternoon, the provincial Party Secretary, the provincial people’s Congress Chairman Xu Shousheng, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Du cents, National University of Defense Technology political commissar Wang Jianwei cordial condolences to participate in the maglev project experts and representatives of builders, the maglev train ride.

provincial leaders Xu, Yi Lianhong, Zhang Jianfei participate.

Changsha maglev project is a major independent innovation project in our province to build the national central air and rail integrated transport hub, to achieve magnetic levitation technology engineering, industrialization. Maglev express connects Changsha South Railway Station and Huanghua Airport two transportation hub, a total length of 18.55 km, the maximum speed of the design of the speed of 100 kilometers per hour, using a series of 3 sections, the maximum capacity of 363 people.

low speed maglev technology utilizes the electromagnetic principle of homopolarity repulsion and different attraction ", let the vehicle suspended by the electromagnetic force and guidance to promote the train, with low noise, saving investment, strong adaptability, less land occupation and other advantages.

3 in the afternoon, Xu Shousheng, Du Hao and his party came to Changsha maglev high-speed rail station, visit condolences to experts and builders representatives. Xu Shousheng, Du cents and we cordially shook hands, on behalf of the provincial government to participate in the construction of all maglev engineering experts, research institutions and the construction management unit of comrades, to the masses of workers and builders of fighting in the construction line, greetings and respects; thanks to the concern and support of the construction of the national ministries, provincial departments and related units, the community and the majority of the grassroots cadres and the masses.

maglev express, red and white as Qianlong repose, fully equipped for Maglev train. Xu Shousheng, Du Jia boarded a train on the line, the field experience a ground to fly". From the train station to Changsha Huanghua Airport, less than 20 minutes, the car comfortable and bright, a road running smoothly, the beautiful scenery outside the window.

"wish the Hunan maglev technology out of Hunan, to the world!" said Xu Shousheng, Changsha maglev project completely independent intellectual property rights, is the representative of "Chinese manufacturing" "made in Hunan" standard and demonstration projects and innovative engineering.

for two years, the builders of hard work, day and night, continuous innovation, focus on quality, to win a battle, cracked one has a problem, to achieve the perfect unity of construction speed and the quality of the project, vividly recommended

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