2016 rural youth ushered in the four major development opportunities

modern young generation and the old ways of thinking are different, their acceptance for new things is very high. So it is very suitable for Internet start-ups. 2016 rural youth entrepreneurship will usher in a new opportunity.

The direction of the nature of


corresponding, the Sanya Municipal Corporation established in Sanya city youth entrepreneurship incubator and the angel Bay culture Pioneer Park incubator base, Hainan province agriculture department launched the "Internet agricultural town construction, in 10 the town of Haikou City Shishan town started construction.

Hainan reflects the national trend, Internet plus rural electricity supplier will enter the acceleration phase in 2016.

agricultural firmsHow to develop

1 13, Wuxi agricultural firm initial public offering (IPO) project will be unconditional, became the first successful landing A shares of agricultural firms. In January 15th, Jiangsu Jiangyin rural commercial bank Limited by Share Ltd IPO project unconditional meeting.

and Wuxi agricultural firms, 747 of the staff hold 179 million shares, due to lower cost of ownership, stock listing, employee benefit will be great.

Good occupation prospects

Agricultural firms.

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