Business guidelines recommend 4 restaurants operating skills

as an entrepreneur, open a restaurant is not your dream? You know what? Good way to make your restaurant business is more popular! So, how to run a restaurant? Food and beverage business skills summed up the following four points.

1, visibility to take into account

for a new store, a new environment, new flavors, "new" reputation advantage, apparently a thriving business. But with the passage of time, internal management has been neglected, food quality and service quality decline, lack of innovation, lost a large number of customer source, it needs to establish long-term brand, make new fame into old fame, like McDonald’s, KFC,   long term to ensure the quality and hygiene, pay attention to innovation, not only for consumers to eat rest assured, but also improve the quality of service, guneng owns numerous consumers.

2, the merchant, business operators, three

to success is to learn to make friends, and a friend of you talking, he can’t help you through; a friend is good at director, he can help you through your third friends; the advantages of good integration before two friends, can help you through, this is a question the three indispensable. Of course, so also need money business, catering, business operators, the combination of the three.

3, passion, warmth, cold, humor four

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