12 venture capital law allows you to easily start

Although the road to

hard to go, but it is not impossible to pass. Why do some people succeed quickly, while others cannot?. This is the entrepreneurial approach in its role. So, how to start? Below, small series for you to take 12 venture capital law!

the first golden idea

to select profitable industries, to join the great potential development potential of the enterprise.

tree take a step to die, people move to live. If nothing is done in a place difficult to succeed, you should not hang in there, and should change a place, change a point of view, change a way to small losses and small temporary pain win long-term big harvest and happiness.

and avoid the monkeys breaking corn, breaking a throw one, or everything tasted dry, nothing special. Only unswervingly, persevere, aimed at the target to dig a deep well, there will be an inexhaustible source of success.

in profit point to Xinhen hard, cut the Gordian knot, hot pursuit, efforts to expand and enrich themselves; to continuously improve its product, organization, and make their name >

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