Beijing network about multi functional car to help you and me

in the life of the convenience of traffic, but there are still some people who travel inconvenience, as long as the most is reflected in the disabled above. November 3rd is the first batch of more than 60 official network of more than second vehicles operating on the road in Beijing trial operation. The first steam car about the public through APP orders, multi-function car can open the front door, passengers can easily get through the automatic wheelchair lifting platform. The advent of Beijing multi-purpose car to help you make me a better life!

11 month 3 days from the first steam car to know about dozens of cars, SUV net about two days of this appointment full, is expected to have 300 cars will be put into operation at the end of the year. As early as 2008, Beijing had appeared accessibility taxi, and now has been out of the market, while the network is about to fill the car market blank.

mobile operators are too difficult to rent

2008 May, in order to meet the needs of people with disabilities travel, Beijing launched a barrier free taxi, the first vehicle for 70, but the problem is not solved wheelchair passengers taxi.

"we just want to hit a wheelchair, even if it costs more." Chen Jie has deep experience. Three years ago, he was about the age of the old man about the car, repeatedly call the taxi booking hotline to ask the accessibility of the taxi can not come, but the other side of the answer is no car is not know". The side of the road called ordinary taxi, many drivers see a wheelchair he will have waved him. He said that when the family did not buy a car, each time only push the wheelchair to send the elderly out, close to say, far away is really not go.


11 3 dial had announced the accessibility of taxi reservation, 96106 car platform has been unable to connect the phone call car, 96103 hotline staff said "barrier free taxi has been scrapped, do not have a car now". According to the regulations, the city’s retirement period of 8 years, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games before the introduction of the barrier has reached the retirement age, no longer on the road passenger.

multifunctional car all lifting platform

network about two days of multi-function car appointment full, the driver from the early to late busy." The first steam car about the relevant responsible person said, the elderly, pregnant women, the disabled travel is just, but the rental industry has not to provide them with professional travel services. In order to solve these people travel difficult dilemma about the car out of the network about Shouqi SUV in Beijing pilot, passengers can APP a single key appointment about the car headed.

11 3 APP to see about the car in the first steam, "SUV" option has appeared on the page, can be an appointment at any time. At present, the first steam car about the platform, network about pricing and business recommendation function car

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