Nanjing many initiatives to support the students start to support has 4291 year net

all over the country for college students are holding a very supportive attitude, but also are constantly providing a more favorable business environment, so as to help more students to realize their dream of entrepreneurship. In short, this year, Jiangsu city of Nanjing province to further consolidate the national entrepreneurial city to create results, implement students start to lead the program, and strive to build a Nanjing National College of business city, currently has 4291 college students to support entrepreneurship.

Nanjing City, a selection of a number of outstanding entrepreneurial projects, the minimum amount of funding will be raised from 100 thousand yuan to 200 thousand yuan. Currently, the city has a total of more than and 280 entrepreneurial projects to become outstanding college students in Jiangsu entrepreneurial projects. The provisions of Nanjing, the initial venture entity settled entrepreneurial carrier, can be obtained free business site within 30 square meters; entrepreneurs renting business premises in the carrier of entrepreneurship, a month can enjoy the highest 800 yuan entrepreneurial venue rental subsidies. Entrepreneurial success of the entrepreneurial entity, can get 4000 yuan one-time business subsidies to absorb the unemployed employment of entrepreneurial entities, according to the number of people to absorb employment to enjoy a one-time employment subsidy of $1500 per person.

in order to reduce business loan guarantee loan application threshold, Nanjing city opened entrepreneurship loan business loans through the green channel service platform established in 23 universities, 10 business park, to provide unsecured business loans for college students entrepreneurial team. This year, Nanjing will raise the maximum amount of personal loans secured from 100 thousand yuan to $300 thousand, and give discount.


government to increase investment at the same time, give play to the role of policy levers, integration of government, universities and enterprises of various resources, to guide private capital to participate in the construction, personnel training, technology innovation and social services integrated business platform. In accordance with the requirements of scientific planning and reasonable layout, each district should pay attention to the overall planning of the college students in the construction of the platform of college students, and adapt to the development of economy and society, and to highlight the development of characteristic industries and key industries.

entrepreneurial platform for entrepreneurial students to provide a comprehensive business training, entrepreneurial guidance, financial services, policy advice, market development, legal aid and other entrepreneurial services. In order to encourage entrepreneurship Park to provide quality business services, Nanjing, according to the number of business incubator Park, giving a maximum of 5000 yuan / household subsidies. Currently, the city has identified 57 College Students Venture Park, of which 11 college students park was identified as the provincial entrepreneurial base.

in order to allow more entrepreneurs to achieve their own dream, the relevant departments in Nanjing are constantly providing a variety of training. Nanjing community sector continue to broaden the scope of entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship training mode, and active in Nanjing University cooperation, and actively explore the classroom teaching, special training, competitions, simulation practice of the entrepreneurial education model, to help all kinds of university students to accumulate their experience, improve the success rate of entrepreneurship. At the same time, recommend

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