Analysis of three cases of failure of college entrance examination

each year will be the case, although the candidates have good results, but because fill volunteer problems, leading to the final exam can only have to repeat a year. So, in 2016, if you want to have a good candidate for the development of the nature, you also need to invest more energy in the voluntary reporting. Here, the small series on the college entrance examination to introduce the failure of the three cases, can be used as a reference for candidates to fill the volunteer in 2016.

in the voluntary reporting, because the number of candidates did not understand that the admission rules and a few days ago, missed school, WCC special interview to a wing (course) entrance examination Research Institute president Guo Xiaochuan and Mr. Zhao Ying. Voluntary reporting, the candidates are prone to make mistakes in the sort, with the failure of the candidates to remind them, we must attach great importance to the admission rules, enrollment regulations and enrollment plans.

: a case of single failed was down

so-called admission rules, simply say that the college entrance examination arrangements for professional or professional admission of the provisions and principles.

so, on the college entrance examination, the enrollment prospectus is the most valuable reference? Is one of the rules of admission. It can be said that the admission rules are the core of the prospectus, is an important information for candidates to fill the important information. Xi’an Jiaotong University had retreated a Chinese for failing a total of more than and 600 points of the candidates, the reason is that the Chinese subject failed tuidang.

candidates apparently did not pay attention to the rules of the Xi’an Jiaotong University Admissions rules on the candidates must pass the exam requirements, resulting in the volunteer filled invalid. Visible, admission rules for candidates of the college entrance examination is crucial. Therefore, the preparation of college entrance examination, admission rules should be collected as an important information.

case two: vision of non-compliance is down


province science examinee (a pseudonym) got a score of 533, higher than the local science provincial control line 15 points. From an early age to the sea, he was granted in advance of the Dalian Maritime University maritime technology professional. However, because of his physical reasons do not meet the college admission rules be tuidang.

access to the school’s admissions regulations found that the navigation technology requirements of both eyes naked eye vision in more than 4.7. The South on the examination table 4.6 in the left eye, right eye 4.8. To the south entrance examination successfully enter the navigation technology professional school is no problem, but because of the professional visual acuity is limited, and it missed the opportunity to "close contact".

case three: seruo cannot read psychology

seruo, namely color anomalopia; color recommendation

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