College students do not go home to earn 600 thousand

in the eyes of many college students, after graduating from college, home farming is a very no face thing, in fact, everything is not absolute. College students go home to get rich! Earn 600 thousand a year! It’s not, it’s a true story.

cropped hair, tall and sturdy, covered with mud, 25 year old Chen Pengfei is a farmer working in the fields. 2010 graduated from the Anhui Agriculture University in agronomy, Chen Pengfei is first Secretary of the Communist Youth League in Zhejiang enterprises, easy life so he had their entrepreneurial ideas, then he resigned to learn a few months in Ningbo farm. In April 2011, he returned to his native Feidong to plant strawberries. No money and no contacts, regardless of his opposition to sell their parents to prepare their own marriage room. By the end of 2013, Chen Pengfei nurtured the "Feng Xiang" "red" two varieties of strawberries were awarded the first prize of the Ninth China strawberry Cultural Festival and the two prize. Now, Chen Pengfei’s new Peng Ecos Corporation’s annual profit of 600 thousand yuan.

home business is questioned

2011 April, Chen Pengfei and his classmates to discuss the partnership strawberry. "Home to fewer people, then will the land overgrown with weeds overknee." Chen Pengfei said that every day is not bright, he and his classmates will cut the grass together, cut for a week, the students quit.


the first strawberry market is

2011 December, the first batch of strawberry harvest. Because there is no experience of planting, Chen Pengfei strawberry small head, taste is not good. Chen Pengfei’s mother was at the curb for more than a week. I was too confident, thought he was a professional agronomy can be a good species of strawberry." Strawberry preservation time is very short, let it rot in the ground? So Chen Pengfei asked 5 people picked up for two days, a bag of strawberries packed to the villagers, has been sent to the new year.

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