Tea market opportunities do not make stop

in our life, there is always a demand for milk tea. Of course, we also know that the choice of enterprises to join the tea market, is a very powerful choice. How about milk tea? Quality projects, no doubt, delicious business opportunities to make money!

one: vigorously develop takeaway business

although the university life rich and colorful, but there are a lot of students are home, they entered the dormitory is not to come out, especially now the majority of students have a computer, the girls love to watch movies and TV shows, not read even the toilet do not want to move, and they love to play the game boy, once addicted, Everything is nothing, want to let them move, they will talk to you. So in order to your business is booming, or the development of takeaway business.

honey tease milk tea and the United States group, hungry, and so on have to take out the platform to cooperate, and vigorously develop the development of online and offline collaboration, win-win cooperation!

two: focus on School Association

general school community will have a lot of activities and parties, when they do the activities, you will increase your sponsorship of a tea shop exposure, and the sponsors are generally not expensive, a few hundred blocks; because of your sponsorship, they will think of you at the party when the store first. They may not party in the tea shop but in the restaurant, but they generally drink at dinner, this is a good chance for you, can sell a lot of disposable cup, the sports club activities is priority among priorities.

honey tease milk tea is not only the school and cooperation, some large KA stores, where the flow of people is more concentrated, sweet milk tea sponsored some activities to enhance brand awareness and consumer driven.

three: advertising and soft Wen promotion

school auditorium every Monday as there will be free or preferential movie, if you can find the school animation making a very short commercials on film before and after the interval of publicity, presumably the effect will be very good. However, this is related to the cost of the problem, which requires the school auditorium and the film screening party for a good communication in order to obtain a more favorable price, otherwise it will outweigh the benefits. Soft Wen promotion will not worry about this, you can be more active in the student forum, QQ group or other web site for free soft Wen promotion. This text is not too long, you can release some of the recent activities of the store, etc..

for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, we choose to join the business of tea market, their own to open a tea shop, in fact, is a very happy thing. If. You are also very excited, then act quickly!


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