Liuxiaolingtong crouched during exposure to acclaimed dedication

year of the monkey came to play Sun Wukong’s Liuxiaolingtong during the Spring Festival has repeatedly appeared in various programs. Recently online exposure of Liuxiaolingtong crouched waiting for the 56 year old photos, netizens have also so dedicated Liuxiaolingtong praise.

2 9 afternoon, Liuxiaolingtong studio staff exposure of a Liuxiaolingtong Zhangjinlai in Beijing Taiwan Spring Festival when field photos, because of too high to prevent Lingzi goof, Liuxiaolingtong crouch in the Taiwan side for a long time. The staff read: "for the 56 year old Liuxiaolingtong teacher waiting for, Lingzi is too high for the anti goof, prostrate on the side for a long time. Dedication of the deep, the audience are moving. Low down before the first monkey proud, Xiao Yang……. The party or the work, you need to have Ling Yunzhi, but also the root of the foot. When you live when, remember to look at the sun."

9 evening, Liuxiaolingtong forwarded the photo, and said: This is the actor must have professional ethics and professionalism." As of 8 o’clock last night, the news has nearly 80 thousand comments, netizens have said, "I want to cry, Liuxiaolingtong 10000 points, just put this picture in their mobile phone deposit incentive", "body, art, morality, will" have been imitated, never surpassed "completely this sentence interpretation to the extreme! To pay tribute to the omnipotent hero in his childhood!"

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