How to use beauty salons to retain customers

of a beauty salon, the annual benefit is huge, but can not guarantee that the business has been so good, so we have to take some marketing promotion, can to some extent enhance their visibility, and retain old customers. To do the promotion of beauty salons can be analyzed from the following eight points.

Third, staff motivation. To open a beauty salon to motivate employees in two aspects: one is the unity of thinking, to mobilize the enthusiasm of each individual, so that every employee is willing to invest the heart to do this thing, can not inspire everyone’s morale and the potential is not good; on the other hand is to establish the incentive mechanism, the prize punishment, reward incentives, there are spiritual rewards, such as that in a reward of 10 yuan, the completion of the goals and tasks, to receive the largest number of awarded the trophy, but also 300~500 yuan bonus, commission as provided. Of course, the performance is not good, poor mobility, goals can not be reached to the warning and punishment, so she has a sense of crisis.

fourth step, develop simple and effective implementation of standards. First of all, need to analyze target customers where to target with what method, if it is strange place to visit, should find what at what time; if you are old customer referrals, should let who to do is introduced, each determined practical goal, do not impose on employees, or employees to frustration, lose confidence. Then, according to the design of the operation of the object and the sales process, make a unified word for intensive training. Finally, the staff training qualified before the start.

fifth, create easy for customers to accept the atmosphere. The average woman is more emotional, around the theme to create a harmonious atmosphere, it will form a strong magnetic field to attract customer participation.

sixth, summary to find and solve problems timely. In the process of implementation, the actual situation will be somewhat more or less, so to adjust and improve the implementation of the program.

The reasonable arrangement of

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