What should be considered in choosing a shop

shop first to choose the site, I believe this truth we all understand. Now many entrepreneurs have sprouted the idea of shop, shop ahead of the selection is very important, then the selection of shops to consider what? Here we give a detailed description of some of the relevant site selection skills, hoping to bring some help.

1. is more

than population

whether it is new or second-hand shops, the success or failure of the main factor is the local consumers. Therefore, in the choice of shops, it is necessary to compare the purchase of local consumers. Generally speaking, if the number of the local population, but also for the consumption ability of the white-collar, economics common sense tells us that people’s consumption level will be proportional to income, so the region will accommodate more high-end merchandise stores, thus contributing to rising rent levels in the region. How to constitute a population than in fact, there is a very simple way, that is, compared to the surrounding real estate density, and the quality of the market. Under normal circumstances, the development of large density, and many well-known developers, means a large number of people, but also for the purchase of a group of people with higher income.

2. traffic condition

traffic convenience, to a large extent determine the number of people arrived. In general, whether it is the bustling city center lot, or the new community business upstart, all without traffic features. So whether it is a new shop, or second-hand shops, if the traffic situation is not ideal, but also indicates that the future growth will not be great. Of course, the need to pay attention to is that you can not choose close to the main road traffic shops, although this kind of shops with a high degree of convenient traffic characteristics, but people are unable to bring together, can not bring popularity.

3. than the planning prospects

In addition, the

should also make a comprehensive comparison of the planning prospects in the region. Relatively speaking, the population tends to stabilize the region, its rise in space is clearly less than the process of continuous improvement in the region. Also need to pay attention to the planning changes. Due to the current urban construction in the ascendant, so there will always be planning adjustments, which will lead to the original downtown area, because the municipal construction and suddenly changed the original face. Although this situation is rare, but once it is a black swan event, a huge impact on investors, so we must be careful as.

finally, the location of the store is basically determined, we should also consider whether there is a certain parking position, can not meet the needs of consumer groups to retain high-end consumer groups parking. There is no suitable convenient door advertising advertising, promotional activities to atmosphere. There is no isolation, occlusion, can not meet the consumer groups to facilitate the habit of consumption and so on.

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