Henan is not a good choice for employment is also very good

Henan’s economic development in the past few years have been effective, by a lot of people’s close attention, but also attracted a large number of people to go to Henan to find a job of their own. Henan Talent Exchange Center official said, compared with the same period last year, the number of employers to provide jobs this year to reduce 30%, the employment pressure is greater than the same period last year. Employment is not going to the North Canton, Henan is also very good choice, is the voice of many employees, we have a detailed understanding of the following details.

job seeker

experienced job seekers increased by

Henan talent exchange center responsible person analysis, the emergence of a new form of employment, employment provides more possibilities for college students, coupled with the emergence of a variety of network platform for employment, the employment of college students is more wide space, so the talent market the number of job seekers is declining.

but, on the contrary, the proportion of people with work experience in the second quarter of last year, a record high.

analysis of the reasons, mainly affected by the capacity of the policy, the traditional manufacturing enterprises to reduce labor, resulting in a certain number of working experience into the job market, the position of structural contradictions more prominent.


executives and senior blue collar gap

can be seen from the distribution of employment industry, the first industry, the second industry is not a small contribution to employment. The vigorous development of finance, catering, computer services, wholesale trade, and three industry accounted for eight of the ranking of the top ten, with a large number of jobs for the transformation of economic structure in Henan. Third industry has become the economic downward pressure on the employment of the expansion of the container.

private enterprises is still a large demand for talent, small and medium enterprises are still the backbone of the employment force to absorb employment. However, due to the small and medium enterprises are still in the traditional stage of personnel management, resulting in high-quality management personnel and high-level technical personnel there is still a gap, to some extent, also restricts the development of smes.


employers still value education

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from the talent exchange center this year’s data, teacher / training / research positions has entered the top ten positions, and ranked the top ten computer / Internet / e-commerce position fourth position demand than the same period last year increased by 12.97%. From the recruitment needs of the market, marketing / PR / sales is still the biggest gap in the industry; from the candidates demand, the construction / machinery industry is the most popular job seekers. Recommended

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