Shanxi allocated 1 billion 178 million yuan to help entrepreneurship employment

2015, the government at all levels to help the development of entrepreneurship and innovation projects, multiple funding to support entrepreneurship and employment. Recently, Shanxi Province identified this year’s budget for 1 billion 178 million yuan. High support will further strengthen the development of entrepreneurship in Shanxi.

to accelerate the disbursement of funds, the Finance Department of Shanxi province in 2015 issued on the basis of 1 billion 700 million yuan, at the beginning of January and 2016 issued all kinds of employment budget targets 1 billion 178 million yuan of funds, actively carry out the employment security funds, to support the implementation of the central and provincial policies introduced to promote employment and entrepreneurship. After the beginning of the 2016 budget year, will be allocated according to the program.

One aspect of the venture capital is

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