Kada Zushi joins you enough to support entrepreneurship

sushi originated in Japan, because of its light taste, rich nutrition, delicious and health characteristics of easy making, many small restaurant catering investment franchisees are willing to open a special sushi restaurant, but also suffer from not understanding the sushi brand, online information do not know which one to choose between dragons and fishes jumbled together. Xiao Bian here solemnly recommend to everyone Kada Zushi brand to join, will not let you down.

Kada Zushi catering Co. Ltd., founded in 2010, the company has developed rapidly, mainly due to the direct material suppliers specializing in sushi business, fresh, healthy and delicious, cheap materials, in line with the current consumers spend less money to enjoy food and psychological needs of affordable, fresh and delicious, with strong strength and professional management mode in the vast number of consumers, under the strong support for rapid growth.

Kada Zushi joins

The main products are:

Kada Zushi boutique Sushi (Te Zushi, hand rolled, small volume, sushi, sashimi, warships) drinks, white coffee etc.. Kada Zushi decoration bright, fresh, highlighting the cultural characteristics of Japanese cuisine, delicious, green, suitable for all levels of consumer groups, especially by children, students, white-collar workers and other favorite.

join support:

business support: headquarters to send professionals to help site selection, and free of charge to provide decoration design, the entire guide decoration, to ensure the smooth opening, thousands of shops such as a.

product support: strong technical strength and economic strength, and constantly develop new and modern health and health trend of new varieties and management form, the Kada Zushi food often changing, so diners often new feeling.

support: the company propaganda for the bombing of advertising in the major TV, magazines, websites, WeChat, micro-blog and other information platform, let you store have not opened, it has a huge popularity, ensure a hit.

business support: headquarters store tracking service, all of the core material of the uniform distribution by the headquarters or purchase, the whole operation standardization, no need to hire a cook, without large kitchen equipment, save a large amount of investment and operating costs.

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